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Second Edition (30,000) revised. 





3 Br,*l street, and 10.1 East Bay, Charleston, S. C. 



Worship , j 3 , j( j 

The Lord's Day 41 43 

The Bible 44 47 

Morning and Evening 48 56 

The Saviour 57 gy 

The Sinner 86-1 1 

The Christian 111-130 

Sorrow and Sickness 131-145 

Dying and Death 146-1 (!(> 

HlE aven 167-1 95 

Our Country in War — 

Praise and Thanksgiving 196-209 

Confidence and Hope 210-227 

Prayer, Confession, and Humiliation. 228-243 
Prayer and Thanksgiving for Peace. 244-247 
Sailors 248-256 


Afflicted land, to Christ draw near *223 

Affliction is a stormy deep 135 

Alas ! and did my Saviour bleed ....... '. .108 

All hail the power of Jesus' name 58 

Am I a soldier of the cross 112 

An alien from God, and a stranger to gra'Je'.lS4' 
And is there, Lord, a rest ........ 191 

And will the God of grace 935 

Another day of soldier life '. "53 

Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat. '..'.'.'.'. '. si) 

Arise, ye saints, arise 218 

Asleep in Jesus ! blessed sleep .....'. 157 

Assembled in thy name, Lord '. . . 16 

Awake, and sing the song 71 

Awake my soul, and with the sun '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '. 50 

Awake, my soul, in joyful l ays 62 

Awake our souls ! away our fears 116 

-before Jehovah's awful throne .... 105 

Begone, unbelief! my Sa ' 

Behold us. Lord, and let our cry 2U 

Beneath the cross of Jesus 

Begone, unbelief ! my Saviour is near 118 


Be not dismayed/thou little flock! .'."'. 0J9 

Blest Comforter Divine , ^ 

Blest be that voice now heard afar' '. '. '. '. '.' "954 

Index. 5 


3y whom was David taught 119 

3all Jehovah thy salvation 227 

Children of the heavenly King 27 

dome, every pious heart 61! 

Come, holy Spirit ! come 17 

Come, holy Spirit, heavenly Dove IS 

Come, let us join our cheerful songs 59 

Come, let us join our friends above 35 

Come, Lord, and warm each languid heart. .16!) 

Come, my fond, fluttering heart 07 

Come, my Redeemer, come 64 

Come, my soul, -thy suit prepare 14 

Come, thou Almighty King 30 

Come, thou Fount of every blessing 22 

Come to Jesus ! come to Jesus S7 

Come, trembling sinner, in whose breast . . .107 
Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languish AS 

Come, ye who love the Lord 24 

Daughter of Zion, awake from thy sadness. 201 

Death shall not destroy my comfort 180 

Delay not, delay not; sinner! draw near. 102 

Didst thou, dear Jesus, suffer shame 120 

Dread Jehovah ! God of nations 237 

Dread Sovereign, let my evening s»ng 53 

Earth has engrossed my love too long 7D 

Faint not, Christian ! though the road 137 

Farewell, my dear brethren, the time is at 

hand 163 

Far from these narrow scenes of night 192 

Father of all ! we bow to thee 30 

Father of mercies, in thy word 48 

Father, whate'er of earthly bliss 131 

Fear not, little flock, the foe 211 

G Index. 

„ PAOE. 

Firm and unmoved are they 225 

Frequent tbe day of God returns 42 

From stern oppression's haughty land..... 196 

For ever with the Lord 174 

Gently, Lord! gently lead us 14T 

G-ive me the wings of faith to rise 182 

Give thanks to God most high 199 

Give to the winds thy fears .123 

Glory to God on high 73 

Glory to thee, my God, this night 51 

Goil bless our native land 232 

God imposes not a burden 124 

God is our refuge in distress 217 

God is the refuge of his saints 4:r 

God moves in a mysterious way 220 

God of the brave and free 200 

God shall charge his angel legions 229 

Go to dark Gethsemane 145 

Grace ! 't is a charming sound 105 

Gracious Lord, incline thine ear 106 

Great God, inspire each heart and tongue. .24(5 

Great Ruler of the earth and skies . . .* 245 

Guide me, thou great Jehovah 146 

Had not the God of truth and love 226 

Hail ! sweetest, dearest tie that binds 170 

Hallelujah ! victory ! victory 197 

Hark, my soul ! it is the Lord 66 

Here at thy cross, incarnate God 214 

High in yonder realms of light ]6S 

How are thy servants blessed, O Lord . . '. '. !250 

How calm and beautiful the morn ."'.'. 41 

How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord' 1 10 
How happy are they ' t , ., 

Index. 7 


How long has God bestowed his care ...... 2211 

How precious is the book divine 46 

How sad our state by nature is. S9 

.How sweet, how heavenly is "the sight 126 

How sweet' the name of Jesus sounds ..'.... 5S 

How sweet tbe-songs of Zion sound 255 

I have fought the good fight, I have finished 

rny race 105 

I heard the voice of Jesus say 94 

I '11 praise my Maker with my breath ..... 39 

I love Jhe volume of thy word 47 

I love to steal a while away. 20 

I 'm a pilgrim, and I 'm a stranger 173 

I 'm not ashamed to own my Lord 1 13 

I 'm weary of straying — fain would I rest. 177 

In all my Lord's appointed ways. 125 

In evil long I took delight 90 

Infinite loveliness is thine. 77 

In thee, great God ! with songs of praise . .206 
In thy great name, Lord, we come . ... 16 
I would not live alway ! I ask not to stay. .158 

In Zion God is known 219 

Jerusalem, my happy home .. .1 79 

Jesus, and shall it ever be 60 

Jesus ! I eome to thee 1 09 

Jesus, I love thy charming name 75 

Jesus lives, and so shall I 171 

Jesus, lover of my soul 65 

Jesus, mine all, to heaven is gone 91 

Jesus, my sorrow lies too deep 133 

Jesus, Saviour, sympathize 134 

Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 61 

Jesus, thou everlasting King 72 

8 Index. 


Jesus, thy boundless lave to me 74] 

Jesus, who knows full well 241' 

Joyfully, joyfully, onward I move 175 

Just as I am, without one plea. . 10$, 

Just as thou art, without one trace 104 

Kindly the Lord appeared. . . ..• 139 

Let me be with Thee where Thou art .172 

"Look down, Lord, with pitying eye 245 

Lord, I cannot let thee go 23 

Lord, I hear of showers of blessing 101 

Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear . ., 49 

Lord, it belongs not to my care 161 

Lord, look on all assembled here .241 

Lord, thou hast scourged our bleeding land.240 

Loyd, thou wilt hear me when I pray 58 

Lord, we come before thee now 29 

Lord, when we bow before thy throne 30 

Lord, while for all mankind we pray 238 

Majestic sweetness sits enthroned . .' 78 

Mercy and judgment are my song 228 

'Mid scenes of confusion and creature com- 
plaints 25. 

Mourn for the thousands slain 242 

My comrades all, on you I call 121 

My country ! my country 236 

My country, 't is of thee 198 

My days are gliding swiftly by 148 

My God ! I know that I must die 160 

My God, my Father, while I stray 133 

My God, permit me not to be 19 

My God ! thy service well demands 140 

My God, the spring of all my joys 136 

My Jesus, as Thou wilt ....'. '.'.".' 131 

Index. 9 

' PAGE. 

My Saviour, my Almighty Friend 82 

Jly soul, be ou thy guard 129 

My spirit looks to God alone. . . .; 221 

Not un to us, Lord 208 

Now begin the heavenly theme 76 

.Now, in a song of grateful praise 79 

Now may the God of power and grace 223 ( 

Now the shades of night are gone..... 48 

faint and feeble hearted ...127 

for a faith that will not shrink , . . 163 

for an overcoming faith 150 

God of Bethel, by whose hand 221 

holy Saviour! Friend unseen 67 

Lord, another day is flown 54 

Lord of. Hosts, to Thee we kneel 233 

Lord, our fathers oft have told 197 

Lord, our languid souls inspire 32 

my soul, what means this sadness 143 

sirig to me of heaven 194 

thou in whom thy saints are one 38 

thou, from whom all goodness flows 151 

thou, my light, my life, my joy 33 

Oft in sorrow, oft in woe 128 

Oh ! bless the Lord, my soul 3?, 

Oh! could I speak the matchless worth ij.Js..' 

Oh! for a closer walk with God 38 

Oh! for the death of those 154 

Oh ! haste away, my brethren dear Yjf* 188 

Oh ! where shall rest be found CW. 92 

One sweetly solemn thought ■• 149 

One there is, above all others • • 70 

On Jordan's stormy banks I stand .180 

On thee, Lord our God, we call 243 

10 Index. 


Our dearly cherished land 23 

Our heavenly Father, hear 1 

Our land, Lord, with songs of praise ....261 
Our land, with mercies crowned ........... 21li 

Our sins, alas! how strong they be 16i| 

Plunged in a gulf of dark despair 8J 

Praised be the Lord of might ..2ffl 

Prayer was appointed to convey M 

Prepare me, gracious God .155] 

Prostrate, Jesus, at thy feet 96 

Rejoice— the Lord is King 85l 

Rock of Ages, cleft for me 9.5 

Safely through another week 43 

Saviour, breathe an evening blessing 52 

Saviour, thy love alone can fill ...?. 141 

See, gracious God, before thy throne 231 

See the healing fountain springing 100 

Shepherd of the ransomed flock 81 

Sing of Jesus, sing for ever . . 75 

Sleep not, soldier of the cross 117 

Snatched, Lord, from clanger and from death.2Uj' 

bo diers, by our Lord's command ...193 

Soldiers of the cross, arise 13l> 

Sovereign of all the worlds above 202 

Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears 114 

Sun of my soul ! Thou Saviour dear 55 

hweet the moments, rich in blessing 28 

lhe billows swell, the winds are high 248 

I he Christian warrior-see him stand 126 

J. tie l,ord appears our helper now 209 

ihe Lord s my banner! forth I go. . 21(5 

The Lord's my Shepherd, I ' U not wan't! .' .83 
lhe man is ever blest ' " ,. 


Index. 11 


'he Spirit breathes upon the word 45 

■ he voice of free grace cries, ' L Escape to the 

! mountain " 87 

'here is a fountain filled with blood 86 

'here is a happy land 167 

Ohere is a land of pure delight.. 181 

Chere is an hour of peaceful rest 176 

Chine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love . . . .247 

Fhou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb 183 

Chough hard the winds are blowing 253 

Though troubles assail and dangers affright. 34 

Chy mighty arm, God, was nigh 207 

T is by the faith of joys to come 129 

T is faith supports my feeble soul 21 3 

To God I cried with mournful voice 224 

To praise our Shepherd's care • • • • 80 

Toss'd upon life's raging billow 251 

To Thee our fathers, Lord, repaired 234 

To the hills I lift mine eyes 215 

To thine almighty arm we owe 203 

We lift our hearts to thee 51) 

We '11 sing of Christ, no matter who 67 

We 're travelling-home to heaven above 99 

What various hinderances we meet 15 

When Abrah'm, full of sacred awe 243 

When along life's thorny road 152 

When shall we meet again 190 

When I can trust my all with God 142 

When in this world of grief and pain 184 

When languor and disease invade .138 

When many a tempest blew 253 

When marshalled on the nightly plain 24S 

When o'er the mighty deep we rode 250 

12 Index. 


When rising from the bed of death ■1»9 : 

When sins and fears prevailing rise 70 

When struggling on the bed of pain .144 

When. through the torn sail the wild tempest 

is streaming 252 

When the shaded pilgrim land 187 

When the soul, on wings upsoaring 163 

When the spark of life is waning 162 

When this passing world is done -122 

When thou, my righteous judge, shalt come. 108 

When waves of sorrow round me swell 148 

When we pass through yonder river 17? 

Whence do our mournful thoughts arise . . .222 
Where high the heavenly temple stands.. •• 20 

While life prolongs its precious light 93 

While, Lord, our souls thy grace adore . . . .238 

While wandering to and fro ■ • • • 68 

Why do we mourn departing friends ..... .156 

Why should we start and fear to die 154 

Will that not joyful be 178 

With grateful hearts, with joyful tongues ..207 


S. M. 

Ouii heavenly Father, hear 
The prayer we offer now : 

Thv name be hallowed far and near; 
to thee all nations bow ! 

Thy kingdom come, thy will 
On earth be done in love, 

As saints and seraphim fulfil 
Thy perfect law above. 

Our daily bread supply, 
While by thy word we live ; 

The guilt of our iniquity 
Forgive, as we forgive. 

From dark temptation's power, 
From Satan's wiles defend; 

Deliver in the evil hour, 
And guide us to the end ! 

i Thine, then, for ever be 
Glory' and power divine; 
The sceptre, throne, and majesty 
Of heaven and earth are thine ! 

14 Worship. 

2. 1*. 

1 Come, my soul, tliy suit prepare, 
Jesus loves to answer prayer ; 
He himself has bid thee pray, 
Therefore will not say thee nay. 

2 Thou art coming to a King, 
Large petitions with thee bring ; 
For his grace and power are such 
None can ever ask too much. 

3 With my burden I begin — 
Lord, remove this load of sin ; 
Let thy blood, for sinners spilt, 
Set my conscience free from guilt. 

4 Lord, I come to thee for rest, 
Take possession of my breast ; 
There thy blood-bought right maintain 
And without a rival reicn. 

5 While I am a pilgrim here, " '< 
Let thy love my spirit cheer ; 

As my Guide, my Guard, my Friend, 
Lead me to my journey's end. 

6 Show me what I have to do 
Every hour my strength renew • 
Let me live a life of faith, ' die thy people's death. 

Worship. 15 


"What various hinderances we meet, 

In coming to, a mercy seat ? 

Yet who that knows the worth of prayer 
jBut wishes to be often there ? 

Prayer makes the darkened cloud witli- 
i draw, 

Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw, 
Gives exercise to faith and love, 
Brings every blessing from above. 

Restraining prayer, we cease to fight ; 
Prayer makes the Christian's armor 

bright ; 
And Satan trembles when he sees 
The weakest saint upon his knees. 

Have you no words ? Ah ! think again f 
Words flow apace when you complain, 
And fill your fellow-creature's ear 
With the sad tale of all your care. 

Were half the breath thus vainly spent 
To heaven in supplication sent, 
Your cheerful songs would oftener be, 
Hear what the Lord has done for me." 

16 Worship. 

4t L.M. 

1 'assembled in thy name, Lord, 
We plead the promise of thy word, 
We gather now to seek thy face-- 
Oh ! may thy presence fill the place. 
% When 'mid the sad, forsaken band 
Of thy disciples thou didst stand, ' ^ 
Thy voice, divinely speaking "Peace, 
Bade doubt, and fear, and sorrow ceasa 
: 3 Now may we hear the voice of love ^ 
Speak peace and pardon from above; 
Sweet intercourse with Jesus find, _ 
And prove him powerful, faithful, kraa 
4 Oh! send us not away unbless'd, 
For on thy gracious word we rest ; 
We, sinners, to our Saviour flee, 
Helpless and hopeless but in thee. 

5. CM. 

1 In thy great name, O Lord, we come 

To worship at thy feet ; 
Oh ! pour thy Holy Spirit down 
On all that now shall meet. 

2 We come to hear Jehovah speak, 

To hear the Saviour's voice ; 
Thy face and favor, Lord, we seek ; 
Now make our hearts rejoice. 

Worship. 17 

3 Teach us to pray and praise — to hear 

And understand thy word ; 
To feel thy blissful presence near, . 
And trust our living Lord. 

4 Let sinners now thy goodness prove, 

And saints rejoice in thee ; 
Let rebels be subdued by love, 
And to the Saviour flee. 

6. s. M. 

1 Come, holy Spirit ! come, 

Let thy bright beams arise ; 
Dispel the sorrow from our minds, 
The darkness from our eyes. 

2 Convince us of our sin-, 

Then lead to Jehus' blood ;■ 
And to our wondering view reveali 
The secret love of God. 

3 'T is thine to cleanse the heart, 

To sanctify the soul, 
To pour fresh life in every part, 
And new create the whole. 

4 Revive our drooping faith ; v 

Our doubts and fears remove ; 
And kindle in our breast the. flame 
Of never dying love. 

18 Worship. 

7. S. M. 

1 Blest Comforter Divine, 

Whose rays of heavenly love, 
Amid our gloom and darkness shine. 
And point our souls above ; 

2 Thou, who with " still, small voice " 

Dost stop the sinner's way, 
And bid the mourning saint rejoice, 
Though earthly joys decay ; 

3 Thou, whose inspiring breath 

Can make the cloud of care, 
And e'en the gloomy vale of death, ' 
A smile of glory wear ; 

4 Thou, who dost fill the heart 

With love to all our race, 
Blest Comforter ! to us impart 
The blessings of thy grace. 

8. C. M. 

1 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 

With all thy quickening powers; 
Kindle a flame of sacred love 
In these cold hearts of ours. 

2 Look, how we grovel here below, 

Fond of these trifling toys ! 
Our souls can neither fly nor go 
To reach eternal joys. 

Worship. *> 19 

i In vain we tune our formal songs ; 
In vain we strive to rise — 
Hosannas languish on our tongues, 
j And our devotion dies. 

i Dear Lord ! and shall we ever live 
At this poor, dying rate ? 
Our love so faint, so cold to thee, 
And thine to us so great. 

5 Come, Hply Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
With all thy quickening powers ; 
Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love, 
* And that shall kindle ours. 

L. M. 

My God, permit me not to be 
A stranger to myself and thee ; 
Amid a thousand thoughts I rove, 
Forgetful of my highest love. 

! Why should my passions mix with earth, 
And thus debase my heavenly birth ; 
Why should I cleave to things below, 
And let my God, my Saviour go ? 

Call me away from flesh and sense, 
One sovereign word can draw me thence ; 
I would obe}' the voice divine, 
And all inferior joys resign. 

20 Worship. 

4 Be earth with all her scenes withdraws 
Let noise and vanity be gone : 
In secret silence of the mind, 
My heaven, and there my God, I find. 

10. L. M. 

1 Where high the heavenly temple standi 
The house of God not made with handl 
A great Ili'jh Priest our nature wears-| 
The Guardian of mankind appears. 

2 Though now ascended up on high, 
He bends on earth a brother's eye ; 
Partaker of the human name, 

He knows the frailty of our frame. 

3 Our Fellow-sufFerer yet retains 
A fellow-feeling of our pains ; 
And still remembers, in the skies, 
His tears, his agonies, and cries. 

4 In every pang that rends the heart 
The Man of sorrows had a part ; 
He sympathizes in our -jrnef, 

And to the sufferer sends relief. 

5 With boldness, therefore, at the throne. 
Let us make all our sorrows known ; 
And ask the aid of heavenly power 

To help us in the evil hour. 

Worship. 21 

1. L. M. 

Praykr was appointed to convey 

The blessings God designs to give ; 
Long as they live should Christians pray, 

For only while they pray they live. 
The Christian's heart his prayer indites, 

He speaks as prompted from within ; 
The Spirit his petition writes, 

And Christ receives and gives it in. 
And wilt thou in dead silence, lie, 

When Christ stands waiting for thy 
prayer ? 
My soul, thou hast a Friend on high ; 

Arise and try thy interest the're. 
1 If pains afflict or wrongs oppress, 

If cares distract or fears dismay;. 
If guilt deject, if sin distress, 

The remedy 's before thee — Pray. 

5 'T is prayer supports the soul that 's weak, 

Though thoughts be bioken, language 
lame ; 
Pray if thou canst or canst not speak; 
But pray with faith in Jesus' name. 

6 Depend on Him — thou" canst not fail ; 

Make all thy watits and wishes known ; 
Fear not — His merits must prevail ; 
Ask what thou wilt, it shall be done. 

22 Worship. 

12. 8s and Is. 

1 Come, thou Fount of every blessing, 

Tune my heart to sing thy grace ; 
Streams of mercy never ceasing, 

Call for songs of loudest praise. 
Teach me some melodious sonnet, 

Sung by flaming tongues above ; 
Praise the mount — Oh ! fix me on it 

Mount of Cod's unchanging love. 

2 Here I raise my Ebenezer, 

Hither by thy help I 'm come ;\ 
And" I hope by thy good pleasure 

Safely to arrive at home. 
Jesus sought me when a stranger, 

Wandering from the fold of God ; 
He, to rescue me from danger, 

Interposed with precious blood. 

3 Oh ! to grace how great a debtor 

Daily I m constrained to be ! 
Let that grace, Lord, like a fetter, 

Bind my wandering heart to thee. 
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it ; 

Prone to leave the God I love ; 
Here ; s my heart, Lord, take and seal it, 

Seal it from thy courts above. 

Worship. 23 

I. 7,. 

■ 1 Lokd, I cannot let thee go, 
Till a blessing thou bestow ; 
Do not turn away thy face, 
Mine 'a an urgent; pressing case. 

2 Dost thou ask me who I am ? 

Ah ! my Lord, thou knowest my name ; 
Yet the question gives a plea 
To support my suit with thee. 

3 Thou didst once a wretch behold 
In rebellion blindly bold 

Scorn thy grace, thy power defy ; 
That poor rebel, Lord, was I. 

4 Once a sinner, near despair, 
Sought thy mercy-seat by prayer ; 
Mercy heard, and set him free ; 
Lord, that mercy came to me. 

5 Many days have passed since then 
Many changes I have seen ; 

Yet have been upheld till now — 
Who could hold me up but thou ? 

6 Thou hast helped in every need ; 
This emboldens me to plead — 
After so much mercy past, 
Canst thou let me sink at last ? 

24 Worship. 

7 No, I must maintain my hold, 
'T is thy goodness makes me bold ; 
I can no denial take, 
When I plead for Jesus' sake. 

14. S. M. 

1 Comic, ye -who love the Lord ! 

And let your joys be known ; 
Join in a song of sweet accord, 
« And thus surround the throne. 

2 Let those refuse to sing 

Who never knew our God ; 
But children of the heavenly King 
May speak their joys abroad. 

3 The men of grace have found 

Glory begun below ; 
Celestial fruits Qn earthly ground 
From faith and hope may grow. 

4 The hill of Zion yields 

A thousand s icred sweets 
Before we reach the heavenly field* 
Or walk the golden streets. 

5 Then let our songs abound, 

And every tear be dry; 
We re marching through Immanuel' 
To fairer worlds on high. 

Worship. 25 

L5. n.«. 

L 'Mid scenes of confusion and creature 

How sweet to my soul is communion with 

To find at the banquet of mercy there 's 

And feel in the presence of Jesus at home ! 

2 Sweet bonds, that unite all the children 

of peace ; 
And thrice precious Jesus, whose love 

cannot cease ; 
Though oft from thy presence in sadness 

I roam, 
I long to behold thee, in glory, at home. 

$ I sigh from this body of sin to be free, 
Which hinders my joy and communion 

with thee ; 
Though now my temptations like billows 

may foam, 
All, all will be peace, when I'm with thee 

at home. 

4 While here in the valley of conflict I stay, 
O give my submission and strength as my 

day ; 
In all my afflictions, to thee I would come, 
Rejoicing in hope of my glorious home. 

26 Worship. 

5 What'er thou deniest, give me thy 

The Spirit's sure witness, and smiles of 

thy face ; 
Inspire me with patience to wait at thy 

And find, even now, a sweet foretaste of 


6 I long, dearest Lord, in thy beauties to 

No more as an exile in sorrow to pine ; 
And in thy dear image arise from the tomb, 
With glorified millions to praise thee at 


16. C. M. 

1 I love to steal awhile away 

From every cumbering care, 
And spend the hours of setting day 
In humble, grateful prayer. 

2 I love in solitude to shed 

The penitential tear, 
And all his promises to plead 
Where none but God can hear. 

3 I love to think on mercies past, 

And future good implore ; 
And all my cares and sorrows cast 
On Him whom I adore. 

Worship. . 27 

4 I Jove by faith to take a view 

Of brighter scenes in heaven ; 
The prospect does my strength renew, 
While here by tempests driven. 

© Thus, when life's toilsome dav is o'er, 
May its departing ray 
Be calm as this impressive hour, 
And lead to endless day. 

17. is. 

1 Children of the heavenly King ! 
As ye journey, sweetly sing ; 
Sing your Saviour's worthy praise, 
Glorious in his works and ways. 

2 Ye are travelling home to God 
In the way the fathers trod ; 
They are happy now, and ye 
Soon their happiness shall see. 

5 Shout, ye little flock ! and blest 
You on Jesus' throne shall rest ; 
There your seat is now prepared — 
There your kingdom and reward. 

4 Fear not, brethren ! joyful stand 
On the borders of your land ; 
Jesus Christ, your Father's Son, 
Bids you undismayed go on. 

28 Worship. 

5 Lord ! submissive mate us go, 
Gladly leaving all below ; 
Only thou our leader be, 
And we still will follow tliee. 

18. 8.s and 7s. 

1 Sweet the moments, rich in blessing, 

Which before the Cross I spend, 
Life, and health, and peace possessing, 
From the sinner's dying Friend. 

2 Love and grief my heart dividing, 

With my tears his feet I '11 bathe ; 
Constant still in faith abiding, 
Lite deriving from his death. 

3 Here I 'il sit forever viewing 

Mercy flow in streams of blood; 
Precious drops, my soul bedewing, 
Plead and claim my peace with God. 

4 Truly blessed is this station, 

As before his Cross I lie, 
And behold divine compassion 
Beaming from his pitying eye. 

5 Here it is I find my heaven, 

While upon the Cross I gaze — 
Love I much ? I.'m much forgiven ; 
I in a miracle of grace. 

Worship. 29 

19. 7s. 

1 Loud, we come before thee now, 
At thy feet we humbly bow ; 

O, do not our suit disdain — ■ 
Shall we seek thee, Lord, in vain ? 

2 Lord, on thee our souls depend ; 
In compassion now descend ; 

Fill our hearts with thy rich grace, 
Tune our lips to sing thy praise. 

8 In thine own appointed way, 
Now we seek thee, here we stay ; 
Lord, we know not how to go 
Till a blessing thou bestow. 

4 Send some message from thy word 
That may joy and peace afford ; 
Let thy spirit now impart 

Full salvation to each heart. 

5 Comfort those who weep and mourn, 
Let the time of joy return ; 

Those who are cast down, lift up, 
Make them strong in faith and hope. 

6 Grant that all may seek, and find 
Thee a God supremely kind : 

' Heal the sick, the captive free' ; 
Let us all rejoice in thee. 

30 Worship. 

20. c. m. 

1 Lord, when we bow before thy throne, 

And our confessions poiir, 
Oh, may we feel the sins we own, 
And hate what we deplore. 

2 Our contrite spirits, pitying, see ; 

True penitence impart ; 
And let a healing ray from thee 
Beam hope on every heart. 

3 When we disclose our wants in prayer, 

Oh, let our wills resign, 
And not a thought our bosom share 
Which is not wholly thine. 

4 Let faith each meek petition fill, 

And waft it to the skies, 
And teach our hearts 't is goodness still, 
That grants it, or denies. 

21. 6s and 4s. 

1 Come, thou Almighty King, 
Help us thy name to sing, 

Help us to praise ! 
Father all glorious, 
O'er all victorious, 
Come and reign over us, 
Ancient of days. 


Jesus, our Lord, arise, 
Scatter our enemies, 

And make them fall ! 
Let thine almighty aid 
Our sure defence' be made ; 
Our souls on thee be stay'd ; 

Lord, hear our call ! 
Come, thou, incarnate Word, 
Gird on thy mighty sword ; 

Our prayer attend! 
Come, and thy people bless, 
And give our cause success ; 
Spirit of holiness, 

On us descend! 
Come, holy comforter, 
Thy sacred witness bear, 

In this glad hour ; 
Thou, who almighty art, 
Now rule in ev'ry heart, 
And ne'er from us depart, 

Spirit of power. 
To thee, great One in, 
The highest praises be, 

Hence evermore ! 
Thy sovereign majesty, 
May we in glory see, 
And to eternity 

Love and adore ! 

82 Worship. 

22. c. m. 

1 O Loud, our languid souls inspire, 

For here, we trust, thou art ; 
Kindle a flame of heavenly fire, 
In every waiting heart. 

2 Dear Shepherd of thy people, hear ; 

Thy presence now display ; 
As thou hast given a place for prayer, 
So give us hearts to pray. 

3 Show us some token of thy love, 

Our fainting hope to raise ; 
And pour thy blessing from above, 
That we may render praise. 

4 Within our hearts let holy peace, 

And love and concord dwell ; 
And give the troubled conscience ease, 
The wounded spirit heal. 

6 The feeling heart, the melting eye, 
The humbled mind bestow ; 
And sliine upon us from on high, 
To make our graces grow. 

6 May we in faith receive thy word, 
In faith present our prayers; 
And in the presence of our Lord 
Unbosom all our cares. 

Worship. 33 

5. S. M. 

Oh ! bless the Lord, my soul, 

Let all within me join, 
And aid my tongue to bless his name ; 

Whose favors are divine. 
1 Oh ! bless the Lord my soul, 

Nor let his mercies lie 
.Forgotten in unthankfulness, 
And without praises die. 

'T is he forgives thy sins, 

'T is he relieves thy pain, 
'T is he that heals thy sicknesses, 

And makes thee young again. 

He crowns thy life with love, 
When ransomed from the grave ; 

He that redeemed my soul from hell 
1 Hath sovereign power to save. 

He fills the poor with good, 
He gives the sufferers rest ; 

The Lord hath judgments for the proud, 
And justice for th' oppressed. 

4. C. M. 

1 O Thou, my light, my life, my joy, 
My glory and my all ! 
Unsent by thee, no good can come, 
Nor evil can befall. 

34 Worship. 

2 Such are thy schemes of providence, 

And methods of thy grace, 

That I may safely trust in thee, 

Through all the wilderness. 

3 'T is thine outstretched and powerful ai 

Upholds me in the way ; 
And thy rich bounty well supplies 
The wants of every day. 

4 For such compassion, O my God! 

Ten thousand thanks are due ; 
For such compassion, I esteem 
Ten thousand thanks too few. 

25. 10s and lis. 

1 Thotjg'ii troubles assail and dangt 

affright ; 
Though friends should all fail, and fo 

ail unite ; 
Yet one thing secures us, whatever 

tide : 
The scriptures assure us the Lord w 


2 His call we obey, like Abram of old, 
Not knowing our way, but faith makes« 

For though we are strangers we have 

good guide, 
And trust in all dangers the Lord w 


Worship. 85 

1: rVhen Satan appears to stop up our path, 
i.nd fills us with fears, we triumph by 

i faith ; 
3e cannot take from us, though oft he 

K has tried, 
This heart-cheering promise — - the Lord 

k will provide. 

He tells us we 're weak, our hope is in 
'! vain, 
The good that we seek we ne'er shall 

obtain ; 
But where such suggestions our spirits 

have plied 
This answers all questions — the Lord will 
* provide. 

.When life sinks apace, and death is in 

(; This word of his grace shall comfort; us 

through ; 
.No fearing or doubting, with Christ on 

our side, 
We hope to die shouting the Lord will 


6. C. M. 

1 Come, let us join our friends above 
That have obtained the prize ; 
And on the eagle wings of love 
To joy celestial rise. 

38 Worship. 

2 Let saints below his praises sing 

With those to glory gone ; _ 
For all the servants of our King 
In heaven and earth are one. 

3 One family, we dwell in him, 

One church above, beneath ; 
Though now divided by the stream, 
The narrow stream of death. 

4 One. army of the -living God, 

To his commands we bow ; 
Part of the host have crossed the flood 
And part are crossing now. 

5 IIow many to their endless home 

This solemn moment fly ; 
And we arc to the margin come, 
And soon expect to die. 

6 Dear Saviour be our constant guide ; 

Then when the word is given, 
Bid the cold waves of death divide, 
And land us safe in heaven. 

27. cm. 

I Father of all ! we bow to thee, 
Who art in heaven adored ; 
But present still through all thy works, 
The universal Lord. 

Worship. 37 

Forever hallowed be thy name, 

By all beneath the skies ; 
And may thy kingdom still advance, 

Till grace to glory rise. 

A grateful homage may we yield, 
With hearts resigned to thee ;■ 

,And as in heaven thy will is done, 
On earth so let it be. 

From day to day we humbly own 
The hand that feeds us still ; 

! Give us our bread, teach us to rest 
Contented in thy will. 

Our sins before thee we confess — 

Oh ! may they be forgiven ; 
As we. to others mercy show, 

We mercy beg from heaven. 

Still let thy grace our life direct, 

From evil guard our way ; 
And in temptation's fatal path 

Permit us not to stray. 

For thine the power, the kingdom thine, 

All glory 's due to thee ; 
Thine' from eternity they were, 

And thine shall ever be. 

as Worship. 

28. c. m. 

1 O thou, in whom thy saints are one, 

Permit us now to see, 
In this short hour of prayer and praise 
A glimpse of heaven and thee. 

2 While with one heart and one desire, 

Low at thy feet we kneel, 
Oh ! warm our hearts with heavenly lovj 
And all thy grace reveal. 

3 Thy gracious presence, Lord, alone 

Can make our worship blest; 
Drive from our thoughts a vexing worl 
And lay our griefs to rest. 

4 Descend, and bless our waiting souls, 

And meet us as thine own; 
And fit us to ascend and praise 
Before th' eternal throne. 

29. C. M. 

1 On ! for a closer walk with God, 

A calm and heavenly frame — ■ 
A light to shine upon the road 
That leads me to the Lamb ! 

2 Where is the blessedness I knew, 

When first I saw the Lord ? 
Where is the soul-refreshing view 
Of Jesus and his word ? 

Worship. 39 

3 What peaceful hours I once enjoyed ! 

How sweet their mem'ry still ! 
1 But they have left an aching void 
The world can never fill. 

4 Return, O holy Dove ! return, 
j Sweet messenger of rest ! 

I hate the sins that made thee mourn, 
And drove thee from my breast. 

5 The dearest idol I have known, 

What'er that idol be, 
Help me to tear it from thy throne, 
And worship only thee. 

6 So shall my walk be close with God, 

Calm and serene my frame ; 
So purer light shall mark the road 
That leads me to the Lamb. 

9. C. M.— 6 line. 

I 'll praise my Maker with my breath, 
And when my voice is lost in death 

Praise shall employ my nobler powers; 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past, 
While life, and thought, and being last, 

Or immortality endures. 

40 Worship. 

2 Why should I make a man my trust? 
Princes must die, and turn to dust: 

Vain is the help of flesh and blood; 
Their breath departs, their pomp, am 

And thoughts all vanish in an hour; 
Nor can they make their promise goof 

S Happy the man whose hopes rely 
On Israel's God ; He made the sky, 

And earth, and seas, with all their trait 
His truth for ever stands secure ; 
He saves th' oppressed, he feeds the poor; 

And none shall find his promise vain. 

4 The Lord hath eyes to give the blind; 
The Lord supports the sinking mind; 

He sends the lab'ring conscience peace 
He helps the stranger in distress, 
The widow and the fatherless, 

And grants the pris'ner sweet release. 

5 He loves his saints, he knows them well, 
But turns the wicked down to hell ; 

Thy God, O Zion, ever reigns; 
Let ev'ry tongue, let ev'ry ao-e, 
In this exalted work engage : 

Praise him in everlasting strains. 

The Lord's Da)/. 41 

6 I'll praise him while he lends me breath; 
And, -when my voice is lost in death, 

Praise shall employ my nobler powers : 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past, 
While life, and thought, and being last, 
Or immortality endures. 

31. C. L. M. 

1 How calm and beautiful the morn 

That gilds the sacred tomb, 
Where once the Crucified was boijne, 

And veiled in 'midnight gloom ! 
O weep no more the Saviour slain ; 
The Lord is risen — He lives again. 

2 Ye mourning saints, dry every tear 

For your departed Lord ; 
" Behold the place — He is not here," 

The tomb is all unbarred ; 
The gates of death were closed in vain ; 
The Lord is risen — He lives again. 

3 Now cheerful to the place of prayer, 

Our early footsteps bend ; 
The Saviour will himself be there — 

Our Advocate and Friend : 
Once by the law our hopes were slain, 
But now in Christ we live again. 

42 The, Lord's Day. 

4 How tranquil now the rising day ! 

'T is Jesus still appears, 
A risen Lord to chase away 

Our unbelieving fears: 
O weep no more our comforts slain ; 
The Lord is risen — He 'rives again. 

6 And when the shades of evening fall, 
When life's last hour draws nigh, 
If Jesus shines upon the soul, 

How blissful then to die ! 
Since He lias risen who once was slait 
We die in Christ to live again. 

32. c. m. 

1 Fp.equext the day of God returns 

To shed its quickening beams ; 
And yet, how slow devotion burns ! 
How languid are its flam:;:: ! 

2 Accept our faint attempts to love ; 

Our follies, Lord forgive ; 
We would be like thy saints above, 
And praise thee while we live. 

8 Increase, O Lord, our faith and hope, 
And fit us to ascend 
Where the assembly ne'er breaks up, 
And Sabbaths never end — 

The Lord's Bay. 43 

4 Where we sliall breath in heavenly air, 

With heavenly lustre shine ; 
Before the throne of God appear, 
And feast on love divine. 

5 There shall we join, and never tire 

To sing immortal lays ; 
And, with .the bright, seraphic choir, 
Sound ibrth Immanuel's praise. 

33. is. 

1 Safely through another week 

God has brought us on our way; 
Let us now a blessing seek, 

Waiting in his courts to-day; 
Day of all the week the best, 
Emblem of Eternal rest. 

2 While we seek supplies of grace, 

Through the dear Redeemer's name ; 
Show thy reconciling face, 

Take away our sin and shame ; 
From our worldly cares set free, 
May we rest this- day in thee. 

3 May the gospel's joyful sound 

Conquer sinners, comfort saints, 
Make the fruits of grace abound, 

Bring relief from all complaints: 
Thus let all our Sabbaths prove, 
Till we join the church above. 

4-1 The Bible. 

34. S. M. 

1 The man is ever blest, 

Who shuns the sinner's ways, 
Among their councils never stands, 
Nor takes the seorner's place — 

2 But makes the law of God 

His study and delight, 
Amid the labors of the day, 
And watches of the night. 

3 He like a tree shall thrive, 

With waters near the root ; 
Fresh as the leaf his name shall live ; 
His -works are heavenly fruit. 

4 Not so th' ungodly race ; 

They no such blessings find ; 
Their hopes shall flee like empty chaff 
Before the driving wind. 

.5 How will they bear to stand 
Before that judgment seat, 
Where all the saints at Christ's right 
In full assembly meet ? 

6 God knows, and he approves 
The way the righteous go ; 
But sinners and their works shall meet 
A dreadful overthrow. 

The Bible. 45 

35. C. M. 

1 The Spirit breathes upon the word, 

And brings the truth to sight ; 
Precepts and promises afford 
A sanctifying light. 

2 A glory gilds the sacred page, 

Majestic like the sun ; 
It gives a light to every age, 
It gives — but borrows none. 

3 The hand that gave it still supplies 

The gracious light and heat ; 
His truths upon the nations rise — ■ 
They rise, but never set. 

4 Let everlasting thanks be thine, 

For such a bright display, 
As makes a world of darkness shine, 
With beams of heavenly day. 

5 My soul rejoices to pursue 

The steps of him I love, 
Till glory breaks upon my view, 
In brighter worlds above. 

36. • L. M. 

1 God is the refuge of his saints, 

When storms of sharp distress invade ; 
Ere we can offer our complaints, 
Behold him present with his aid. 

46 The Bible. 

2 Let mountains from their seats be hurled, 

Down to the deep and buried there — 
Convulsions shake the solid world, 
Our faith shall never yield to fear. 

3 Loud may the troubled ocean roar — 

In sacred peace our souls abide ; 
While ev'ry nation, ev'iy shore, 

Trembles and dreads the swelling tide. 

4 There is a stream, whose gentle flow 

Supplies the city of our God ; 
Life, love, and joy still gliding through, 
And wat'rinjr our divine abode. 

h That sacred stream, thy holy word, 
Our grief allays, our fear controls; 
Sweet peace thy promises afford, 

And give new strength to fainting souls. 

6 Zion enjoys her monarch's love, 

Secure against a threat'nins; hour; 
Nor can her firm foundations move, 
Built on his truth, and armed with 

37, c. m. 

1 How precious is the book divine, 
By inspiration given ! 
Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine, 
To guide our souls to heaveD. 

The Bible. 47 

2 It sweetly cheers our drooping hearts, 

In this dark vale of tears ; 
Life, light, and joy it still imparts, 
And quells our rising fears. 

3 This lamp, through all the tedious night 

Of life, shall guide our way ; 
Till we behold the clearer light 
Of an eternal day. 

38. C. M.— 6 line. 

1 I love the volume of thy word ; 
What light and joy those leaves afford 

To souls benighted and distressed ! 
Thy precepts guide my doubtful way, 
Thy fear forbids my feet to stray, 

Thy promise leads my heart to rest. 

2 Thy thrt-atenings wake my slumbering 

And warn trie where my danger lies ; 

But 't is thy blessed gospel, Lord, 
That makes my guilty conscience clean, 
Converts my soul, subdues my sin, 

And gives a free, but large reward. 

3 Who knows the errors of his thoughts ? 
My God ! forgive my secret faults, 

And from presumptuous sins restrain : 
Accept my poor attempts of praise, 
That I have read thy book of grace, 

And book of nature not in vain. 

48 Morning and Evening. 
39. c. m. 

1 Father of mercies, in thy word 

What endless glory shines! 
Forever be thy name adored 
For these celestial lines, 

2 Here my Redeemer's welcome voice 

Spreads heavenly peace around ; 
And life and everlasting joys 
Attend the blissful sound. 

8 Oh ! may these heavenly pages be 
My ever dear delight ; 
And still new beauties mav I see, 
And still increasing light; 

4 Divine Instructor, gracious Lord, 
Be thou forever near ; 
Teach me to love thy sacred word, 
And view my Saviour there. 


1 Now the shades of night are gone; 
Now the morning lij>'ht is come ; 
Lord, may we be thine to-day, 
Drive the shades of sin away. 

2 Fill our souls with heavenly light, 
Banish doubt and gloomy night; 
In thy service, Lord, to-day, 
Udlr* , 1c ljiTirvr. lieln us pray. 

Morning and Evening. 49 

3 Keep our haughty passions bound ; 
Save us from our foes around ; 
Going out, and coming in, 

Keep us safe from every sin. 

4 When our work of life is past, 
O receive us then at last ! 
Night of sin will be no more, 
When we reach the heavenly shore. 

41. C. M. 

1 Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear 

My voice ascending high ; 
To thee will I direct my prayer, 
To thee lift up mine eye. 

2 Up to the hills where Christ is gone, 

To plead for all his saints, 
Presenting at his father's throne 
Our songs and our complaints. 

3 Thou art a God, before whose sight 

The wicked shall not stand ; 

Sinners shall ne'er be thy delight, 

Nor dwell at thy right hand. 

4 O may thy Spirit guide my feet, 

In ways of righteousness ; 
Make ev'ry path of duty straight, 
And plain before my face. 

50 Morning and Eoening. 

42. L. M. 

1 Awake my soul, and with the sun 
Thy daily course of duty run ; 
Shake off dull sloth, and early rise 
To pay thy morning sacrifice. 

2 Lord, I my vows to thee renew, 
Scatter my sins as morning dew ; 
Guard my first sj)rings of thought and 

And with thyself my spirit fill. 

3 Direct, control, suggest this day, 
All I design, or do, or say ; 

That all my powers, with all my might, 
In thy sole glory may unite. 

4 All praise to thee who safe hast kept, 
And hast refreshed me while I slept; 
Grant, Lord, when I from death shall 

I may of endless life partake. 

43. s. m. 

1 We lift our, hearts to thee, 

Thou Day-star from on high ; 
The sun itself is but thy shade, 
Yet cheers both earth and sky. 

Morning and Evening. 51, 

2 Oli, let thy rising beams 

Dispel the shades of night : 
; And let the glories of thy love 
Come like the morning light! 

3 How beauteous nature now ! 

How dark and sad before ! 
With joy we view the pleasing change, 
And nature's God adore. 

4 May we this life improve, 

To mourn for errors past ; 
And live this short, revolving day 
As if it were our last. 

44. L. M. 

1 Glory to thee, my God, this night, 
For all the blessings of the light : 
Keep me, oh, keep me, King of kings ! 
Beneath the shadow of thy wings. 

2 Forgive me, Lord ! through thy dear Son, 
The ill which I this day have done ; 
That with the world, myself, and thee, 

I, ere I sleep, at peace may be. 

3 Teach me to live, that I may dread 
The grave as little as my bed ; 
Teach me to die, that so I may 
Rise glorious at thy judgment day. 

52 Morning and Evening. 

4 Be thou my guardian while I sleep, 
Thy watchful station near me keep; 
My heart with love celestial fill, 

And guard me from th' approach of ill. 

5 Lord, let my soul forever share 
The bliss of thy paternal care ! 

'T is heaven on earth, 't is heaven abovt 
To see thy face, and sing thy love. 

<6 Praise God, from whom all blessings flov 
Praise him, all creatures here below ; 
Praise him above, ye heavenly host ; 
Praise Father, Son, and holy Ghost. 

45. 8s and 7s. 

1 Saviour, breathe an evening blessing, 

Ere repose our spirits seal : 
Sin and want we come confessing; 
Thou canst save, and thou canst hea 

2 Though destruction walk around us, 

Though the arrow near us fly, 
Angel guards from thee surround us ; 
We are safe, if thou art nigh. 

3 Though the night be dark and dreary, 

Darkness cannot hide from thee: 
Thou art He who, never weary, 
"VVatcheth where thy people be. 

Morning and Evening. 53 

Should swift death this night o'ertake us, 
And our couch become our tomb, 

May the morn in heaven awake us, 
Clad in light and deathless bloom !. 

46. c. m'. 

1 Another day of soldier life 

Is numbered with the past ; 
It was not filled with bloody strife, 
And did not prove our last. 

2 Thy grace, God, hath* kept us whole ; 

To thee we lift our praise ; 
Accept the homage of each soul, 
And keep us all our days. 

3 Keep us in safety through the night, 

And with us those we love ; 
Save us, we pray thee, by thy might, 
To reign with thee above. 

47. c. m. 

1 Dread Sovereign, let my evening sono 

T • 1 1 ' ■ C 

Liike holy incense rise : 
Assist the offerings of my tongue, 
To reach the lofty skies. 

2 Through all the dangers of the day, 

Thy hand was still my guard : 
And still to drive my wants away 
Thy mercy stood prepared. 

54 Morning and Evening. 

3 Perpetual blessings from above, 

Encompassed me around : 
But how few returns of love 
Has my Creator found ! 

4 What have I done for Him who died 

To save my wretched soul V 
How are my follies multiplied, 
Fast as my minutes roll ! 

5 Lord, with this guilty heart of mine, 

To thy dear cross I flee ; 
And to thy grace my soul resign, 
To be renewed by thee. 

48. cm.., 


1 O Lord, another day is flown, 

And we, a little band, 
Are met once more before thy throne 
To bless thy fostering hand. 

2 And wilt thou bend a listening ear, 

To praises low as ours ? 
Thou wilt, for thou dost deign to hear 
The song that meekness pours. 

3 And, Jesus, thou thy smiles wilt deign, 

As we before thee pray ; 
For thou didst bless the infant train, 
And we are less than they. 

Morning and Evening. 5-5 

4 Oh ! let thy grace perform its part; 
Let sin's dominion cease ; 
And shed abroad in every heart, 
Thine everlasting peace. 

49. L. M. 

1 Sun of my soul ! Thou Saviour dear, 
It is not night if thou be near : 

O may no earth-born cloud arise 
To hide thee from thy servant's eyes. 

2 When the soft dews of kindly sleep 
My wearied eyelids gently steep, 

Be my last thought, how sweet to rest 
Forever on my Saviour's breast. 

3 Abide with me from morn till eve, 
For without thee I cannot live: 
Abide with me when night is nigh, 
For without thee I dare not die. 

4 Watch by the sick ; enrich the poor 
With blessings from thy boundless store 
Be every mourner's sleep to-night ' 
Like infants' slumbers, pure and light. 

56 Morning and Evening. 

5 Come near and bless us when we wake 
Ere through the world our way we tak 
Till in the ocean of thy love, 
We lose ourselves, in heaven above. 

50. c. m. 

1 Lord, thou wilt hear me when I pray 

I am forever thine : 
I fear before thee all the day, 
Nor would I dare to sin. 

2 And while I rest my weary head 

From cares and business free, 

'T is sweet conversing on my bed 

.With my own heart and thee. 

3 I pay this evening sacrifice; 

And when my work is done, 
Great God, my faith and hope relies 
Upon thy grace alone. 

4 Thus, with my thoughts composed 

I '11 give mine eyes to sleep ; 
Thy hand in safety keeps my days, 
And will my slumbers keep. 

The Saviour. 57 

J, L. C. M.— 6 line. 

Oh ! could I speak .the matchless worth, 
Oh ! could I sound the glories forth 

Which in my Saviour shine ! 
I 'd soar, and touch the heavenly strings, 
And vie with Gabriel while he sings, 

In notes almost diyine. 

I 'd sing the precious blood he spilt, 
My ransom from the dreadful guilt 

Of sin and wrath divine: 
I 'd sing his glorious righteousness, 
In which all perfect, heavenly dress, 

My soul shall ever shine. 

i I 'd sing the characters he bears, 
And all the forms of love he wears, 

Exalted on his throne : 
In loftiest songs of sweetest praise, 
I would to everlasting days 

Make all his glories known. 

4 Well, the delightful day will come 

When my dear Lord will bring me home, 

And I shall see his face : 
Then, with my Saviour, Brother, Friend, 
A blest eternity I '11 spend, 

Triumphant in his grace. 

58 The. Saviour. 

52. c. m. 

1 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds 

In a believer's ear ! 
It soothes his sorrows, heal his wounds, 
And drives away his fear. 

2 It makes the wounded spirit whole, 

And calms the, troubled breast; 
'T is manna to the hungry soul, 
And to the wearv. rest. 

3 By him, my prayers acceptance gain, 

Although with sin defiled ; 
Satan accuses me, in vain, 
And I am owned a child. 

4 Weak is the effort of my heart, 

And cold my warmest thought; 
But when I see thee as thou art, 
I '11 praise thee as I ought. 

5 Till then I would thy love proclaim, 

With every hVeting breath; 
And may the music of thv name 
Refresh my soul in death. 

53. c. m. 

1 All hail the power of Jesus' name ! 
Let angels prostrate fall ; 
Bring forth the, royal diadem, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

The Saviour. 59 

2 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race, 

Ye ransomed from the fall, 
Hail Him, who saves you by his grace, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

3 Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget 

The wormwood and the gall, 
Go, spread your trophies at his feet, 
And crown him Lord of all. 

4 Let every kindred, every tribe, 

On tliis terrestrial ball, 
To Him all majesty ascribe, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

5 Oh ! that with yonder sacred throne, 

We at his feet may fall ; 
• We '11 join the everlasting son"', 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

)4. C. M. 

L Comk let us join our cheerful son^s, 
With angels round the throne ; 
Ten thousand thousand are their tongues, 
But all their joys are one. 

i Worthy the Lamb that died, they cry, 
To be exalted thus: 
Worthy the Lamb, our lips reply, 
For he was slain for us. 

60 The Saviour. 

3 Jesus is worthy to receive 

Honor and Power divine; 
And blessings more than we can give 
Be, Lord, for ever thine. 

4 Let all who dwell above the sky, 

And air, and earth, and seas, 
Conspire to lift thy glories high, 
And speak thine endless praise. 

5 The whole creation join in one, 

To bless the sacred name, 
Of Him who sits upon the throne, 
And to adore the Lamb. 

55. L. M. 

1 Jesus ! and shall it ever be, 

A mortal man ashamed ot thee ! 
Asham'd of thee, whom angels praise, 
Whose glories shine through endless days? 

2 Asham'd of Jesus ! sooner far 
Let evening blush to own a star; 
He sheds the beams of light divine 
O'er this benighted soul of mine. 

3 Ashamed of Jesus ! — just as soon 
Let midnight be asham'd of noon ; 
'T is midnight with my soul, till He, 
Bright morning Star, bid darkness flee. 

The Saviour. 61 

Asham'd of Jesus ! — that dear Friend 
On whom my hopes of heav'n depend ? 
No ! when I blush be this my shame, 
That I no more revere His name. 

Asham'd of Jesus ! yes, I may, 
When I ve no guilt to wash away ; 
No tear to wipe ; no good to crave ; 
No fear to quell — no soul to save. 

Till then — nor is my boasting vain — 
Till then I boast a Saviour slain ! 
And Oh ! may this my glory be, 
That Christ is not asham'd of me. 

)6. L. M. 

1 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 
Does his successive journeys run ; 

His kingdom stretch from shore to shore, 
Till suns shall rise and set no more. 

2 To him shall endless prayer be made, 
And endless praises crown his head ; 
His name, like sweet perfume, shall rise, 
With every morning sacrifice. 

3 People and realms of every tongue 
Dwell on his love with sweetest song ; 
And infant voices shall proclaim 
Their early blessings on his name. 

G2 Th', Saviour. 

4 Let every creature rise and bring 
Peculiar honors to our King; 
Angels descend with songs again, 
And earth repeat the loud Amen. 

57. L. M. 

1 Awake, my soul, in joyful lavs, 
And sing thy great Redeemer's praise; 
He justly claims a song from thee; 
His loving kindness, how free ! 

2 He saw me ruined in the fall, 
Yet loved me notwithstanding all ; 
He saved- me from my lost estate; 
His loving kindness, O how great! 

3 Though numerous hosts of mighty foes, 
Though earth and hell my way oppose, 
He safely leads my soul along, 

His loving kindness, O how strong 1 

4 When trouble, like a gloomy cloud, 
Has gathered thick, and thundered lou< 
He near my soul has always stood; 
His loving kindness, O how good ! 

5 Often I feel my sinful heart, 
Prone from my Saviour to depart ; 
But though I oft have him forgot, 
His loving kindness changes not. 

The Saviour. 63 

Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale, 
Soon all my mortal powers must fail ; 
Oh ! may my last expiring breath, 
His loving kindness sing in death. 
Then let me mount and soar away, 
To the bright world of endless day ; . 
And sing witli rapture and surprise, 
His loving kindn>'s.-> in the skies. 

B. H. M. 

Come, every pious heart 
That loves the Saviour's name, 

Your noblest powers exert 
To celebrate hi.* fame: 

Tell all above, and all below, 

The debt of love to him you owe. 

He left his starry crown, 

And laid his rob..- ,-side ; 
On wings of love came down, 

And wept, and bled, and died. 
What he endured, oh ! who can tell ? 
To save our souls from death and hell. 
From the dark gra\e i>e rose, 

The mansion of the dead; 
And thence his nmdiiv foes 

In glorious triumph led ; 
Up thro' the sky l.he conqueror rode, 
And reigns on high, the Saviour God. 

64 The Saviour 

4 Jesus, we ne'er can pay 

The debt we owe thy love ; 
Yet tell us how we may 

Our gratitude approve : 
Our hearts — our all to thee we give : 
The gift, though small, do thou receive 

59. H. M. 

1 Come, my Redeemer, come, 

And deign to dwell with me ; 
Come, and thy right assume, 

And bid thy rivals flee: 
Come, my Redeemer, quickly come, 
And make my heart thy lasting home. 

2 Exert thy mighty power, 

And banish all my sin ; 
In this auspicious hour, 

Bring all thy graces in : 
Come, my Redeemer, quickly come, 
And make my heart thy lasting home. 

3 Rule thou in every thought 

And passion of my soul, 
Till all my powers are brought 

Beneath thy full control : 
Come, my Redeemer, quickly come, 
And make my heart thy lasting home. 

The Saviour. 65 

4 Then shall my days be thine, 
And all my heart be love ; 
And joy and peace be mine, 
Such as are known above : 
Come, my Redeemer, quickly come, 
And make my heart thy lasting home. 

60. 7*. 

1 Jesus, lover of my soul, 

Let me to thy bosom fly, 
While the raging billows roll, 

While the tempest still is high. 
Hide me, oh ! my Saviour, hide, 

Till the storm of life is past ; 
Safe into the haven guide ; 

Oh ! receive my soul at last. 

2 Other refuge have I none, 

Hangs my helpless soul on thee ; 
Leave, ah ! leave me not alone, 

Still support and comfort me ; 
All my trust on thee is staid, 

All my help from thee I bring ; 
Cover my defenceless head, 

With the shadow of thy wing. 

3 Thou, oh Christ, art all I want ! 

All in all in thee I find; 
Raise the fallen, cheer the faint, 

Heal the sick, and lead the blind. 

66 The Saviour 

Just and holy is thy name, 
I am all unrighteousness ; 

Vile and full of sin I am, 

Thou art full of truth and grace. 

61. 7.5. 

1 Hark, my soul, it is the Lord — 
'T is thy Saviour, hear his word ; 
Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee. : 

" Say, poor sinner, lovest thou me? 

2 "I delivered thee when bound, 

And, when wounded, healed thy wound ; 
Sought thee wandering, set thee right, 
Turned thy darkness into light. 

3 " Mine is an unchanging love, 

Higher than the heights above ; 
Deeper than the depths beneath, 
Free and faithful, strong as death. 

4 " Thou shalt see my glory soon, 

When the work of grace is done; 
Partner of my throne shalt be ; 
Say, poor sinner, lovest thou me ?" 

5 Lord, it is my chief complaint, 
That my love is weak and faint : 
Yet I love thee and adore, 

Oh ! for grace to love thee more. 

The Saviour. 67 

62. 7*. 

1 holy Saviour ! Friend unseen ! 
Since on thy arm thou bid'st us lean, 
Help us throughout life's changing scene 

By faith' to cling to Thee. 

2 Though far from home, fatigued, opprest, 
, Here we have found a place of rest; 

As exiles still, yet not unblest, 
Because we cling to Thee. 

3 Though oft we seem to tread alone 
Life'sdreary waste, with thornso'ergrown, 
Thy voice of love, in gentlest tone, 

Whispers " Still cling to Me !" 

4 We fear not Satan, nor the grave, 

We know Thee near, and strong to save; 
With Thee all danger we can brave, 
Because we cling to Thee. 
<» Blest is our lot, whate'er befall; 
Who can affright, or who appall ; 
Since, as our strength, our Rock, our all, 
Jesus, we cling to Thee ? 

63. c. m. 

1 We 'll sing of Christ, no matter who 
Should disapprove the theme : 
When He is precious to our view, 
We can't but sing of Him. 

68 The Saviour 

2 And He is precious in the sight 

Of all who know His voice : 
'T was He who brought them to the 
And taught them to rejoice. 

3 'T is He who cheers them by His smile, 

And guards them by His power ; 
Who keeps them safe from force and 
In every trying hour. 

4 'T is He who will conduct them home, 

Beyond the reach of ill : 
Where all his ransomed people come, 
Where saints for ever dwell. 

5 Then let His people make their boast 

Of Him, and Him alone, 
Who came from heaven to save the lost; 
The praise be His alone. 

64. 6, 3. 

1 While wandering to and fro, 
In this wide world of woe, 
Where streams of sorrow flow, 

Give me Jesus — give nie Jesus — give 

me Jesus — 
You may have all this world — give me 

The Saviour. 


2 When tears o'erflow mine eye, 
When pressed by grief I sigh, 

- Still this shall be my cry, 
Give me Jesus, etc. 

3 When to the mercy seat 
I go my Lord to meet, 

My heart shall still repeat, 
Give me Jesus, etc. 

4 And when my faith is tried, 
In him will I confide, 

And all the storms outride — 
Give me Jesus, etc. 

5 Though strength and friends should fail, 
And foes my soul assail, 

Through him I shall prevail — 
Give me Jesus, etc. 

6 And when my toils are o'er, 
When nearing Jordan's shore, 
I '11 shout as up I soar, 

Give me Jesus, etc. 

7 When at the judgment seat, 
I stand ab Jesus' feet, 

When worlds on worlds shall meet, 
Give me Jesus, etc. , 

8 When heaven and earth shall flee, 
When time shall cease to be, 
Through all eternity, 

Give me Jesus, etc. 

70 The ^Saviour 

65. L. M. ' 

1 When sins and fears prevailing rise, 

And fainting hope almost expires, 
Jesus, to thee I lift mine eyes, 

To thee I breathe my soul's desires. 

2 If my immortal Saviour lives, 

Then my eternal life is sure ; 
His word a firm foundation gives, 
Here I can build and rest secure. 

3 Here would my faith unshaken dwell, 

For ever firm the promise stands ; 
Not all the powers of earth and hell 
Can e'er dissolve the sacred bands. 

4 Here, O my soul, thy trust repose ; 

If Jesus is forever thine, 
Not death itself, that last of foes. 
Shall br^ak a union so divine. 

66. 8.? and 7s. 

1 One there is, above all others, 

Well deserves the name of Friend: 

His is love beyond a brother's, 
Costly, free, and knows no end ; 

They who once his kindness prove, 

Find it everlasting; love. 

The Saviour. 71 

2 Which of all our friends, to save us 

Could or would have shed their blood? 
But our Jesus died to have us 

Reconciled in him to God : 
This is boundless love indeed ! 
Jesus is a friend in need. 

3 When he lived on earth abased, 

Friend of sinners was his name ; 
Now above all glory raised, 

He rejoices in the same : 
Still he calls them brethren, friends, 
And to all their wants attends: 
i Oh ! for grace our hearts to soften, 

Teach us, Lord, at length to love ; 
We, alas! forget too often, 

What a Friend we have above : 
But when home our souls are brought, 
We will love thee as we ought. 

67. s. M. 

1 Awake, and sing the song 

Of Moses and the Lamb ; 
Wake every heart and every tongue, 
To praise the Saviour's name. 

2 Sing of his dying love,. 

Sing of his rising power, 
Sing how he intercedes above 
For those whose sins he bore. 

72 The Saviour. 

3 Sing till we feel our heart 

Ascending with our tongue; 
Sing till the love of sin depart, 
And grace inspire our song. 

4 Sing on your heavenly way, 

Ye ransom'd sinners, sing ; 
Sing on, rejoicing every day 
In Christ, th' eternal King. 

5 Soon shall we hear him say, 

" Ye blessed children, come ;" 
Soon will he call us hence away, 
And take his wanderers home. 

6 Soon shall our raptured tongue 

His endless praise proclaim ; 
And sweeter voices tune the song 
" Of Moses and the Lamb." 

68. L. M. 

1 Jesus, thou everlasting King, 
Accept the tribute which we bring ; 
Accept the well deserved renown, 
And wear our praises as thy crown. 

2 Let every act of worship be 
Like our espousals, Lord, to thee ; 
Like the dear hour, when from above, 
We first received thy pledge of love. 

"The Saviour. 73 

The gladness of that happy day 
Our hearts would wish it long to stay : 
Nor let our faith forsake its hold, 
JSJor comforts sink, nor love grow cold. 

Each following minute, as it flies, 
Increase thy praise, improve our joys ; 
Till we are raised to sing thy name 
At the great supper of the Lamb. 

)9. 6s and 4s. 

1 Glory to God on high ! 
Let earth and skies reply, 

Praise ye his name ; 

His love and grace adore, 
Who all our sorrows bore : 
Sing loud !'or evermore, 

Worthy the Lamb. 

2 Jesus our Lord a»d God, 
Bore sin's tremendous load, 

Praise ye his name; 

Tell what his arm has done, 
What spoils from death he won : 
Sing his great name alone, 

Worthy the Lamb. 

74 The Saviour. 

3 While they around the throne, 
Cheerfully join in one, 

Praising his name ; 

Those who have felt his blood 
Sealing their peace with God 
Sound his dear fame abroad, 

Worthy the Lamb. 

4 Join, all ye ransomed race, 
Our holy Lord to bless ; 

Praise ye his name; 
In him we will rejoice, 
And make a joyful noise, 
Shouting with heart and voici 

Worthy the Lamb. 

70. L. M. 

1 Jesus, thy boundless love to me 

No thought can reach, no tongue 
declare ; 
Unite my thankful heart to thee, 
And reign without a rival there. 

2 Thy love, how cheering is its ray ! 

All pain before its presence flies ; 
Care, anguish, sorrow, melt away 
Where'er its healing beams arise. 

3 Oh ! let thy love my soul inflame, 

And to thy service sweetly bind; 
Transfuse it through my inmost fram 
And mould me wholly to thy mind 

The Saviour 75 

Thy love, in sufferings, be my peace ; 
Thy love, in weakness,make me strong; 
. And when the storms of life shall cease, 
Thy love shall be in heaven my song. 

ft. C. M. 

Jesus, I love thy charming name ; 

'Tis music to mine ear; 
Fain would I sound it out so loud 
That earth and heaven should hear. 
I Yes, thou art precious to my soul, 

My joy, my hope, my trust ; 
i Jewels, to thee, are gaudy toys, 

And gold is sordid dust. 
? Thy grace still dwells upon my heart, 
And sheds its fragrance there ; 
The noblest balm of all its wounds, 
♦ The cordial of its care. 
1 I '11 speak the honors of thy name 
With my last laboring breath ; 
Then speechless clasp thee in mine arms, 
The antidote of death. 

72. '"' '* 8s and 5s. 
1 Sing of Jesus, sing for ever 
Of the love that changes never : 
Who or what from him can sever 
Those he makes his own? 

76 The Saviour. 

2 With liis blood the Lord hath bought 

them ; 
When they knew him not, he sought 

And from all their wandVingrs brought 

them : 

His the praise alone. 

3 Through the desert. Jesus leads them, 
With the bread of heaven he feeds them, 
And through all the way he speeds them 

To their home above. 

4 There they see the Lord who bought 

Him who came from heaven and sought 

Him who by his spirit taught them : 
Him they serve and love. 

5 Sing of Jesus, sing for ever, 
Sing the love that changes never : 
Who or what froni him can sever 

Those he makes his own ? 

73. is. 

1 Now begin the heav'nly theme, 
Sing aloud in Jesus' name ; 
Ye who Jesus' kindness prove, 
Triumph in redeeming love. 

The Saviour. 77 

2 Ye who see the Father's grace, 
Beaming in the Saviour's face, 
As to Canaan on ye move, 
Praise and bless redeeming love. 

3 Mourning souls, dry up your tears, 
Banish all j'our guilty fears ; 

See your guilt and curse remove, 
CancelPd by redeeming love. 

4 Ye, alas ! who long have been 
Willing slaves of death and sin! 
Now from bliss no longer rove, 
Stop and taste redeeming love. 

5 Welcome, all by sin oppress'd — 
Welcome to his sacred rest : 
Nothing brought him from above, 
Nothing — but redeeming love. 

4. C. M. 

Infinite loveliness is thine, 
Thou blessed Prince of grace ! 

Thine uncreated beauties shine, 
With never fading rays. 

! Sinners, from earth's remotest end, 

Come bending at thy feet ; 
i To thee their prayers and vows ascend, 

In thee their wishes meet. 

78 The Saviour 

3 Millions of happy spirits live 

On thine exliaustless store ; 
From thee they all their bliss receive, 
And still thou givest more. 

4 Thou art their triumph and their joy— 

They find their all in thee : 
Thy glories will their tongues employ, 
Through all eternity. 

75. C. M. 

1 Majestic sweetness sits enthroned 

Upon the Saviour's brow ; 
His head with radiant glories crowned, 
His lips with grace o'erflow. 

2 To him I owe my life, and breath, 

And all the joys I have : 
He makes me triumph over death, 
And saves me from the grave. 

3 To heaven, the place of his abode, 

He brings my weary feet ; 
Shows me the glories of my God, 
And makes my joys complete. 

4 Since from his bounty I receive 

Such proofs of love divine', 
Had I a thousand hearts to give, 
Lord, they should all be thine. 

The Saviour. 79 

6. C. M. 

Earth has engrossed my love too long ! 

'T is time I lift mine eyes 
Upward, dear Father, to thy throne, 
j And to my native skies. 
Seraphs, with elevated strains, 
i Circle the throne around, 
And move and charm the starry plains 

With an immortal sound. 
Jesus, the Lord, their harps employs, 

Jesus, my love, they sing ! 
Jesus, the life of both our joys, 

Sounds sweet from every string. 
Now let me mount and join their song, 

And be an angel too ; 
it My heart, my hand, my ear, my tongue — 

Here 's joyful work for you. 
'"I would begin the music here, 
" And so my soul should rise ; 
,,! for some heavenly notes to bear 
My passions to the skies ! 

7» L. M. 

Now in a song of grateful praise, 
" To my dear Lord my voice I '11 raise ; 

With all his saints I '11 join to tell 
" That Jesus hath done all things welL 

80 The Saviour. 

2 Wisdom, and power, and love divine, 
In all his works, unrivalled, shine, 
And force the wondering world to tell 
That he alone did all things well. 

8 Howe'er mysterious are his ways, 
Or dark and sorrowful my days ; 
And though my spirit oft rebel, 
I know he still doth all things well. 

4 And when I stand before his throne, 
And all his ways are fully known, 
This note in sweetest strains shall swell, 
That Jesus hath done all things well. 

78. s - M - 

1 To praise our Shepherd's care, 

His wisdom, love, and might, 
Your loudest, loftiest songs prepare, 
And bid the world unite. 

2 Supremely good and great, 

He tends his blood-bought fold ; 
He stoops, though throned in highest state, 
The feeblest to uphold. 

8 He hears their softest plaint ; 
He sees them when they roam; 
And if his meanest lamb should faint, 
His bosom bears it home. 

„ The Saviour. Sit 

Kind Shepherd of the sheep I 

A feeble flock are we ; 
And snares and foes are nigh*;- oh keep ■ 

The lambs who look to thee. 

And, if through death's dark vale 

Our feet should early tread, 
Oh ! may we reach thy fold, and hail 

The Love which there hath led ! 

19. 7s. 

1 Shepherd of the ransomed flock, 
Lead us to the shadowing rock, 
Where the cooling waters flow, 
Where the freshening pastures grow. 

2 Saviour, when thy loved ones stray 
From the new and living way, 
Gently call thine own by name; 
All our wand'ring steps reclaim. 

3 Through the hours of darksome night 
Keep us in thy watchful sight ; 

O'er each deadly foe prevail ; 
Let no harm thy fold assail. 

4 Jesus, who thy life didst give, 
Dying that thy sheep might live, 
Let us in thy presence rest, 
With eternal comfort blest. 

82 The Saviour. 

80. cm. 

;l My Saviour, my Almighty Friend, 
When I begin thy praise 
Where will the growing numbers end, 
The numbers of thy grace ? 

2 Thou art my everlasting trust; 

Thy goodness I adore ; 
And since I knew thy graces first 
I speak thy glories more. 

3 My feet shall travel all the length 

Of the celestial road ; 
And march, with courage in thy strength, 
To see my Father, God. 

4 When I am fill'd with sore distress 

For some surprising sin, 
I '11 plead thy perfect righteousness, 
And mention none but thine. 

5 How will my lipsTejoice to tell 

The victories of my King ! 
My soul, redeem'd from sin and hell, 
"Shall thy salvation sing. 

6 Awake, awake, my tuneful powers ! 

With this delightful song 
I '11 entertain the darkest hours, 
Nor think the season long. 

The Saviour. 83 

81. C. M. 

1 The Lord J s my Shepherd, 1 11 not want, 

He makes me down to lie 
In pastures green : He leadeth me 
The quiet waters by. 

2 My soul He doth restore again, 

And me to walk doth make 
Within the paths of righteousness, 
Even for his own name's sake. 

3 Yea, though I walk in death's dark vale, 

Yet will I fear no ill ; 
For thou art with me, and thy rod 
And staff me comfort still. 

4 My table thou hast furnished 

In presence of my foes ; 
My head thou dost with oil anoint, 
And my cup overflows. 

5 Goodness and mercy all my life 

Shall surely follow me : 
And in God's house for evermore 
My dwelling place shall be. 

84 The Saviour. 

82. c. m. 

1 Plunged in a gulf of dark despair 

We wretched sinners lay — 
Without one cheerful beam of hope, 
Or spark of glimmering day ! 

2 With pitying eyes the Prince of grace 

Beheld .our helpless grief; 
He saw — and Oh ! amazing love ! 
He ran to our relief. 

3 Down from the shining seats above 

With joyful haste he fled, 
Enter'd the grave in mortal flesh, 
And dwelt among the dead. 

4 He spoil'd the powers of darkness thus, 

And brake our iron chains ; 
Jesus has freed our captive souls 
From everlasting pains. 

5 Oh ! for this love let rocks and hills 

Their lasting silence break ; 
And all harmonious human tongues 
The Saviour's praises speak. 

The Saviour. 85 

33. H.M. 

1 Rejoick — the Lord is King: 

Your God an,d King adore ; 
Mortal's, give thanks and sing, 

And, triumph evermore : 
Lift up. the heart, lift up the voice, 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints rejoice. 

2 Rejoice — -the Saviour reigns ! 

The God of truth and love ; 
When he had purged our stains, 

He took his seat above : 
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice, 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints rejoice. 

3 His kingdom cannot fail, 

He rules o'er earth and heaven : 
The keys of death and hell 

Are to our Jesus given : 
Lift; up the heart, lift up the voice, 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints rejoice. 

4 Rejoice in gloriou^ hope, 

Jesus the Judge shall come — 
And take his servants up 

To their eternal home : 
We soon shall hear the "archangel's voice : 
The trump of God shall sound— rejoice ! 

86 The Sinner. 

84. c. m. 

1 Thkri: is a fountain filled with blood 

Drawn from Immanuel's veins, 
And sinners plunged beneath that flood 
Lose all their guilty stains. 
Chorus — I do believe, I will believe, 
That Jesus died for me, 
That on his cross he shed his blood 
From sin to set me free. 

2 The dying thief rejoiced to see 

That fountain in his day ; 
And there may I, as vile as he, 
Wash all my sins away. — Chorus. 

3 Dear, dying Lamb, thy precious blood 

Shall never lose its power, 
Till all the ransomed Church of God 
Be saved, to sin no more. — Chorus. 

4 E'er since, by faith, I saw the stream 

Thy flowing wounds supply, 
Redeeming love has been my theme, 
And shall be till I die. — Chorus. 

5 Then in a nobler, sweeter song, 

I '11 sing thy power to save ; 
When this poor lisping, stammering 
Lies silent in the grave. — Chorus. 

The Sinner 87 

83. c. m. 

Come to Jesus ! come to Jesus ! 

Come to Jesus, just now ! 
Just now ! come to Jesus ! 
Come to Jesus ! come to Jesus ! 
Come to Jesus ! come to Jesus ! 
Come to Jesus ! come to Jesus ! 

Just now, just now, 
Just now, come to Jesus ! 

Come to Jesus, just now ! 

2 He will save you ! He will save you ! etc. 

3 Only trust him ! only trust him ! etc. 
,4 He is able ! He is able ! etc. 

5 He is willing ! He is willing 1 etc. 

6 I believe it 1 I believe it ! etc. 

86. i2s. 

I The voice of free grace cries, "Escape 
to the mountain :" 

1 For Adam's lost race Christ hath opened 

* a fountain : 

V For sin, and uncleanness, and every trans- 
His blood flows so freely in streams ot 

! Chorus— Hallelujah to the Lamb who has 

bought us a pardon, 
i We '11 praise him again when we 

pass over Jordan. 

'88 The Sinner. 

2 Ye souls that are wounded, to the Saviour 

Now he calls you in mercy — and can yotf 

forbear ? 
Though your sins are increased as high 

as a mountain, 
His blood can. remove them — it flows 

from - the fountain. 


3 Our Jesus his name now proclaims all 


He' reigns over all, and his kingdom is 
glorious ; 

To Jesus we '11 join with the great con- 

And triumph, ascribing to him our sal- 
Tat ion. 


4 With joy shall we stand when escaped 

to the shore ; ' _ 

With harps in our hands we will praise 

him the more ; 
We '11 range the sweet plains on the bank 

of the river, 
And sing of salvation for ever and ever. 


The Sinner. 8 

87. c. m. 

1 Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat, 

Where Jesus answers prayer; 
There humbly fall before his feet, 
For none can perish there. 

2 Thy promise is my only plea, 

With this I venture nigh ; 
Thou callest burden'd souls to thee, 
And such, O Lord, am I. 

S Bow'd down beneath a load of sin, 
By Satan sorely press'd, 
By war without, and fear within, 
I come to thee for rest. 

4. Be thou my shield and hiding place ; 

That, sheltered near thy side, 
I may my fierce accuser face, 
And tell him "thou hast died." 

5. Oh! wondrous love, to bleed and die, 

To bear the cross and shame, 
That guilty sinners, such as I, 
Might plead thy gracious name. 

88. c. m. 

1 How sad our state by nature is ! 
Our sin, how deep it stains ! 
And Satan binds our captive minds 
Fast in his slavish chains. 

90 The Sinner. 

2 But there 's a voice of sov'reign grace 

Sounds from the sacred word : 
" Ho ! ye despairing sinners, come, 
And trust upon the Lord." 

3 My soul obeys th' almighty call, 

And runs to this relief; 
I would believe thy promise, Lord; 
Oh ! help my unbelief. 

4 To the dear fountain of thy blood, 

Incarnate God, I fly ; 
Here let me wash my spotted soul 
From crimes of deepest dye. 

5 A guilty, weak, and helpless worm, 

On thy kind arms I fall : 
Be thou my strength and righteousness, 
My Jesus and my all. 

89. c. m. 

1 In evil long I took delight^ 

. Unawed by shame or fear,_ « 

Till a new- object struck my sight, 

And stopped my wild career. 

2 I saw One hanging on a tree 

In agonies and blood : 
He fixed his languid eyes on me, 
As near his cross I stood. 

The Sinner. 91 

I never, till my latest breath, 
Shall I forget that look : 
It seemed to charge me with his death, 
Though not a word he spoke. 

t My conscience felt and owned the guilt ; 
It plunged me in despair ; 
I saw my sins his blood had spilt, 
And helped to nail him there. 

5 A second look he gave, which said : 

"I freely all forgive ; 
This blood is for thy ransom paid ; 
I die- that thou may'st live." 

6 Thus, while his death my sin. displays 

In all its darkest hue, 
Such is the mystery of grace, 
It seals my pardon too. 

90. L. M. 

1 Jesus, mine all, to heaven is gone, 
He whom I fix my hopes upon ! 
Histrack I see, and I '11 pursue 
The narrow way till him I view. 

2 This is the way I long have sought, 
And mourned because I found it not ; 
My grief and burden long has been, 
Because I could not cease from sin. 

92 The Sinner. 

3 The more I strove against its power, 
I sinned and stumbled but the more; 
Till late I heard my Saviour say ; 
" Come hither, soul, / am the way." 

■4 Lo ! glad I come ! and thou, blest Lamb! 
Shalt take me to thee as I am ; 
My •sinful self to thee I give : 
Nothing but love shall I receive. 

5 Then will I tell to sinners round 
What a dear Saviour I have found : 
I '11 point to thy redeeming blood, 
And say — Behold the way to Gad ! 

91. S. M. 

1 On ! where shall rest be found — ■ 

Rest for the weary soul ? 
'T were vain the ocean depths to sound, 
Or pierce to either pole. 

2 The world, can never give 

The bliss for which we sigh ; 
'T is not the whole of life to live, 
Nor all of death to d'e. 

8 Beyond this vale of tears 
There is a life abovt ; 
Unmeasured by the flight of years; 
And all that life is love. 

The Sinner. 93 

4 There is a death whose pang 

Outlasts the fleeting breath : 
Oh ! what eternal horrors hang 
Around the second death ! 

5 Lord God of truth and grace, 

Teach us that death to shun ; 
Lest we be banished from thy face, 
And evermore undone. 

)2, L. M. 

1 While life prolongs its precious light, 

Mercy is found, and peace is given, 
But%oon, ah ! soon, approaching night 
Shall blot out every hope of heaven. 

2 While God invites, how blest the day ! 

How sweet the gospel's charming sound! 
Come, sinners haste, oh ! haste away, 
While yet a pardoning God he 's found. 

5 Soon, borne on time's most rapid wing, 
Shall death command you to the grave, 
Before his bar your spirits bring, 
And none be found to hear or save. 

4 In that lone land of deep despair 

No Sabbath's heavenly light shall rise; 

; No God regard your bitter prayer, 
Nor Saviour call you to the skies. 

94 The Sinner 

5 Now God invites — how blest the day! 
How sweet the gospel's charming soun( 
Come, sinners haste, oh ! haste away, • 
While yet a pard'ning God is found. 

93. D. C. M. 

1 I heard the voice of Jesus say, i 

Come unto me and rest; 
Lay down, thou weary one, lay down 

Thy head upon my breast. 
I came to Jesus as I was. 

Weary, and worn, and sad, 
I found in Him a resting place, $ 

And He has made me glad. 

2 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

Behold, I freely give 
The living water ; thirsty one, 

Stoop down and drink and live. 
I came to Jesus, and I drank 

Of that life-giving stream ; 
My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, 

And now I live in Him. 

3 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

I am this dark world's light, 
Look unto me, thy morn shall rise, 
And all thy days be bright. 

The Sinner. 95 

I looked to Jesus, and I found 

In him my Star, my Sun ; 
And in that light of life I '11 walk, 

Till travelling days are done. 

94. 7s. 

1 Rock of ages, cleft for mc, 
Let me hide myself in thee ; 
Let the water and the blood 
From thy wounded side which flowed, 
Be of sin the double cure ; 
Cleanse me from its guilt and power. 

2 Not the labor of my hands 
Can fulfil the law's demands ; 
Could my zeal no respite know, 
Could my tears forever flow, 
AM for sin could not atone, 
Thou must save, and thou alone. 

3 Nothing in my hand I bring, 
Simply to thy cross I cling ; 

. Naked, come to thee for dress ; 
Helpless, look to thee for grace ; 
Vile, I to the fountain fly, 
Wash me, Saviour, or I die. 

96 The Sinner. 

4 "While I draw this fleeting breath, 
When my heart-strings break in death, 
When I soar to worlds unknown, 
See thee on thy judgment throne, 
Rock of ages, cleft for me, 
Let me hide myself in thee. 

95. c. m. 

1 Prostrate, O Jesus, at thy feet 

A guilty rebel lies, 
And upward to thy mercy-seat 
Presumes to lift his eyes. 

2 If tears of sorrow would suffice 

To pay the debt I owe, 
Tears should from both my weeping eyes 
In ceaseless torrents flow. 

3 But no such sacrifice I plead 

To expiate my guilt; 
No tears but those which thou hast shed, 
No blood but thou hast spilt. 

4 Think of thy sorrows, dearest Lord, 

And all my sins forgive ; 
Then justice will approve the word 
That bids the sinner live. 

The Sinner. 97 

96. H. M. 

1 Come, my fond, fluttering heart ! 

Come, struggle free ; 
Thou and the world must part, 

However hard it be : 
My trembling spirit owns it just, 
But cleaves yet closer to the dust. 

2 Ye tempting sweets ! forbear ; 

Ye dearest idols ! fall ; 
My love ye must not share, 

Jesus shall have it all:. 
'T is bitter pain— 't is cruel smart- 
But, ah ! thou must consent, my heart ! 

3 Ye fair, enchanting throng ! 

I r ^ e golden dreams ! farewell ! 
■karth hath prevailed too long, 
And now I break the spelf: 
■tarewell, ye joys of early years ! 
Jesus ! forgive these parting tears. 

I In Gilead there is balm, 

A kind Physician there 
% fevered mind to calm, 

And bid me not despair : 
Aid me, dear Saviour ! set me free ; . 
My all I would resign to thee. 

98 The Sinner. 

5 Oh ! may I feel thy worth, 

And let no idol dare — 
No vanity of earth, 

With thee, my Lord ! compare : 
Now bid all worldly joys depart, 
And reign supremely in my heart. 

97. lis and 10s. 

1 Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye Ian 

guish : 
Come to the mercy-seat, fervently kneel 
Here bring your wounded hearts, heri 
tell your anguish ; 
Earth has no sorrow that heaven cai 
not heal. 

2 Joy to the desolate, light of the strayin 

Hope of the penitent, fadeless and puil 
Here speaks the Comforter, teudeij 

Earth has no sorrow that heaven c; 

not cure. 

3 Here see the bread of life ; see wai| 

flowing I 

Forth from the throne of God, fj 

from above ; i 

Come to the feast of love ; come, i 

knowing I 

Earth has no sorrow heaven ca| 


The Sinner. 99 

98. 8s and 6s. 

1 We ke travelling home to heaven above, 

Will you go ? 
To sing the Saviour's dying love, 

W'ill you go ? 
Millions have reached the blest abode, 
Anointed kings and priests to God, 
And millions more are on the road, 

Will you go ? 

2 We 're soinsr to see the bleeding: Lamb, 

Will you go ? ♦ 

In rapturous strains to praise his name, 

Will you go ? 
The crown of life we there shall wear, 
The conqueror's palms our hands shall 

And all the joys of heaven we '11 share, 

Will you go ? 

3 We 're going to join the heavenly choir, 

Will you go ? 
To raise our voice and tune the lyre, 

Will you go ? 
There saints and angels gladly sing 
Hosanna to their God and King, 
And make the heavenly arches ring, 

Will yon go '? 

100 The Sinner. 

i Ye weary, heavy-laden, come, 

Will you go ? 
In the blest house there still is room, 

Will you go ? 
The Lord is waiting to receive, 
If thou wilt on him now believe 
Thy troubled conscience he '11 relieve, 

Come, believe. 
5 The way to heaven is straight and plain* 

Will you go '? 
Repent, believe, be born again, 

Will you go ? 
The Saviour cries aloud to thee, 
" Take up thy cross and follow me, 
And thou shalt my salvation see, 

Come to me !" 

59. 8s and 7s. 

I See the healing fountain springing 
From the Saviour on the tree, 
Pardon, peace, and cleansing bringing; 
Lost one, loved one, 't is for thee — 
Even thee. 
I Hear His love and mercy speaking, 
" Come and lay thy soul on me ; 
Though thy heart for sin be breaking, 
I have rest and peace for thee — 
Even thee." 

The Sinner 101 

Come then, now — to Jesus flying, 
From thy sin and woe be free ; 

Burdened, guilty, wounded, dying, 
Gladly will He welcome thee — 
Even thee. 

Every sin shall be forgiven, 

Thou through grace a child shalt be — 
Child of God, and heir of heaven, 

Yes, a mansion waits for thee — 
Even thee. 

5 There in love for ever dwelling, 
Jesus all thy joy shall be^ 
And thy song shall still be telling 
All His mercy did for thee — 
Even thee. 

100. 8s and 7s. 

1 Lord, I hear of showers of blessing 

Thou art scattering full and free ; 
Showers the thirsty land refreshing ; 
Let some droppings fall on me, 
Even me. 

2 Pass me not, oh! gracious Father, 

Sinful though my heart may be ; 
Thou might' st curse me — but the rather 
Let thy mercy light on me, 
Even me. 

102 The Sinner. 

3 Pass me not, oh ! tender Saviour, 

Let me love and cling to thee ; 
I am longing for thy favor ; 
When thou comest call for me, 
Even me. 

4 Pass me not, oh ! mighty Spirit, 

Thou canst make the blind to see ; 
Witnesser of Jesus' merit, 

Speak the word of power to me, 
Even me. 

5 Love of God — so pure and changeless ; 

Blood of God— so rich and free ; 
Grace of God — so strong and boundless ; 
Magnify it all in me, 

Even me. 

101. us. 

1 Delay not, delay not ; O sinner ! draw 

near ; 
The waters of life are now flowing for 

thee : 
No price is demanded; the Saviour is here; 
Redemption is purchased, salvation is 


2 Delay not, delay not ; why longer abuse 

The love and compassipn of Jesus, thy 
A fountain is opened, how canst thou refuse 
To wash and be cleansed in his par- 

The, Sinner. 103 

Delay not, delay not; O sinner ! to come, 
For mercy still lingers, and calls thee 
to-day ; 
Her voice is not heard in the shades of 
the tomb; 
Her message, unheeded, will soon pass 

Delay not, delay not ; the Spirit of grace, 

Long grieved and resisted may take 

his sad flight ; 

And leave thee in darkness to finish thy 


To sink in, the gloom of eternity's night. 

D2. P. M* 

Just as I am, without one plea, 
But that thy blood was shed for me, 
And that thou bid'st me come to Thee, 
O Lamb of God, I come ! 

Just as I am, and waiting not 
To rid my soul of one dark blot, 
To Thee, whose blood can cleanse each 

O Lamb of God, I come ! 

*The metre of this most beautiful hymn is one with 
itch few are acquainted. It may, however, be sung 
a Ion;; measure tune, by repeating the words: ■'! 
■He," in the fourth line of each verse. 

104 The Sinner. 

3 Just as I am, though tossed about 
With many a conflict, many a doubt, 
With fears within and wars without, 

O Lamb of God, I come ! 

4 Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind, 
Sight, riches, healing of the mind, 
Yea, all I need, in Thee to find, 

Lamb of God, I come ! 

5 Just as I am— Thou wilt receive, 
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve, 
Because thy promise I believe — 

Lamb of God, I come ! 

6 Just as I am — Thy love unknown 
Has broken every barrier down ; 
Now to be Thine, yea, Thine alone — 

O Lamb of God, I come ! 

103. P m. 

1 Just 'as thou art, without one trace 
Of love, or joy, or inward grace, 
Or meetness for the heavenly place, 

O guilty sinner ! come. 

2 Thy sins I bore on Calvary's tree ; 
The stripes thy due were laid on me, 
That peace and pardon might be free— 

O wretched sinner ! come. 

The Sinner. 305 

Come, leave thy burden at the cross ; 
Count all thy gains but empty dross : 
My grace repays ail earthly loss — 
needy sinner ! come. 

Come, hither bring thy boding fears, 
Thy aching heart, thy bursting tears; 
'T is mercy's voice salutes thine ears; 
O trembling sinner ! come. 

" The Spirit and the bride say, Come ;" 
Rejoicing saints re-echo, Come ; -^ 

Who faints, who thirsts, who will, may 
come : 

Thy Saviour bids thee come. 

L04. s. m. 

1 Gkace ! 't is a charming sound, 

Harmonious to mine ear : 
Heaven with the echo shall resound, 
And all the earth shall hear. 

2 Grace first contrived the way 

To save rebellious man : 
And all the steps that grace display, 
Which drew the wondrous plan. 

3 Grace led my roving feet 

To tread the heavenly road; 
And new supplies each hour I meet, 
While pressing on to God. 

106 The Sinner. 

4 Grace all the work shall crown 
Through everlasting days ; 
It lays in heaven the topmost stone, 
And well deserves the praise. 

105. 79 

1 Gracious Lord, incline thine ear, 
My requests vouchsafe to hear : 
Much distress'd with guilt am I; 
Give me Jesus, or I die. 

2 Lord, deny me what thou wilt, 
Only take away my guilt : 
Mourning at thy feet I lie ; 
Give me Jesus, or I die. 

3 Thou do'st freely save the lost, 
In thy mercy I would trust: 
With my earnest suit comply ; 
Give me Jesus, or I die. 

4 O my God, what shall I say ? 
Take, O take my sins away : 
Jesus' blood to me apply ; 
Give me Jesus, or I die. 

106. L. C. M. 

1 When thou my righ teous j udge, shalt com' 
To take thy ransomed people home, 

Shall I among them stand ? 

Shall such a worthless worm as I, 

Who sometimes am afraid to die, 

Be found at thy right hand ? 

I love to meet among them now, 
Before thy gracious feet to bow, 

Though vilest of them all ; 
But can I bear the piercing thought, 
What if my name should be left out, 

When thou for them shalt call ? 

; Prevent, prevent it by thy grace : 
Be thou, dear Lord, my hiding place 

In this the accepted day ; 
Thy pardoning voice, O let me hear, 
To still my unbelieving fear, 

Nor let me fall, I pray. 

: Let me among thy saints be found, 
Whene'er the archangel's trump shall 
To see thy smiling face ; 
Then loudest of the crowd I '11 sing, 
While heaven*s resounding mansions 
With shouts of sovereign grace. 

L07. c. M. 

1 Come, trembling sinner, in whose breast 
A thousand thoughts revolve ; 
Come, with your guilt and fear oppressed, 
And make this last resolve : 

108 The Sinner. 

2 I'll go to Jesus, though my sin 
Hath like a mountain rose : 
I know his courts, I '11 enter in, 
Whatever may oppose. 

S Perhaps he will admit my plea, 
Perhaps will hear my prayer ; 
But if I perish I will pray, 
And perish only there. 

4 I can but perish if I go ; 
I am resolved to try ; 
For if I stay away, I know 
I must for ever die. 

108 c. m. 

1 Alas ! and did my Saviour bleed ? 

My great deliverer die? 
Would he devote that sacred head 
For such a worm as I ? 

2 Was it for crimes that I had done 

He groaned upon the tree ? 
Amazing pity ! grace unknown ! 
And love beyond degree ! 

3 Well might the sun in darkness hide, 

And shut his glories in, 
When Christ, his mighty Maker, diet 
For man the creature's sin. 

The Sinner. 109 

Thus might I hide ray blushing face 
While his dear cross appears ; 

Dissolve my heart in thankfulness, 
And melt mine eyes to tears. 

But drops of grief can ne'er repay 

The debt of love I owe : 
Here, Lord, I give myself away ; 

'T is all that I can do. 

09. s. m. 

Jesus ! I come to thee, 
A sinner doomed to die ; 

My only refuge is thy cross- 
Here at thy feet I lie. 

Can mercy reach my case, 

And alt my sins remove ? 
Break, my God ! this heart of stone, 

And melt it by thy love. 

Too long my soul has gone, 

Far from my God, astray ; 
I've sported on the brink of hell, 

In sin's delusive way. 

But, Lord ! my heart is fixed — 

I hope in thee alone ; 
Break off the chains of sin and death, 

And bind me to thy throne. 

110 The Sinner 

b Thy blood caii cleanse my heart, 
Thy hand can wipe my tears; 
Oh ! send thy blessed Spirit down 
To banish all my fears. 

6 Then shall my soul arise, 
From sin and Satan free ; 
Redeemed from hell and every foe, 
I '11 trust alone in thee. 

110. Us. 

1 How firm a foundation, ye saints of t 

Is laid for your faith in his excelle 

word ! 
What more can he say than to you 

hath said — 
You who unto Jesus for refuge havefle 

2 Fear not, I am with thee, Oh ! be i 

I— I am thy God, and will still give tl 

• aid ; 
I '11 strengthen thee, help thee, and ca 

thee to stand, 
Upheld by my righteous, omnipot 


The Christian. Ill 

? When through the deep waters I cause 

thee to go, 
The rivers of sorrow shall not thee o'er- 

flow ; 
For I will be with thee, thy troubles to 

And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress. 

4 When through fiery trials thy pathway 

shall lie, 

My grace all-sufficient shall be thy supply ; 

The flame shall not hurt thee — I only 

Thy dross to consume and thy gold to re- 

5 E'en down to old age all my people shall 

My sovereign,eternal,unchangeable love ; 
And, when hoaf y hairs shall their temples 

Like lambs they shall still" in my bosom 

be borne. 

6 The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for 

I will not, I cannot, desert to his foes*; 
That soul, though all hell should endeavor 

to shake, 
1 '11 never — no, never — no, never forsake. 

112 The Christian. 

111. C. M. 

1 Am I a soldier of the cross, 

A follower of the Lamb, 
And shall I fear to own his cause, 
Or blush to speak his name ? 

2 Must I be carried to the skies 

On flowery beds of ease, 
While others fought to win the prizt 
And sailed through bloody seas? 

3 Are there no foes for me to face ? 

Must I not stem the flood ? 
Is this dark world a friend to grace, 
To help me on to God ? 

4 Sure I must fight, if I would reign; 

Increase my courage, Lord ; 
I '11 bear the toil, endure the pain, 
Supported by thy word. 

5 Thy saints in all this glorious war 

Shall conquer, though they die ; 
They see the triumph from afar, 
With faith's discerning eye. 

6 When that illustrious day shall rise 

And all thine armies shine 
In robes of victory through the skic 
The glory shall be thine. i 

The Christian. US 

112. C. M. 

1 I 'm not ashamed to own my Lord, 
Nor to defend hig cause ; 
Maintain the honor of his word, 
The glory of his cross. 

i Jesus, my God, I know his name, 
His name is all my trust ; 
Nor will he put my soul to shame, 
Nor let my hope be lost. 

3 Firm as his throne his promise stands, 
And he can well secure 
What I 've committed to his hands 
Till the decisive hour. 

1 Then will he own my worthless name 
Before his Father's face, 
And in the new Jerusalem 
Appoint my soul a place. 

113. 5s, 6s, and 9s. 

1 How happy are they 
Who the Saviour obey, 
And have laid up their treasures aboTe ! 
Oh ! what tongue can express 
The sweet comfort and peace 
|0f a soul in its earliest love V 

114 The Christian. 

2 'Twas Leaven below 
My Redeemer to know, 

And the angels could do nothing more 

Than to fall at his feet, 

And his story repeat, 
And the Saviour of sinners adore. 

3 Oh ! the rapturous height 
Of that holy delight 

Which I felt in his life-giving blood! 

Of roy Saviour possessed, 

I was perfectly blest, 
As if filled with the fulness of God. •> 

4 Then, all the day long, 
Was my Jesus my song, 

And redemption through faith in his na 
Oh ! that all might believe, 
And salvation receive, 

And their song and their joy be the s: 

114. L. M. 

1 Stand up, my soul, shake off thy f 

And gird the gospel armor on ; 
March to the gates of endless joy, 
Where Jesus, thy great captain 's i 

2 Hell and thy sins resist thy course, 

But hell and sin are vanquished 

Thy Jesus nailed them to the cross, 

And sung the triumph when He 

The Christian. 115 

3 What though thy inward lusts rebel '? 

'T is but a struggling gasp for life : 
The weapons of victorious grace 
Shall slay thy sins and end the strife. 

4 Then let my soul march boldly on, 

Press forward to the heavenly gate ; 
There peace and joy eternal reign, 
And glittering robes for conquerors 

5 There shall I wear a starry crown, 

And triumph in almighty grace ; 
While all the armies of the skies 
Join in my glorious leader's praise. 

115. 7.* and 6s. 

1 Beneath the cross of Jesus 

I lay me down to feast 
On him, my bleeding sacrifice, 
My altar, and my priest. 

2 Beneath the cross of Jesus 

I lay me down to feel 
His peace and joy most precious, 
,;?*' My griefs and sorrows heal. 

3 Beneath the cross of Jesus 

I lay me down to sing 
"The grave has lost its victory, 
And death its venomed sting." 

116 The Christian. 

4 Beneath the cross of Jesus 
I lay me down to die, 
Till borne by blessed angels 
To his bright home on high; 

§ Beneath the cross of Jesus 
I '11 wonder and adore, 
And sing his endless praises 
With saints for evermore. 

6 A harp I '11 get from Jesus, 
And tune it loud and long ; 
The cross and blood of Jesus 
My everlasting song. 

116. L. M. 

1 Awake, our souls ! away our fears, 

Let every trembling thought be gone : 
Awake, and run the heavenly race, 
And put a cheerful courage on. 

2 True, 't is a straight and thorny road, 

And mortal spirits tire and faint ; 
But they forget the mighty God 

Who feeds the strength of ev'ry sajnt 

3 The mighty God, whose matchless powei 

Is ever new, and ever young ; 
And firm endures, while endless years 
Their everlasting circles run. 

' The Christian. 117 

4 From thee, the overflowing spring, 

Our souls shall drink a full supply ; 
While such as trust their native strength 
Shall melt away, and droop, and die. 

5 Swift as an eagle cuts the air 

We '11 mount aloft to thine abode ; 
On wings of love our souls shall fly, 
Nor tire upon the heavenly road. 

117. 7«. 

1 Sleep not, soldier of the cross! 
1 Foes are lurking all around ; 

Think not here to find repose : 
This is but thy battle-ground. 

2 Up ! and take thy shield and sword ; 

Up ! it is the call of heaven : 
Shrink not faithless from thy Lord; 
Nobly strive as he hath striven. 

3 Break through all the force of ill ; 

Tread the might of passion down — 
Struggling onward, onward still, 
To the couqu'ring Saviour's crown ! 

i Through the midst of toil and pain, 

Let this thought ne'er leave thy breast : 
xbvery triumph thou dost gain 
Makes more sweet thv coming rest. 

118 The Christian. 

118. 10s and lis. 

1 Begone, unbelief! my Saviour is near, 
And for my relief will surely appear : 
By prayer let me wrestle, and he will 

perform ; 
With Christ in the vessel, I smile at the 

2 Though dark be my way, since Christ is 

my guide, 
'T is mine to obey, 't is His to provide: 
Though cisterns be broken, and creatures 

all fail, 
The word he has spoken shall surely pre- 

3 His love, in time past, forbids me to 

He Ml leave me at last in trouble to sink; 
Each sweet Ebenezer I have in review 
Confirms his good pleasure to help mi; 

quite through. 

4 Why should I complain of want or dis- 

Temptation or pain ? he told me no less ; 
The heirs of salvation, I know from his 

Through much tribulation must follow 

their Lord. 

The Christian. 119 

5 Since all that I meet shall work for my 

S? od > . 
The bitter is sweet, the medicine is foofl : 

Though -painful at present, 't will cease 
before long, 

And then, O how pleasant the conquer- 
or's sons' ! 

119. H. M. 

1 Br whom was David taught 

To aim the dreadful blow, 
When he Goliath fought, 

And laid the Gittite low? 
No sword nor spear the stripling took, 
But chose a pebble from the brook. 

2 'T was Israel's God and King 

Who sent him to the fight ; 
Who gave him strength to sling, 

And skill to aim aright V 
Ye feeble, saints, your strength endures, 
Because young David's God is yours. 

3 Who order'd Gideon forth 

To storm the invader's camp — 
With arms of little worth, 

A pitcher, and a lamp ? 
The trumpets made his coming known; 
And all the host was overthrown. 

120 The Christian. 

4 Oh ! I have seen the day 

When with a single word — 
God helping me to say, 
" My trust is in the Lord "— 
My soul has quell'd a thousand foes, 
Fearless of all that could oppose. 

5 But unbelief, self-will, 

Self-righteousness, and pride — 
How often do they steal 

My weapons from my side ! 
Yet David's Lord and Gideon's Friend 
Will help his servants to the end. 

120. c. m. 

Didst thou, dear Jesus, suffer shame 
And bear the cross for me ? 

And shall I fear to own thy name, 
Or thy disciple be ? 

2 Inspire my soul with life divine, 

And make me truly bold ; 
Let knowledge, faith, and meekness shi 
Nor love nor zeal grow cold. 

3 Let mockers scoff, the workl"d«fame, 

And treat me with disdain ; 
Still maf I glory in thy name, 
And count reproach my gain. 

The Christian. 121 

•4 To thee I cheerfully submit, 
And all my powers resign ; 
Let wisdom point out what is fit, 
And I '11 no more repine. 
21. 8.s and 7a-. 

My comrades all, on you I call, 

Arise and look around you : 
How many foes, bound to oppose, 
1 Are waiting to confound you. 
The trumpet calls from Zion's walls, 
Shake off your sleep and slumber : 
Arise and pray, we '11 win the day, 
Though we a ,- e few in number. 
! Now valiant prove for him you love, 
Confide in his great power : 
Resolve to die, but never fly. 

His rock shall be your tower. 
Our triumph s sure, if we '11 endure, 

And urge the contest stronger : 
The prize of life shall crown the strife, 
A few more struggles longer. 
8 The conflict sore will soon be o'er, 
The trump of triumph sounded : 
Our armor bright shall with delight 

At Jesus' feet be grounded. 
Then God shall give, and we receive, 

The crowns of fadeless glory; 
And long we '11 dwell in heaven to tell 
Love's all-immortal story. 

122 The Christian. 

\&Z. Is. — 6-line. 

1 When this passing world is done, 
When has sunk yon glaring sun, 
When we stand with Christ in'glor 
Looking o'er life's finished story, 
Then, Lord, shall I fully know — 
Not till then — how -much I owe. 

2 When I hear the wicked call 
On the rocks and hills to fall ; 
When I see. them start and shrink 
On the fiery deluge brink, 
Then, Lord, shall 1 fully know — • 
Not till then — how much I owe. 

3 When I stand before the throne, 
Dressed in beauty not my own, 
When I see Thee as thou art, 
Love thee with unsinning heart, 
Then, Lord, shall I fully know — 
Not till then — how much I owe. 

4 Chosen not for good in me, 
Wakened up from wrath to flee, 
Hidden in the Saviour's side, 
By the Spirit sanctified ; 

Teach me Lord, on earth to show, 
By my love, how much I owe. 

The Christian. 123 

Oft I walk beneath the cloud, 
Dark as midnight's gloomy shroud ; 
But when fear is at the height, 
Jesus comes and all is light ; 
Blessed Jesus ! bid me show 
Doubting saints how much I owe. 

23. s. m. 

Giyk to the winds thy fears; 

Hope on, be not dismayed : 
God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears ; 

God shidl lift up thy head. 

Through waves, and clouds, and storms 

He gently clears thy way ; 
Wait thou his time : the darkest night 

.Shall end in brightest day. 

Far, far above thy thought 

His counsel shall appear, 
When fully he the work hath wrought 

That caused thy needless fear. 

What though thou rulest not ! 

Yet heaven, and earth, and hell 
Proclaim — God sitteth on the throne, 

And ruleth all things well. 

124 The Christian. 

124. 8s and 7s.— 6-line. 

1 God imposes not a burden 

Heavier than man can bear : 
Nobly borne, it proves a guerdon 

Mortal man might hardly spare; 
Tear the burden from his heart, 
Man and all he loves would part. 

2 Fear thou not, encounter boldly 

That which meets thee on thy way; 
He who went before hath told thee 

Thou shalt overcome one day; 
Nerve thy heart with strong assurance, 
Brace thy limbs to long endurance. 

3 Soldiers, face the hottest battle 

Till the day is bravely won, 
Disregard the cannon's rattle, 

And the carnage and the gun ; 
Victory, achieved to-day, 
Helps to-morrow on its way. 

4 Shrink thou not, nor be faint-hearted 

In untoward circumstance — 
Fires are quenched and waters parted 

For the saint's deliverance ; 
Fear thou not, what may befall thee, 
Boldlv go where duties call thee. 

The Christian. 125 

!> Patient striving, meek forbearing, 
Prayer, and faithful diligence — 
Love, and sacrifice unsparing, 

Fail not of their recompense ; 
Water, dropping day by day, 
Wears the hardest stone away. 

25. c. m. 

In all my Lord's appointed ways 

My journey I '11 pursue ; 
Hinder me not," ye much-loved saints, 

For I must go with you. 

Through floods and flames,, if Jesus lead, 

I '11 follow where he goes ; 
1 Hinder me not," shall be my cry, 
Though earth and hell oppose. 

Through duty, and through trials, too, 

I '11 go at his command : 
1 Hinder me not," for I am bound 
( To my Immanuel's land. 

I And when my Saviour calls me home 

My joyful cry shall be, 
j l Hinder me not;" come, welcome death ; 

I '11 gladly go with thee. 

128 The Christian. 

126. c. m. 

1 How sweet, how heavenly is the sight, 

When those who love the, Lord 
In one another's peace delight, 
And so fulfil his word ; 

2 When each can feel his brother's sigh, 

And with him bear a part ; 
When sorrows flow from eye to eye, 
And joy from heart to heart ; 

3 When, free from envy, scorn, and pric 

Our wishes all above, 
Each can his brother's failings hide, 
And show a brother's love. 

4 Let love, in one delightful stream, 

Through every bosom flow ; 
And union sweet, and dear esteem, 
In every action glow. 

5 Love is the golden chain that binds 

The happy souls above ; i 

And he 's an heir of heaven who finj 
His bosom glow with love. 

127. 8,. 

1 The Christian warrior — see him staj 
In the whole armor of his God : 
The Spirit's sword is in his hand, 
His feet are with the gospel shod 

The Christian. 127 

2 In panoply of truth complete, 
Salvation's helmet on liis head : 
With righteousness, a breastplate meet ; 
And faith's broad shield before him 

! Undaunted to the field he goes ; 

Yet vain were skill and valor there, 
Unless, to foil his legion- foes, 
The trustiest, weapon were " all- 

i With this omnipotence he moves, 

From this the alien armies flee, 
I Till, more than conqueror he proves, 

Through Christ who gives him victory. 
5 Thus, strong in his Redeemer's strength, 

Sin, death, and hell he tramples down, 
Fights the good fight, and wins at. length, 

Through mercy, an immortal crown. 

128. 7.9 and G.S. 

1 faint and feeble-hearted, 

Why thus cast down with fear ? 
Fresh aid shall be imparted ; 
Thy God unseen is near. 

2 His eye can never slumber, 

He marks thy cruel iocs ; 
Observes their strength, their number, 
And all thy weakness knows. 

128 The Christian. 

3 Though heavy clouds of sorrow 

Make dark thy path to-day, 

There may shine forth to-morrow 

Once more a cheering way. 

4 Though doubts and griefs assailing 

Conceal heaven's fair abode ; 
Yet now faith's power prevailing 
Should stay thy mind on God. 

129. 7 5 . 

1 Oft in sorrow, oft in woe, > 
Onward, Christian, onward go ! 
Fight the fight, maintain the strife, 
Strengthened with the bread of life. 

2 Onward, Christian, onward go ! 
Join the war and face the foe : 
Will you flee in danger's hour ? 
Know you not your Captain's power? 

% Let your drooping heart be glad: 
March, in heavenly armor clad; 
Fight ! nor think the battle long; , 
Soon shall victory tune your song. 

4 Let not sorrow dim your eye ; 
Soon shall every tear be dry : 
Let not fears your course impede ; 
Great your strength if great your need. 

The Christian. 129 

5 Onward, then, to battle move ! 
More than conqu'ror you shall prove ; 
Though opposed by many a foe, 
Christian soldier, onward go ! 

L30. l. m. 

. 'T is by the faith of joys to come 

We walk through deserts dark as night, 
Till we arrive at heaven, our home, 
Faith is our guide, and faith our light. 
I The want of sight she well supplies ; 
She makes the pearly gates appear ; 
Far into distant worlds she pries, 
And brings eternal glories near. 
I Cheerful we tread the desert through, 
While faith inspires a heavenly ray, 
Though lions roar and tempests blow, 
And rocks and dangers till the way. 
1 So Abram, by divine command, 

Left his own house to walk with God ; 
His faith beheld the promised land, 
And fired his zeal .along the road. 

131. S. M. 

1 My soul, be on thy guard, 
Ten thousand foes arise ; 
And hosts of sin are pressing hard 
To draw thee from the skies. 

130 The Christian, 

1 watch, and fight, and pray, 
The battle ne'er give o'er; 
Renew it boldly every day, 
And help divine implore. 

3 Ne'er think the victory won, 
Nor once at ease sit down ; 
Thy arduous work will not be done, 
Till thou hast got thy crown. 

132. Time— " Scots wha ha'e." 

1 Sot diers of the cross, arise ! 
Lo, your C iptain from the skies, 
Holding forth the glittering prize, 

Calls to victor}' ! 

Fear not, though the battle lower, 

Firmly stand the trying hour, 

Stand the tempter's utmost power, 

Spurn his slavery. 


2 Who the cause of Christ would yield 
Who would leave the battle-field ? 
Who would cast away his shield ? 

Let him basely go : 
Who for Zion's King will stand? 
Who will join the faithful band ? 
Let him come with heart and hand, 

Let him face the foe. 

Sorrow and Sickness. 181 

8 By the mercies of our God, 
By Immanuel's streaming blood 
When alone for us he stood, 

Ne'er give up the strife : 
Even to the latest breath 
Hark to what your Captain saith : 
Be thou faithful unto death, 

Take the crown of life. 

133. c. m. 

1 Father, whate'er of earthly bliss 
Thy sovereign will denies, 
Accepted at thy throne of grace., 
Let this petition rise : 

1 " Give me a calm, a thankful heart, 
From every murmur free ; 
The blessings of thy grace impart, 
And make me live to thee. 

3 "Let the sweet hope that I am thine, 
My life, and death attend ; 
Thy presence through my journey shine, 
And crown my journey's end." 

134. 6*. 

1 My Jesus, as Thou wilt ! 

Oh, may Thy will be mine I 
Into Thy hand of love 
I would my all resign. 

132 Sorrow and Sickness. 

Through sorrow or through joy, 

Conduct me as Thine own, 
And help me still to say, 
"My Lord, Thy will be done !" 

2 My Jesus, as Thou wilt ! 

If needy here, and poor, 
Give me thy people's bread, 

Their portion rich and sure. 
The manna of thy word 

Let nvy soul feed upon ; 
And if all else should fail — 
" My Lord, Thy will be done !" 

3 My Jesus, as Thou wilt ! 

If loved ones must depart, 
Suffer not sorrow's flood 

To overwhelm my heart : 
Tor they are blest with Thee, 

Their race and conflict won : 
Let me but follow them : 
"My Lord, Thy will be done !" 

4 Mv Jesus, as Thou wilt ! 

When death itself draws nigh, 
To thy dear wounded side 

I would for refuge fly. 
Leaning on thee, to go 

Where Thou before hast gone ; 
The rest as Thou shalt please : 
"My Lord, Thy will be done !" 

Sorrow and Sickness. 133 

5 My Jesus, as Thou wilt ! 
All shall be well for me : 
Each changing future scene 
I gladly trust with Thee- 
Straight to my home above 

I travel calmly on, 
And sing, in life or death, 
"My Lord, Thy will be done !" 

135. p. m. 

1 My God, my Father, while I stray 
Far from my home, on life's rough way, 
Oh ! teach me from my heart to say, 

" Thy will be done." 

2 If Thou should'st call me to resign 
What most I prize — it ne'er was mine; 
I only yield thee what was Thine ; 

" Thy will be done." 

3 E'en if again I ne'er should see 

The friend more dear than life to me, 
Ere long we both shall be with Thee ; 
" Thy will be done." 

4 Should pining sickness waste away 
My life in premature decay, 

My Father, still I strive to say, 

« Thy will be done." 

134 Sorrow and Sickness. 

5 If but my fainting heart be blest 
With thy sweet Spirit for its guest, 
My God, to thee I leave the rest, 

" Thy will be done." 

6 Renew my will from day to day, 
Blend it with Thine, and take away 
All that now makgs it hard to say, 


7 Then when on earth I breathe no more? 
The prayer oft mixed with tears befctfe, 
I '11 sing upon a happier shore, 

" Thy will be done." 

136. 7.. 

1 Jesus. Saviour, sympathize 
With thy servant's agonies; 

In thy lifetime thou hast known 
Racking pains that made thee moan- 
Pain of body, grief of mind, 
Shame and suffering combined. 

2 With thy sanctifying hand 
Touch me gently, and command 
Some soft drops of dewy balm 
To be shed with potent charm ; 
Comfort was to thee imparted — 
Comfort thou the broken-hearted. 

Sorrow and Sickness. 135 

3 Not alone the token thou 
Of an angry Father's brow ; 
Bather of his willingness 

To renew, receive, and bless ; 
Welcome then be thou to me, 
Even through sharpest agony. 

4 Only,, in each torturing ho.ur, 
Let me feel, O God of power, 
That thy gentle hand alone 

Gives the pain that makes me moanj 
That, by grace, I may attain 
Fortitude in suffering pain. 

137. c. M. 

1 Affliction is a stormy deep., 

Where wave responds to wave ; 
Though o'er my head the billows roll, 
I know the Lord can save. 

2 Th,e hand that now withholds my joys 

Can yet restore my peace ; 
And he who bade the tempest roar 
Can bid the tempest cease. 

3 In darkest watches of the night 

I '11 count his mercies o'er, 
I '11 praise him for ten thousand past, 
And humbly sue for more. 

136 Sorrow and Sickness. 

4 When darkness and when sorrow rose, 

And pressed on every side, 
The Lord has still sustained my steps, 
And still has been my guide. 

5 Here will I rest and build my hope, 

Nor murmur at his rod; 
He 's more than all the world to me — 
My Saviour and my God. 

138. c. m. 

1 My God, the spring of all my joys, 

The life of my delights, 
The glory of my brightest days, 
And comfort of my nights ; 

2 In darkest shades if he appear, 

My dawning is begun ; 
He is my soul's bright morning star, 
And He my rising sun. 

3 The opening heavens around me shine 

With beams of sacred bliss, 
While Jesus shows his heart is mine, 
And whispers I am His. 

4 My soul would leave this heavy clay 

At that transporting word ; 
Run up with joy the shining way, 
To embrace my dearest Lord. 

Sorrow and Sickness. 137 

fearless. of hell and ghastly death, 
I 'd break through every foe ; 

[Tie wings of love and arms of faith 
Should bear me conqueror through. 

). 7s. 

I'aint not, Christian ! though the road 
wading to thy blest abode 
)arksome be, and dangerous too, 
Christ, thy guide, will bring thee through. 

?aint not, Christian ! though in rage 
Satan would thy soul engage ; 
jird on faith's anointed shield, 
iear it to'the battle-field. 

?aint not, Christian ! though the world 
las its hostile flag unfurled ; 
Jold the cross of Jesus fast, 
Thou shalt overcome at last. 

?aint not, Christian ! though within 
There 's a heart so prone to sin; 
3hrist the Lord is over all, 
3e '11 not suffer thee to fall. 

Faint not, Christian ! though thy God 
Smite thee with his chastening rod ; 
Smite he must, with father's care, 
That he may his love declare. 

138 Sorrow and Sickness. 

6 Faint not, Christian ! look on higl 
See the harpers in the sky; 
Patient wait, and thou wilt join- 
Chant with them of love divine. 

140. C. M. 

1 Jesus, my sorrow lies too deep 

For human ministry; 
It knows not how to tell itself 
To any but to Thee. 

2 Thou dost remember still amid 

The glories of God's throne, 
The sorrows of mortality, 
For they were once Thine owa 

3 Thy risen life but fits Thee^nora 

For kindly sympathy; 
Thy love, unhindered, rests upon 
Each bruised branch in Thee. 

4 Jesus ! my fainting spirit brings 

Its fearfulness to Thee ; 
Thine eye, at least, can penetrate 
The clouded mystery. 

5 It is enough, my precious Lord, 

Thy tender sympathy ! 
My every sin and sorrow can 
Repose itself on Thee. 

Sorrow and Sickness. 139 


When languor and disease invade 
This trembling house of clay, 

'T is sweet to look beyond my pains* 
And long to fly away. 

Sweet to look inward, and attend 

The whispers of his love ; 
Sweet to look upward to the place 

Where Jesus pleads above. 

Sweet to reflect how grace divine 

My sins on Jesus laid ; 
Sweet to remember that his blood 

My debt of suffering paid. 

Sweet on his faithfulness to rest, 

Whose love can never end ; 
Sweet on his covenant of grace 

For all things to depend. 
' Sweet, in the confidence of faith, 

To trust his firm decrees ; 
Sweet to lie passive in his hand, 

And know no will but his. 

2. S. M. 

1 Kindly the Lord appeared 
In nature's trying hour ; 
His love my sinking spirit cheered ; 
I felt his strengthening power. 

140 Sorrow and Sickness. 

2 He found me on the bed 

Of languishing and pain ; 
Aiid bade me lean on him my head, 
Nor seek his aid in vain. 

3 I saw his mighty arm 

Stretched o'er the rolling -wave ; 
He snatched my life from threatenh 
And showed his power to save. 

4 How, then, can I refuse 

The glad and grateful strain ? 
The Lord my wasteful strength renews, 
And makes me well again. 

5 Oh ! may my future days 

My gratitude display; 
Nor speak alone, but live thy praise, 
Through each revolving day. 

143. c. m. 

1 My God ! thy service well demands 

The remnant of my days; 
Why was this fleeting breath renewed 
But to renew thy praise ? 

2 Thine arms of everlasting love 

Did this weak frame sustain, 
When life was hovering o'er the grav< 
And nature sunk with pain. 

Sorrov) and Sickness. 141 

Calmly I bowed my fainting head, 
On thy dear, faithful breast ; 

Pleased to obey my Father's call 
To his eternal rest. 

Intothy hands, my Saviour God ! 

Did I my soul resign, 
Tn firm reliance on thatt truth, 

Which made salvation mine. 

Back from the borders of the grave 

At thy command I come ; 
Nor will I ask a speedier flight 

To my celestial home. 

Where thou appointest mine abode, 
There would I choose to be ; 

,For in thy presence death is life, 
And earth is heaven with thee. 

4. P. M. 

1 Saviour, thy love alone can fill 

And satsisfy the human heart; 
, Can turn to good each seeming ill, 
And peace impart. 

2. Then deign to make thyself to me, 
While here a sojourner I roam, 
A living, bright reality, 

My rest, my home. 

142 Sorrow and Sickness. 

3 More present to faith's inward sight 
Than earthly objects to my eye, 
My hourly well-spring of delight, 

Which ne'er runs dry. 

4 If of some cherished good bereft, 
Too fondly prized, hard to resign, 
Still let me feel enough is left, 

If thou art mine. 

5 In sorrow, be thy love my balm — 
A balm omnipotent to heal; 

In joy, to sanctify and calm — 
That love reveal. 

6 More intimately be thou nigh 
Then e'en the dearest earthly frier 
Bound by that strong, mysterious tj 

Death cannot rend. 

7 Let all around me clearly trace 
A growing likeness, Lord, to thee; 
A trophy of transforming grace 

Oh, let me be ! 

145. C. L. M. 

1 When I can trust my all with < 
In trial's fearful hour ; 
Bow all resigned beneath his ro 
And bless his saving power; 
A joy springs up amid distress, 
A fountain in the wilderness. 

Sorrow and Sickness. 143 

3h! to be brought to Jesus' feet, 

Though trials fix 1 me there, 
's still a privilege most sweet. 

For he will hear my prayer; 
Though sighs and tears its language be, 
The Lord is ,nigh to answer me. 

Then, blessed be the hand that gave, 

Still blessed when it takes; 
Blessed be he who smites to save, 

Who heals the heart he breaks: 
Perfect and true are all his ways 
Whom heaven adores and death obeys. 

6t 8.«, 7,\y and 4s. 

3 my soul, what means this sadness, 

Wherefore art thou thus cast down? 
Let thy griefs be turned to gladness; 
' Bid thy restless fears begone : 
Look to Jesus, 

And rejoice in his dear name. 

What though Satan's strong temptations 
Vex and grieve thee day by day, 

Md thy sinful inclinations 
Often fill thee with dismay ? 

Thou shalt conquer 
Through the Lamb's redeeming blood. 

144 Sorrow and Sickness. 

3 Though ten thousand ills beset tfiee 
From without and from within,; 
Jesus saith he '11 ne'er forget thee, 
But will save from hell and sin: 

He is faithful 
To perform his gracious word. 

147. L. M. 

1 When struggling on the bed of pais, 
And earth and all its joys are vain, 
How sweet, my God, to know thy poi 
Sustains me in the trying hour. 

2 How rich and precious sounds that lc 
That tells of rest and joys above, 
And lulls my troubled heart to rest 
Upon my blessed Saviour's breast. 

3 There, still, while life's warm curr< 

My soul would all her sorrows hush, 
Nor ever yield to dark despair, 
. For light, and life, and peace are th 

4 Helper and Hope thou ever art, 
To heal the wounded, broketo heart; 
Oh ! let me hear thy pardoning voici 
And bid my broken bones rejoice. 

Sorrow and Sickness. 145? 

7flien shall my cheerful, grateful tongue 
In rapturous strains thy praise prolong ;. 
My ransomed soul adore thy grace, 
And swifter run the heavenly race. 

L8. 7s. 

1 Go to dark Gethsemane, 

' Ye who feel the tempter's power ; 
Your Redeemer's conflict see ; 

Watch with him one bitter hour; 
Turn not from his griefs away ; 
Learn of Jesus Christ to pray. 

2 Follow to the judgment hall, 

View the Lord of life arraigned; 
the wormwood and the gall ! 

the pangs his soul sustained! 
Shun not suffering, shame, or loss ; 
Learn of him to bear the cross. 

3 Calvary's mournful mountain climb ; 

There, adoring at his feet, 
Mark that miracle of time, 

God's own sacrifice complete ; 
"It is finished," h^ar him cry ; 
Learn of Jesus Christ to die. 


146 Dying and Death. 

A Early hasten to the tomb 

Where they laid his breathless clay: 
All is solitude and gloom ; 

Who hath taken him away? 
Christ has risen, he seeks the skies ; 
Saviour, teach us so to rise. 

149. 8s, 7s, and 4s. 

1 Guide me, O thou great Jehovah, 
Pilgrim through this barren lafld ; 
I am weak, but thou art mighty, 
Hold me with thy powerful hand : 

Bread of heaven 
Feed me till I want no more. 

:2 Open now the crystal fountain 

Whence the healing streams do flow; 
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar 

Lead me all my journey through ; 

Strong Deliverer, 
Be thou still my strength and shield. 

•3 When I tread the verge of Jordan, 
Bid my anxious fears subside : 
Death of death, and hell's destruction, 
Land me safe on Canaan's side ; 

Songs of praises 
I will ever give to thee. 

Dying and Death. HT 

150. 8s and 7s. 

1 Gently, Lord ! O gently lead us 

Through this lonely vale of tears — 
Through' the changes thou 'st decreed us, 

Till our last great change appears : 
refresh us with thy blessing, 

sustain us. with thy grace ! 
May thy mercies, never ceasing, 

Fit us for thy dwelling place. 

2 When temptation's darts assail us, 

When in devious paths we stray, 
Let thy goodness never fail us — 

Lead us in thy perfect way: 
In the hour of pain and anguish, 

In the hour when death draws near, 
Suifer not our hearts to languish, 

Suffer not our souls to fear. 

'A When this mortal life is ended, 

Bid us in thine arms to rest, 
Till by angel bands attended, 

We awake among the blest : 
O refresh us with thy blessing— 

O sustain us with thy grace ! 
May thy mercies, never ceasing, 

Fit us for thy dwelling place. 

148 Dying and Death. 

151. C. M. 

1 When waves of sorrow round me swell, 

My soul is not dismayed ; 
I hear'a voice I know full -well, 
" 'T is I, be not afraid." 

2 When black the threat'ning clouds ap- 

And storms my path invade, 
That voice shall tranquillize each fear, 
" 'T is I, be not afraid." 

3 There is a gulf that must be crossed— 

Saviour ! be near to aid ; 
Whisper, when mv frail bark is tossed, 
" 'T is I, be not afraid." 

4 There is a dark and fearful vale, 

Death hides within its shade ; 
Oh ! say, when flesh and heart shall fail 
" 'T is I, be not afraid." 

152. 8s and 7s. 

1 My days are gliding swiftly by, 
And I, a pilgrim stranger, 
Would not detain them as they fly— 
Those hours of toil and danger. 

Dying and Death. 149 

We '11 gird our loins, my brethren dear, 

Our heavenly home discerning ; 
Our absent Lord has left us word 

Let every lamp be burning. 
Should coming days be cold and dark, 

We need not cease our singing ; 
That perfect rest naught can molest, 

Where golden harps are ringing. 

Let sorrow's rudest tempest blow, 
Each chord on earth to sever ; 
i Our King sayscome,and there's our home, 
For ever, oh ! for ever I 

For oh ! we stand on Jordan's strand, 
Our friends are passing over, 
And, just before, the sinning shore 
We may almost discover. 

53. p. m. 

1 One sweetly solemn thought 

Comes to me o'er and o'er ; 
I 'm nearer my home to-day 
Than I ve ever been before. 

2 Nearer my Father's house, 

Where the many mansions be ; 
Nearer the great white throne, 
Nearer the jasper sea : 

150 Dying an <t Death- 

's Nearer the bound of life, 

Where we lay our burdens down ; 
Nearer leaving my cross, 
Nearer wearing my crown. 

4 But lying darkly between, 

Winding down through the night, 
Is that dim and unknown stream 
Which leads at last to light. 

5 Father ! perfect my trust, _ 

Strengthen my feeble faith ; 
Let me feel as if I trod 
The shore of the river Death. 

6 For even now my feet 

May stand upon its brink— 
I may be nearer my home, 
Nearer now than I think. 

154. c. m. 

1 O FOR an overcoming faith, 
To cheer my dying hours ; 
To triumph o'er the monster death, 
And all his frightful powers ! 

•2 Joyful, with all the strength I have, 

My quiv'ring lips should sing : 
" Where is thy boasted vict'ry, grave l 
And where the monster's sting . 

Dying and Death. 151 

3 If sin be pardon'd, I 'm secure ; 

Death has no sting beside : 
The law gives sin its damning power, 
But Christ, my ransom, died. 

4 Now to the God of victory 

Immortal thanks be paid ; 
Who makes us conquerors, while we die, 
Through Christ our living head. 

155. C. M. 

I O THOU, from whom all goodness flows, 
I lift my soul to thee ; 
In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes, 

Lord, remember me ! 

? When on my aching, burdened heart 
My sins lie heavily, 
Thy pardon grant, new peace impart ; 
Then, Lord, remember me ; 

3 When trials sore obstruct my way, 

And ills I cannot flee, 
Oh, let my strength be as my day- 
Dear Lord, remember me ! 

4 When in the solemn hour of death 

1 wait thy just decree ; 

Be this the prayer of my last breath : 
Now, Lord, remember me ! 

152 Dying and Death. 

5 And when before thy throne I stand, 
And lift my soul to thee, 
Then, with thy saints at thy right hand, 
Lord, remember me ! 

156. 7s. 

1 When along life's thorny road 
Faints the soul beneath the load, 
By its cares and sins opprest, 
Finds on earth no peace or rest: 
When the wily tempter 's near, 
Filling us with doubts and fear, 
Jesus, to thy feet we flee, 
Jesus, we will look to Thee. 

2 Thou, our Saviour, from the throne, 
List'nest to thy people's moan ; 
Thou, the living Head, dost share 
Every pang thy members bear. 
Full of tenderness thou art ; 
Thou wilt heal the broken heart; 
Full of power, Thine arm shall quell 
All the rage and might of hell ! 

3 By Thy tears o'er Lazarus shed, 
By Thy power to raise the dead, 
By Thy meekness under scorn, 
By Thy stripes and crown of thorn. 

Dying and Death. 153 

By that rich and precious blood, 
That hath made our peace with' God, 
Jesus, to thy feet we flee ; 
Jesus, we wili cling to Thee. 

4 Mighty to redeem and save, 
Thou hast overcome the grave ; 
Thou the bars of death hast riven, 
Opened wide the gates of heaven ; 
Soon in glory thou slialt come. 
Taking thy poor pilgrims home ; 
Jesus, then we all shall be, 
Ever -^ ever — Lord, w,ith Thee. 

L57. c. m. 

1 .0 for a faith that will not shrink 

Though pressed by many a foe ; 
That will not tremble on the brink 
Of poverty or woe. 

2 That will not murmur nor complain 

Beneath the chastening rod ; 
But in the hour of grief or pain 
Can lean upon its God. 

3 A faith that keeps the narrow way, 

By truth restrained and led, 
And with a pure and heavenly ray 
Lights up a dying bed. 

1 54 -Dying and Death. 

4 Lord, give me such a faith as this, 
And then, whate'er may come, 
I '11 taste e'en here the hallowed blisr 1 .' 
Of an eternal home. 

158. L. M. 

1 Why should we start and fear to die 
What timorous worms we mortals^ 
Death is the gate of endless joy, 
And yvt we dread to enter there. 
i The pains, the groans, and dying strife, I 
Fright our approaching souls away;? 
Still we^hrink back again to life,. 
Fond of our prison and our clay. 
8 Oh ! if my Lord would come and meet, 
My soul would stretch her wings ii 
Fly fearless through death's iron gate, 
Nor feel the terrors as she passed. ( 

4 Jesus can make a dying bed 

Feel soft as downy pillows are, 
While on his breast I lean my head, j 
And breathe my life out sweetly there. 

159. s. m. 

1 On'! for the death of those 
Who slumber in the Lord! 
Oh ! be like theirs my last repose, 
Like theirs my last reward! 

Dying and Death. 155 

Their bodies in the ground 

In silent hope may lie, 
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound 

Shall call them to the sky. 

Their ransomed spirits soar, 
On wings of faith and love, 

To meet the Saviour they adore, 
And reign with him above. 

With us their names shall live 
Through long succeeding years, 

Embalmed wiih all our hearts can give. 
Our praises and our tears. 

Oh ! for the death of those 

Who slumber in the Lord! 
Oh! be like theirs my last repose, 

Like theirs my last reward ! 

S. M. 
Prkpaek me, gracious God, 

To stand before thy face ; 
Thy spirit must the work perform, 

For it is all of grace. 

In Christ's obedience clothe, 
And wash me in his blood: 

So shall I lift my head with joy, 
Among the sons of God. 

156 Dying and Death. 

8 Do thou my sins subdue, 

Thy sovereign love make known; 
The spirit of my mind renew, 
And save me in thy Son. 

4 Let me attest thy power, 

Let me thy goodness prove, 
Till my full soul can hold no more 
Of everlasting love. 

161. C. M. 

1 Why do we mourn departing friends, 

Or shake at death's alarms ? 
'T is but the voice that Jesus sends, 
To call them to his arms. 

2 Are we not tending upward, too, 

As fast as time can move ? 
Nor should we wish our hours more slow 
To keep us from our love. 

3 Why should we tremble to convey 

Their bodies to the tomb ? 
There the dear flesh of Jesus lay, 
And left a long perfume. 

4 The graves of all the saints He blest, 

And softened every bed ; 
Where should the dying members rest, 
But with their dying Head ? 

Dying and Death. 157 

5 Thence He arose, ascending high, 
And showed our feet the way ; 
Up to the Lord our flesh shall fly, 
At the great rising day. 

32. L. M. 

Asleep in Jesus ! blessed sleep ! 
From which none ever wake to weep ; 
A calm and undisturbed repose, 
Unbroken by the last of foes. 

Asleep in Jesus ! oh, how sweet 

To be for such a slumber meet ! 

With holy confidence to sing 

That death hath lost its venomed sting I 

Asleep in Jesus ! peaceful rest ! 
Whose waking is supremely blest ; 
No fear, no woe, shall dim that hour 
Which manifests the Saviour's power. 

Asleep in Jesus ! far from thee 
Thy kindred and their graves may be ; 
But thine is still a blessed sleep, 
From which none ever wakes to weep. 

Asleep in Jesus ! oh, for me 

May such a blissful refuge be ! 

Securely shall my ashes lie, 

And wait the summons from on high. 

158 Dying end Death. 

163. 11*. 

1 I would not live alvvay! Iasknottosfe 
Where storm after storm rises dark oV 

the way ; 
The few lurid mornings that davraan 

here t 

Are enough for life's woes, full enough ft 

its cheer. '■ 

2 I would not live alway, thus fettered b| 

sin ; 
Temptation without and corruption^ 

in: _^ 

E'en the rapture of pardon is mingta 

with fears, ] : ^k 

And the cup of thanksgiving with^M 

tent tears. t 

3 I would not live alway; no— welcome* 

tomb ; 
Since Jesus has lain there, I dread no 

its gloom : 
There, sweet be my rest, till He bid i» 

arise, , 

To hail Him in triumph descending M 


4 Who, who would live alvvay, away fn* 

his God; 

Dying and Death. 159 

way from yon heaven, that blissful 

here the rivers of pleasure flow o'er the 
bright plains, 

od the noontide of glory eternally 
reigns : 

'here the saints of all ages in harmony 

beir Saviour and brethren, transported 
, to greet ; 

T hile the anthems of rapture unceas- 
ingly roll, 

hd the smile of the Lord is the feast of 
the soul ? 

:. C. M. 

Then rising from the bed of death, 

O'erwheltnt'd with guilt and fear, 
see my Maker, face to face, 

how shall I appear ? 
f yet, while pardon may be found, 

And mercy may be sought, 
ly heart with inward horror shrinks, 

And.trembles at the. thought, 
Vhen thou, O Lord, shalt stand disclosed 

In majesty severe, 
^nd sit in judgment on my soul, 

how shall I appear ? 

160 Dying and Death. 

4 But thou hast told the troubled mind 

Who does her sins lament, 
That faith in Christ's atoning blood 
Shall endless woe prevent. 

5 Then never shall my s<>ul despair 

Her pardon to procure, 
Who knows tiiine only Son has died 
To make that pardon sure. 

165. L. M.— 6-line. 

1 My God ! I know that I must die— 

My mortal life is passing hence; 
On earth I neither hope nor try 

To find a lasting residence. 
Then teach me by Thy heavenly grace 
With joy and peace my death to face. 

2 My God ! I know not token I die. 

What is the moment or the hour- 
How soon the clay may broken lie, 

How quickly pass away the flower. 
Then may thy child prepared be 
Through time to meet eternity. 

3 My God ! I know not how I die, 

For death has many ways to come — 
In dark, mysterious agony, 

Or gently as a sleep to some. 
Just as thou wilt ! if but it be 
For ever blessed, Lord, with Thee. 

Dying and Death. 161 

My God ! I know not where I die, 

Where is my grave, beneath what 
Yet from its gloom 1 do rely 

To be delivered by Thy hand. 
Content, I take what spot is mine, 
Since all the earth, my Lord, is Thine. 
My gracious God ! when I. must die, 

Oh ! bear my happy soul above, 
With Christ, my Lord, eternally 

To share Thy g'ory and Thy love ! 
Then comes it right and well to me, 
When, where, and how my death shall be. 

66. c. m. 

1 Lord, it belongs not to my care, 

Whether I die or live ; 
To love and serve Thee is my share, 
And this thy grace must give. 

2 If life be long, I will be glad, 

That I may long obey ; 
If short — yet why should I be sad 
To soar to endless day ? 

3 Come, Lord, when grace has made me 

Thy blessed face to see ; 
For, if thy work on earth be sweet, 
What will thy glory be ? 

162 Dying and Death. 

4 Then shall I end my sad complaints, 

And weary, sinful days, 
And join with the triumphant saints 
That sing Jehovah's praise. 

5 My knowledge of that life is small, 

The eye of faith is dim ; 
But 't is enough that Christ knows all, 
And I shall be with Him. 

167. p. m. 

1 When the spark of life is waning, 

Weep not for me. 
When the languid eye is straining. 

Weep not for me. 
When the feeble pulse is ceasing, 
Start not at its swift decreasing ; 
'T is the fettered soul's releasing; 

Weep not for me. 

2 When the pangs of death assail me, 

Weep not for me. 
Christ is mine — he will not fail me; 

Weep not for me. 
Yes, though sin and doubt endeavor 
From his love my soul to sever, 
Jesus is my strength for ever ! 

Weep riot for me. 

Dying and Death. 163 

168. 8s and 7s. 

1 When the soul, on wings upsoaring, 

Triumphs o'er its last dread foe ; 
And, the Saviour's love adoring, 

To its heavenly rest doth go ; 
Ohee so trembling, weak, and fearful, 

Oft it falter'd in the race, 
Now rejoicing, glad, and cheerful, 

Dying hours have dying grace. 

2 Fear not, then, when foes assail thee, 

Fear not when the night is dark, 
God's sure promise cannot fail thee, 

He will guide thy trembling bark ; 
He who once hath died to win thee, 

Will thy every want supply : 
He in time will plant within thee 

Grace to live and grace to die. 

169. us. 

1 Farewell, my dear brethren, the time 
is at hand 
That we must be parted from this social 

band : 
Our several engagements now call us 
■ Our parting is needful, and we must obey. 

164: Dying and Death. 

2 Farewell, my dear brethren, farewell for 

a while, 

We '11 soon meet again, if kind Provi- 
dence smile ; 

But when we are parted and scattered 

We '11 pray for each other, and wrestle 
with God. 

3 Farewell, faithful soldiers, you '11 soon be 

The war will be ended, your treasures 

enlarged : 
With shouting and singing,though Jordan 

may roar, 
We '11 enter fair Canaan, and stand on 

the shore. 

4 Farewell, ye young converts, enlisted for 

Sore trials await you, but Jesus is near: 
Although you must travel the dark wil- 
Your Captain 's before you, he '11 lead 
you to peace. 

5 Farewell, faithful Christians, farewell, all 

Perhaps we '11 not meet till the last trump 

shall sound : 
To meet you in glory I give you my hand, 
Our Saviour to nraisp in the heavenly land. 

Dying and Death. 165 

170. cm. 

1 Our sins, alas ! how strong they be, 

And, like a raging flood, 
They break our duty, Lord, to thee. 
And force us from our God. 

2 The waves of trouble, how they rise ! 

How loud the tempests roar ! 
But death shall land our weary souls 
Safe on the heavenly shore. 

3 There to fulfil his sweet commands 

Our speedy feet shall move ; 
No sin shall clog our winged zeal, 
Or cool our burning love. 

4 There shall we ever sing, and tell 

The wonders of his grace, 
While heavenly raptures fire our hearts 
And, smile in every face. 

5 For ever his dear, sacred name 

Shall dwell upon our tongue, 
And Jesus and salvation be 
The close of every song. 

171. 12s and lis.' 

1 I have fought the good fight, I have 
finished my race, 
And thee, O my Saviour, I soon shall 
embrace : 

166 Dying and Death. 

They may torture this body, my spirit is 

And the billows of death shall but waft 

it to thee. 

2 Let thy strength, Lord, but gird me — 

thy smile be but mine, 
And my soul on thy faithfulness firmly 

recline : 
The cannon, the sword, or the shell I 

can dare, 
And in transports expire, if my Jesus be 


3 Did my Lord feel the scourge ? Did the 

thorns pierce his brow ? 
In the darkness of death, on the cross 

did he bow ? 
All this didst thou suffer, my Saviour, 

for me ; 
Then, welcome the fetters that link me 

to thee. 

t United i n' sufferings— the promise is clear, 
I shall with my Jesus in glory appear: 
Out of great tribulation in triumph I go, 
With my robe washed in blood, and made 
whiter than snow. 

Heaven. 167 

5 I go to my Saviour— I go to rny God : 

I tread the same path my Redeemer once 

Unworthy, my Jesus, unworthy am I, 
E'en to fall in thy cause — for thy truth 

e'en to die. 

6 • Lo ! on my clear vision the seats of the' 

Seem calmly to shine, and invite me to 

rest : 
Then, unshaken, my soul on the promise 

" Though I die, I shall live— though I fall, 

I shall rise." 

172. p. m. 

1 There is a happy land, 

Far, far away, 
Where saints in glory stand, 

Bright, bright as day ; 
Oh, how they sweetly sing, 
Worthy is our Saviour King ! 
Loud let his praises ring, 

Praise, praise for aye. 

2 Come to that happy land, 

Come, come away ; 
Why will ye doubting stand, 
Why still delay? 

168 Heaven. 

Oh ! we shall happy be, 
When, from sin and sorrow free, 
Lord, we shall live with thee, 
Blest, blest for aye ! 

3 Bright, in that happy land, 

Beams every eye ; 
Kept by a Father's hand, 

Love cannot die : 
Oh, then to glory run ! 
Be a crown and kingdom won ; 
And bright, above the sun, 

We reign for aye ! 

173. 7,. 

i High in yonder realms of light, 

Dwell the raptured saints above ; 
Far beyond our feeble sight, 

Happy in Immanuel's love : 
Pilgrims in this vale of tears, ' 

Once they knew, like us below, 
Gloomy doubts, distressing fears, 

Torturing pain, and heavy woe. 

2 Oft the big, unbidden tear, 

Stealing down the furrowed cheek, 
Told, in eloquence sincere, 

Tales of woe they could not speak. 

Heaven. 160 

Bill, these days of weeping o'er, 
Past this scene of toil and pain, 

They shall feel distress no more, 
Never, never weep again. 

"Mid the chorus of the skies, 

'Mid th' angelic lyres above, 
Hark ! their songs melodious rise, 

Songs of praise to Jesus' love. 
Happy spirits ye are fled 

Where no grief can entrance find \ 
Lulled to rest the aching head, 

Soothed the anguish of the mind^ 

A.11 is tranquil and serene, 

Calm and undisturbed repose ; 
There no cloud can intervene, 

There no angry tempest blows. 
Every tear is wiped away, 

Sighs no more shall heave the breast, 
Night is lost in endless day, 

Sorrow in eternal rest. 

4. C. M. 

Come, Lord, and warm each languid 

Inspire each lifeless tongue ; 
Amd.let the joys of heaven impart 

Their influence to our song. 

170 Heaven. 

2 Sorrow, and pain, and every care, 

And discord there shall cease ; 
And perfect joy, and love sincere, 
Adorn the realms of peace. 

3 The soul from 'sin for ever free, 

Shall mourn its power no more ; 
But, clothed in spotless purity, 
Redeeming love adore. 

4 There on a throne how dazzling bright 

The exalted Saviour shines, 
And beams ineffable delight 
On all the, heavenly minds. 

5 There shall the followers of the Lamb' ~ 

Join in immortal songs, 
And endless honors to his name 
Employ their tuneful tongues. 

6 Lord, tune our hearts to praise and#< 

Our feeble notes inspire ; 
Till, in thy blissful courts above, 
We join the angelic choir. 

175. cm. 

1 Hail ! sweetest, dearest tie that bifid?' 
Our glowing hearts in one : 
Hail ! sacred hope that tunes our minds 
To joys before unknown. 

Heaven. 171 

/( is the hope, the blissful hope, 

Which Jesus\grace has given : 
The hope, when days and years are past, 

We all shall meet in heaven. 
fhat though the surly winter blast 
Jlay howl around our cot : 
Vhat though beneath an eastern sun 
Be cast our distant lot : 
.,.,-■. We have the hope, etc. 
If lingering look, no parting sigh, 
'. Our future meeting knows : 
'here friendship beams from every eye, 
And love immortal glows. 
We have the hope, etc. 

X 7s and 8s. 

Iksus lives, and so shall I ; 

Death ! thy sting is gone for ever ! 
Ie, who deigned for me to die, 

Lives, the bands of death to sever. 
ffe shall raise me with the just ; 
Jesus is my hope, and trust. 
Jesus lives, and by his grace 

Victory o'er my passions gaming, 
I will cleanse my heart and ways, 
", Ever to his glory living. 
Weak he '11 raise me from, the dust; 
Jesus is my hope' and trust 

J- Heaven. 

3 Jesus lives, and death is now 
But my entrance into glory. 
Courage ! then, my soul, for thou i 

Hast a crown of life before thee I 
Thou shalt find thy hopes werejus^; 
Jesus is the Christian's trust. 

177. L. M. 

1 Let me be with thee where thou art, 

My Saviour, my eternal rest ; 
Then only will this longing heart . 
Be fully and for ever blest. 

2 Let me be with thee where thou art, 

Thy unveiled glory to behold ; 
Then only will tlais wandering heart 
Cease to be. false to thee, and cold. 

3 Let me be with thee where thou art, 

Where spotless saints thy name addfej 
Then only will this sinful heart ■'•<•' 
Be evil and defiled no more. 

4 Let me be with thee where thou art, 

Where none can die, where none remove; 
There neither death nor life will part 
Me from thy presence and thy love. 

Heaven. 173 

78. p.m! 

I 'M a pilgrim, and I 'm a stranger ; 
I can tarry but a night ; 
Do not detain me, for I am going 
To where the rivers. are ever flowing. 

There the sunbeams are ever shining, 
1 am longing for the sight ; 
Within a country unknown and dreary, 
I have been wand'ring,forlorn and weary. 

Of the country to which I 'm going, 
My Redeemer is the light ; 
There is no sorrow, nor any sighing, 
Nor any sinning, nor any dying. 

I 'm a pilgrim, and I 'm a stranger, 

I can tarry but a night. 

T9. 8s and 7s. 

Whkn we pass through yonder river, 
When we reach the farther shore, 

There 's an end of war for ever; 
We shall see our foes no more : 

All our conflicts then shall cease, 

Followed by eternal peace. 

174 Heaven. 

2 After warfare, rest is pleasant, 

O how sweet the prospect is ! ,..,» 
Though we toil and fight at present, " '■> 

Let us not repine at this : 
Toil, and pain, and conflict past, 
All endear repose at last. 

3 When we gain the heavenly regions, 

When we touch the heavenly short- 
Blessed thought ! no hostile legions 

Can alarm or trouble more ; 
Far beyond the reach of foes, ( . 

We shall dwell in sweet repose. 

4 O that hope ! how bright, how glorious. 

'T is his people's blest reward ; 
In the Saviour's strength victorious, 

They at length behold their Lord: 
In his kingdom they shall rest, 
In his love be fully blest. 

180. s. m. 

i For ever with the Lord ! 
Amen, so let it be : 
Life from the dead, is in that word, 
'T is immortality. 
2 Here in the body pent, 

Absent from Him I roam, 
Yet nightly pitch my moving tent 
A day's march nearer home. 

Heaven. 175 

My Father's house on high, 

Home of my soul, how near 
At times to faith's illumined eye 

Thy golden gates appear. 

4 My thirsty spirit faints 

To reaqh the land' I love, i 
The bright inheritance of saints, 
Jerusalem above. 

11. P. M. 

Joyfully, joyfully, onward I move, 
Bound to the iand of bright spirits above ; 
Angelic choristers sing as I come — 
Joyfully, joyfully, haste to thy home! 
Soon with my pilgrimage ended below, 
Home to the land of bright spirits I go; 
Pilgrim and stranger no more shall I roam ; 
Joyfully, joyfully, resting at home. 

Friends, fondly cherished, have passed 

on before ; 
Waiting, they watch me approaching the 

Singing to cheer me through death's 

chilling gloom, 
Joyfully, joyfully, haste to thy home. 

176 Heaven. 

Sounds of sweet melody fall, on my 'eij 
Harps of the blessed, your voices Iheil 
Rings with the harmony heaven's h| 

dome — 
Joyfully, joyfully, haste to thy home; 

3 Death, with thy weapons of war lay! 

Strikening of terrors! I fear not the: blow 
Jesus hath broken the bars of the tomb 
Joyfully, joyfully, will I go home. 
Bright with the morn of eternity's 
Death shall be banished, his sceptii 

gone ; 
Joyfully, then, shall I witness his doom, 
Joyfully, joyfully, safely at home. 

182. 8s and 7s. 

1 There is an hour of peaceful rest, 

To mourning wanderers given; ' 
There is a joy for souls distressed,^ 
A balm for every wounded breast,* 

'T is found above — in heaven. 

2 There is a home for weary souls, 

By sin and sorrow driven ; 
When tossed ou life's tempestuous fkW 
Where storms arise, and ocean rolls, 
And all is drear but heaven. 

Heaven. 177 

fcere faith lifts up her cheerful eye 
jTo brighter prospects given ; 
Rid views the tempests passing by, 
he evening shadows quickly fly. 
And all serene in heaven. 

There fragrant flowers, immortal, bloom, 

And joys supreme are given ; 
There rays divine disperse the gloom; 
' Beyond the confines of the tomb 
Appears the dawn of heaven. 

183. 11.9. 

I I 'm weary of straying— fain would J 

In that far distant land of the pure and 
the blest, 

Where s'in can no longer her blandish- 
ments spread, 

And tears and temptations for ever are 

! 1 'm weary of hoping — where hope i.« 

As fair, but as fleeting as morning's bright 

dew : 
I long for that land whose bless'd promise 

Is changeless and sure as eternity's throne. 


178 Heaven. 

3 I'm weary of sighing o'er sorrows of earth, 
O'er joy's ^lowing visions that fade at 

their birth — 
O'er the pangs of the loved, which we 

cannot assuage — 
O'er the blightings of youth, and the 

■weakness of age. 

4 I'm' weary of loving what passes away— 
The sweetest, the dearest, alas ! may not 

stay ; 
I long for that land where those partings 

are o'er, . , 

And death and the tomb can divide 

hearts no more. 
Sim weary, my Saviour, of grieving % 

love : , , 

when shall I rest in thy presence above. 

1 'm weary— but O never let me repine: 
Thy word, and thy love, and thy promise 

are mine. 

184. 6s and 7s. 

1 Will that not joyful be, 

When we walk by faith no more, 
When the Lord we loved before, 
As Brother-man we see ; 

When he welcomes us above. 
When we share his smile of lore, 
Will that not joyful be ? 

Heaven. 179 

2 Will that not joyful be, 

When to meet us rise and come 
All our buried treasures home, 
A gladsome company? 

When our arms embrace again 
Those we mourned so long in vain, 
Will that not joyful be ? 

8 Will that not joyful be, 

When we hear what none can tell, 
And the ringing chorus swell 

Of angels' melody ? 

When we join their songs of praise. 
Hallelujahs with them raise, 

Will that not joyful be ? 

4 Yes ! that will joyful be ; 

Let the world her gifts recall ; 

There is bitterness in all ; 
Her joys are vanity! 

Courage, dear ones of my heart ! 

Though it grieves us here to part. 
There we shall joyful be ! 

185. c. m. 

1 Jerusalem, my happy home, 
Name ever dear to me ! 
When shall my labors have an end, 
In joy, and peace, and thee ? 

.180 Heaven. 

2 When shall these eyes thy Heaven-built 

And pearly gates behold ? 
Thy bulwarks, with salvation strong. 
And streets of shining gold ? 

3 There happier bowers than Eden's blotom, 

Nor sin nor sorrow know : 
Blest seats, through rude and stormy 
I onward press to you. 

4 Why should I shrink at pain and'woe, 

Or ff el, at death, dismay ? 
I 've Canaan's goodly land in view. 
And realms of endless day. 

5 Apostles, martyrs, prophets there 

Around my Saviour stand ; 
And soon my friends in Christ below 
Will join the glorious band. 

6 Jerusalem, my happy home, 

My soul still pants for thee ; 
Then shall my labors have an end 
When I thy joys shall see. 

186. c. m. 

1 On Jordan's stormy banks I stand, 
And cast a wishful eye 
To Canaan's fair and happy land, 
Where my possessions lie. 

Heaven. 181 

2 O the transporting, rapturous scene, 

That rises to my sight : 
Sweet fields arrayed in living green, 
And rivers of delight. 

3 There generous fruits, that never fail, 

On trees immortal grow ; 
There rocks, and hills, and brooks, and 
With milk and honey flow. 

4 On all those wide-extended plains 

Shines one eternal day ; 
There God the Son for ever reigns, 
And scatters night away. 

5 No chilling winds nor poisonous breath 

Can reach that healthful shore: 
Sickness and sorrow, pain and death, 
Are felt and feared no more. 

187. c. m. 

1 There is a land of pure delight 

Where saints immortal reign ; 
Infinite day excludes the night, 
And pleasures banish pain. 

2 There everlasting spring abides, 

And never-withering flowers; 
Death, like a narrow sea. divides 
This heavenly land from ours. 

182 Heaven. 

3 Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood 

Stand dressed in living green ; 
So to the Jews old Canaan stood, , 
While Jordan rolled between. 

4 But timorous mortals start and shrink 

To cross this narrow sea ; 
And linger, shivering on the brink, 
And fear to launch away ! , 

5 Oh ! could we make our doubts remove, 

Those gloomy doubts that rise, 
And see the Canaan that we love 
With unbeclouded eyes : 

6 Could we but climb where Moses stood, 

And view the landscape o'er, 
Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold 
Should fright us from the shore. 

188. c. m. 

1 Givk me the wings of faith, to rise 

Within the veil, and see 
The saints above, how great their joys, 
How bright their glories be. 

2 Once they were mourning here below, 

And wet their couch with tears ; 

They wrestled hard, as we do now, 

With sins, and doubts, and fears. 

Heaven. 188 

8 I ask' them whence their victory came ; 
They, with united breath, 
Ascribe their contest to the Lamb, 
Their triumph to his death. 

4 They marked the footsteps that He trod, 
His zeal inspired their breast : 
And, following their incarnate God, 
Possessed the promised rest. 

189. c. m. 

1 Thou dear Redeemer, dying. Lamb, 

We love to hear of thee ; 
No music 's like thy charming name. 
Nor half so sweet can be. 

2 may we ever hear thy voice 

In mercy to us speak ; 
And in our Priest we will rejoice, 
Thou great Melchisedec. 

3 Our Jesus shall be still our theme, 

While in this world we stay ; 
We '11 sins our Jesus' lovely name 
When all things else decay. 

4 When we appear in yonder cloud. 

With all the favor'd throng, 
Then will we sing more sweet, more loud. 
And Christ shall be our song. 

184 Heaven. 

190. 8.v and 7.? — peculiar. 

1 When in this world of grief and pain 

We from our fp-iend-* must sever, 
'T is sweet to look beyond this scene. 
Where we shall meet for ever. 

2 Though time and absence may estrange 

The hearts once knit together, 
Yet severed friends shall meet again, 
To part no more for ever. 

3 Where partings ne'er shall sink theheart) 

Where sorrow enters never, 
And sin no longer can defile 
Those whom we love for ever. 

4 Sweet thought ! this earth is not our rest, 

» Where troubles crowd together ; 
But one with Jesus we shall dwell, 
And reign with him for ever. 

191. n*. 

1 An alien from God, and a stranger fo 
I 've wandered through earth, its gay 

pleasures to trace ; 
In the pathway of sin 1 continued to roam, 
Unmindful, alas ! that it. led me from home. 
Home, home, sweet, sweet home, 
O Saviour, direct me to heaven, my 

Heaven. 186 

The pleasures of earth I have seen fadv 

They bloom for a season, but soon they 

decay : 
But pleasures more lasting in Jesus art 

Salvation on earth, and a mansion in 

Home, home, sweet, sweet home, 
The saints in those mansions are ever 

at home. 

Allure me no longer, ye false, glowing 

charms ! 
The Saviour invites me, I '11 go to his 

arms : 
At the banquet of mercy I hear there i* 

O there may I feast with his children at 

home ! 
Home, home, sweet, sweet home, 
O Jesus, conduct me to heaven, my 


The days of my exile are passing away. 
The titjie is approaching when Jesus will 

1S6 Heaven. 

" Well done, faithful servant, triumphanl 
And dwell in my presence for ever 
Home, home, sweet, sweet home, ,, 
O there I shall rest with the 'M 

at home. t, 

■■ ■■<•;* 

192. 8s and 7s. 

1 Death shall not destroy my comfort.' 

Christ shall guide me through the flrtjl 
Down he 11 send some heavenly eori*c| 

To convey my spirit home : 
Jordan's streams shall ne'er 6'erflow n 

While my Saviour 's by my side : 
Canaan, Canaan lies before me, . 

Rise and cross the swelling tide. 

2 See the happy spirits waiting 

On the banks beyond the stream 
Sweet responses still repeating^r 

Jesus, Jesus is their theme : 
See, they whisper ! hark ! they call (tie- 
Sister spirit, come away ! 
Lo, I come ! earth can't contain me .! 
Hail, ye realms of endless day ! 

'Heaven. 1^ 

Smiling angels now surround me, 
Troops resplendent fill the skies, 

Glory shining all around me, 
While my towering spirit flies : 

Jesus, clad in dazzling splendor, 
Now,, methinks, appears in view : 

brethren, could you see my Jesus, 

•j.Jtou would serve and love him too. 


i. 7s. 

When the shaded pilgrim land 
Fades before my closing eye, 
Then reveal'd on either hand 

Heaven's own scenery shall lie; 
Then the veil of flesh shall fall, 
Now concealing, darkening all. ^ 
! Heavenly landscapes, calmly bright, 

Life's pure river murmuring low, 
Forms of loveliness and light 
Lost to earth long time ago ; 
Yes, mine own, lamented long, 
Shine amid the angel throng ! 
When upon my wearied ear 

Earth's last echoes faintly die, 
Then shall angel harps draw near- 
All the chorus of the sky ; 
Long-hushed voices blend again, 
Sweetly, in that "'' l ""'" 

I *x Heaven. 

1 When this aching heart shall rest, ) 
All its busy, pu^es o'er, 
From her mortal robes undresssed. 

Shall my spirit upward soar. 
Then shall unimagined joy 
All my thoughts. and powers employ 

5 Here devotion's healing balm 

Often came to soothe my breast 
Hours of deep and holy calm, 

Earnests of eternal rest. 
But the bliss was here unknojv^ 
Which shall there be all my own I 

*6 Jesus reigns, the Life, the Sub 
Of that wondrous world above; 
AH the clouds and storms are gofle, 

All is light, and all is love. 
All earth's shadows melt away 
In the blaze of perfect day. \ 

194. p. M. 

1 Oh ! haste away, my brethren dear*. 
And come to Canaan's shore; 
We '11 meet and sing for ever there, 
When all our toils are o'er. 

Heaven. 189 

h ! that will be joyful, joyful, joyful, 
Oh ! that will be joyful, 
To meet to part no more, 
To meet to part no more, 
On Canaan's happy shore ; 
And sing the everlasting song 
With those who 've gone before. 

ow sweet to hear the hallowed theme 
,l That saints shall ever sing ; 
.,o hear their voices all proclaim, 
..' Salvation to the King." 
ij»h ! that will be, etc. 
iround His throne, all clothed in white, 
1,1 Will all His saints appear, 
j,ind, shining in His glory bright, 
,. Will see our Saviour there. 
,)h ! that will be, etc. 
(Through heaven the shouts of angels 
i When sons to^God are born : 
3n ! what a company will sing 

On the millennial morn. 
Oh ! that will be, etc. 

Through one eternal day we '11 sing, 

And bless His sacred name, 
With hallelujah to the King, 

And " Worthy is the Lamb." 
Oh ! that will be, etc. 

190 Heavey. 

195. 6s and 5s. 

1 When shall we meet again? 

Meet ne'er to sever? i 
When will peace wreathe her, chain 

Round us for ever ? 
Our hearts will ne'er repose, 
Safe from each blast that blows,; 
In this dark vale of woes— 

Never — no, never ! 

•_' When shall love freely flow 
Pure as life's river ? 
When shall sweet friendship glow 

Changeless for ever ? 
Where joys celestial thrill, 
Where bliss each heart shall fill 
And/:fears of parting chill 
'Never — no, never ! 

Up to that world of light 
Take us, dear Saviour : 
May we all there unite, 

Happy for ever : 
Where kindred spirits dwell, 
There may our music swell, 
And time our joys dispel 
Never — no, never ! 

Heaven. 191 

4 Soon shall we meet again — 

Meet ne'er to sever : 
Soon will peace wreathe her chain 

Round us for ever : 
Our hearts will then repose 
Secure from worldly woes ; 
Our songs of praise shall close 

Never— no, never ! 

16. S. M. 

And is there, Lord, a rest 
'.- For weary souls designed, 
Where not a care shall stir the breast, 
Or sorrow entrance find ? 

Is there a blissful home, 

Where kindred minds shall meet, 
And live, and love, nor ever roam 

From that serene retreat '! 

Ve there bright, happy fields, 

Where naught that blooms shall die ; 

Where each new scene fresh pleasure 
And healthful breezes sigh ? 

Are there celestial streams, 

Where living waters glide, 
With murmurs sweet as angel dreams, 

And flowery banks beside ? 

192 Heaven. 

5 For ever blessed they 

Whose joyful feet shall stand — , 
While endless ages waste away — 
Amid that glorious land ! 

•> My soul would thither tend, 

While toilsome years are given ; 
Then let me, gracious God, ascend' 
To sweet repose in heaven ! 

197. c. m. 

1 Far from these na'row scenes of night 
Unbounded glories 'rise, - 
;\nrl realms of infinite delight, 
Unknown to mortal eyes. 

i Fair, distant land ! could mortal eyes 
But half its charms explore, 
How would our spirits long to rise, 
And dwell on earth no more ! 

3 No cloud those blissful regions know — 

Realms ever bright and fair! 
For sin, the source of mortal woe, 
Can never enter there. 

4 Oh, may the heavenly prospect fire 

Our hearts witli ardent love ! 
Till wings of faith, and strong desire, 
Bear every thought above. 

Heaven. 193 

5 Prepare us, Lord, by grace divine, 
For Thy bright courts on high ; 
Then bid our spirits rise and join 
The chorus of the sky. 

198. Is and 6s. 

1 Soldiers, by our Lord's command, 
Marching to the happy land, . 
Soon we '11 join the glorious band 

In yon bright world of light. 
Chorus — 1 believe I shall be there, 
I believe I shall be there, 
I believe I shall be there, 

And walk with Him in white 

2 Thousands are already there, 
Ranging through the regions fair, 
Crowns of righteousness they wear 

In yon bright world of light. ,, 


3 We shall reach the peaceful shore, 
Storms and tempests shall be o'er, 
AVe shall praise Him evermore 

In yon bright world of light. 


4 There we shall for ever dwell, 
Make the heavenly music swell ; 
Time shall ne'er our joys dispel 

In yon bright world of light. 

13 Chorus. 

''•'4 Heaven. 

!> We shall know as we are known. 
Heirs to God's eternal throne, 
Glory be to God alone 

In yon bright world of light. 

6 Soon the trump shall bid us rise, 
Take possession of the prize, 
Welcome ! welcome to the skies! 
In you bright world of light. 


199. 6s and 8s. 

1 O srxG to me of heaven, 

When I am called to die; 

Sing songs of holy ecstacy, 

To waft my soul on high. 

2 When cold and sluggish drops 

Roll off my marble brow, 
Break forth in songs of joyf ulness. 
Let heaven begin below. 

3 When the last moment comes, 

O watch my dying face, 
And catch the bright seraphic gleam 
That o'er each feature plays. 

4 Then to my raptured ear 

Let one sweet song be given, 

Let Jesus cheer me last on earth, 

And greet me first in heaven. 

Heaven. 195 

5 Close then my sightless eyes, 
And lay me down to rest, 
And clasp my cold and icy hands 
Upon my lifeless breast. 
G Then round my senseless clay 
Assemble those I love, 
And sing of heaven, delightful heaven, 
My glorious home above. 

200. L. M. 

1 Before Jehovah's awful throne, 

Ye nations, bow with sacred joy ; 
Know that the Lord is God alone ; 
He can create, and he destroy. 

2 His sovereign power, without our aid, 

Made us of clay, and form'd us men ; 
And, when like wandering sheep we 
He brought us to his fold again. 
S' We are his people, we his care, 

Our souls, and all our mortal frame ; 
What lasting honors shall we rear, 
Almighty Maker, to thy Name ? 

4 We '11 crowd thy gates with thankful 
High as the heaven our voices raise ; 
And earth.with her ten thousand tongues, 
Shall fill thy courts with sounding 

196 Our Country — Praise 

b Wide as the world is thy command, 
Vast as eternity thy love ; 
Firm as a rock thy truth must stand. 
When rolling years shall cease to move. 

201. L. M.— 6-line. 

1 From stern oppression's haughty land 

Our fathers crossed the boisterous 
A patient, firm, and patriot band ; 

Thou, God of battles,mad'st them brave: 
O make us ever blest and free, 
A land of peace and liberty. 

2 To thee, their steadfast, suppliant eyes 

Were raised, 'mid war and dread alarm; 
O God of battles, from the skies 

Thy mercy sent the conquering arm; 
Still guard our freedom, rights, and fame, 
While we exalt thy holy name. 

3 Here, we the children of the tree, 

Now gladly chant the joyful song, 
And own our boundless debt to thee, 

Which time shall gladly bear along ; 
Be this our cheering battle-cry, 
For God, for home, for liberty ! 

and Thanksgiving. 19? 

202. c. m. 

Lord, our fathers oft have told 

In our attentive ears, 
Thy wonders in their days performed, 
And in more ancient years. 
I 'T was not their courage nor their sword 
To them salvation gave ; 
'T was not their number nor their strength 
That did our country save. 
% But thy right hand, thy powerful arm, 
Whose succor they implored ; 
Thy providence protected them, 
Who thy great name adored. 
4 As thee their God our fathers owned, 
So thou art still our King ; 

therefore, as thou didst to them, 
To us deliverance bring. 

3 To thee the glory we ascribe, 
From whom salvation came ; 
In God, our shield, we will rejoice, 
And ever bless thy name. 

203. 8s, 7s, and 4s. 

1 Hallelujah ! victory! victory! 

Lift the conqueror's song on high ! 
Jesus drives the foe before u9, 
Lo, our foes before us fly, 

Now our iovful hearts reply. 

19s Our Country — Praise, 

2 Long and fierce has been the conflict; 

Long the i-sue hung in doubt; 
Though united all their forces, 

All were foiled and put to rout: 


Raise to heaven the. rapturous shout. 

3 Hallelujah — to our Leader ! 

Let the triumph widely spread, 
'T was his strong, all-conquering bannt 
Struck the rasfinjr foe with dread; 

To our glorious, living Head ! 

204. 6s and 4*. 

1 My country, 't is of thee, 
Sweet land of liberty, 

Of thee I sing: 
Land where my fathers died, 
Land of the Southron's pride, 
From every mountain side 

Let freedom ring ! 

2 My native country, thee — 
Land of the noble, free — 

Thy name I love : 
I love thy rocks and rills, 
Thy woods and templed hills; 
My heart with rapture thrills 

Like those above. 

and Thanksgiving. 199 

3 Let music swell the breeze, 
And ring from all the trees 

Sweet freedom's song! 
Let mortal tongues awake : 
Let all that breathe partake ; 
Let rocks their silence break — 

The sound prolong. 

4 Our fathers' God ! to thee, 
Author of liberty, 

To thee we sing : 
Still ma)' our land be bright 
With freedom's holy light ; 
Protected by thy might, 

Great God, our King ! 

205. p. m. 

1 Givk thanks to God most high, 

The univefsal Lord ; 
The sovereign King of kings: 
And be his grace adored. 
His power and grace 
Are still the same ; 
And let his name 
Have endless praise. 

2 He smote the first-born sons, 

The flower of Egypt, dead ; 
And thence his chosen tribes 
With joy and glory led. 

200 Our Country — Praise 

Thy mercy. Lord, 
Shall still endure; 
And ever sure « 

Abide tliy word. 

3 His power and lifted rod 

Cleft the Red sea in two ; 
And for his people made 

A wondrous passage through. 
His power and grace 
Are still the same; 
And let his name 
Have endless praise. 

4 Give thanks aloud to God, 

To God, the heavenly King ; 
And let the spacious earth 
His works and glories sing. 
Thy mercy, L^rd, 
To us secure, 
And ever sure 
Abide thy word. 

<w06i Air— "God save the King." 

1 God of the brave and free, 
Father of all, to Thee 
Our voice we raise ; 
For all thy blessings shown, 
For deeds of mercy done, 
Thy guardian care we own : 
Accept our praise. 

ana inantcsgwing. 

2 Now in our deep distress 

Oh ! deign our cause to bless, 

And hear our prayer ; 
Now, while the din of war, 
And the loud cannon's roar 
Resound From shore to shore, 
Be ever near. 

3 Oh ! shield us in the day 
Of battle's fierce array, 

Let none despair ; 
May all with heart and hand, 
A firm united band, 
Resolve to take their stand, 

Nor danger fear. 

4 Protect us with Thy arm, 
Keep us from every harm, 

Our cause maintain ; 
May we victorious be, 
From rude invaders free, 
Conquerors by land and sea, 

And peace regain. 

5 Then, when our land shall be 
Restored to liberty, 

Our God, the Lord ; 
Peace and prosperity 
When all our borders see, 
May we a nation be, 

Built on Thy word. 

202 Our Country — Praise 

207. L. M. 

I Sovereign of all the worlds abo%e, 
Thy glory, with unclouded rays, 
Shines through the realms of light and 
Inspiring angels with thy praise. 

t Thy power we own, thy grace adore; 
Who deign'st to visit man below ; 
And in affliction's darkest hour 
The humble shall thy mercy know. 

i These Southern states at thy command 
Rose from dependence and distress; 
And, 'stablished bj r thy mighty hand, 
Millions shall join thy name to bless. 

4 We '11 praise thy name, eternal King; 

We '11 speak the wonders of thy love: 
With grateful hearts our tribute bring, 
And emulate the hosts above. 

5 Be thou, then, Lord, our guardian God; 

Preserve these States from every foe ; 
From party rage, from scenes of blood, 
From sin, and every cause of woe. 

8 Here may the great Redeemer reign, 
Display his grace and saving power; 
Here liberty and truth maintain, 
Till empires fall to rise no more. 

and Thanksgiving. 20.1 

208. c. m. 

1 Ocr land, O Lord, with songs of praise 

Shall in thy strength rejoice ; 
And, blest with thy salvation, raise 
To heaven their cheerful voice. 

2 Thy sure defence through nations round 

Has spread our glorious name ; 
And our successful actions crown'd 
With dignity and fame. 

3 T|ien let our land on God alone 

For timely aid rely ; 
His mercy, which adorns his throne, 
Shall all our wants supply. 

4 Yes, righteous Lord, thy stubborn foe* , 

Shall feel thy dreadful power ; 
Thy vengeful arm shall find out those 

Who would thy saints devour. 
h Now, Lord, thy wondrous power declare, 

And thus exalt thy fame ; 
, While we glad songs of praise prepare 

For thine almighty name. 

209. c. m. 

1 To thine almighty arm we owe 
The triumphs of the day ; 
Thy terrors, Lord, confound the. foe. 
And melt their strength away. 

"J04 Our Country — Praise 

2 'T is by thy aid our troops prevail, 
And break united powers ; 
Or burn their boasted fleets, or scale 
The proudest of their towers. 

X How have we chas'd them through the 
And trod them to the ground ; 
While thy salvation was our shield 
They no safe shelter found ! 

4 In vain to vengeful heaven they cry — 

They perish in their blood. 
Where is a rock so great, so high, 
So powerful, as our God ? 

5 The Rock of Israel ever lives, 

His name be ever blest ; 
'T is his own arm the victory gives, 
And gives his people rest. 

210. lis and 10s. 

1 Daughter of Zion, awake from thy 
sadness ; 
Awake, for thy foes shall oppress thee 
no more ; 
Bright o'er thy hills dawns the day-star 
of gladness; 
Arise, for the night of thy sorrow is 

and Thanksgiving. 205 

2 Strong are thy foes, but the arm that 

subdues them, 
And scatters their legions, is mightier 

far ; 
They '11 flee, like the chaff, from the 

scourge that pursues them ; 
Vain, vain are their steeds and their 

chariots of war. 

3 Daughter of Zion, the Power that still 

saves thee, 

Extolled with the harp and the tim- 
brel should be ; ' 
Shout, for the foe is destroyed that en- 
slaved thee, 

The oppressor is vanquished, and Zidn 
is free. 

211. C. M. 

1 SXATCHifef), Lord, from danger and from 

My thankful voice I raise ; 
To laud his name who spares my breath, 
In grateful hymns of praise. 

2 As on destruction's brink aghast 

I stood with panting breath, 
And thought each moment was my last, 
And looked for instant death ; 

206 Our Country — Praise 

3 Tn that dread hour of deep despair 
I raised my earnest cry; 
My Saviour heard the broken prayer, 
His hand unseen was nigh. 

c " 

■i For ever thy bless'd Name I '11 praise, 
Who saved me from above ; 
And my spared life and rescued days 
Shall glorify thy love. 

212. c. m. 

I In thee, great God! with songs of praise 
Our favored States rejoice; 
And, blest with thy salvation, raise 
To heaven their cheerful voice. 

i In deep distress, our injured land 
Implored thy power to save ; 
For victory prayed — thy powerful hand 
The glorious blessing gave. 

'i On thee, in want, in woe, or pain, 
Our hearts alone rely ; 
Our rights thy mercy will maintain, 
And all our wants supply. 

4 Still, Lord ! thy wondrous power declare, 
Exalt thy glorious Name ; 
While we glad songs of praise prepare. 
To celebrate thy fame. 

and Thahksgiving. 207 

213. L. P. M. 

1 With grateful hearts, with joyful tongues, 
To God we raise united songs; 

His power and mercy we proclaim: 
Through every age, Oh ! may we own 
Jehovah here has fixed his throne — 

And triumph in his mighty Name. 

2 Long as the moon her course shall run, 
Or men behold the circling sun, 

Lord ! in our land, support thy reign; 
Crown her - just counsels with success, 
With truth and pea e her borders bless, 

And ail her sacred rights maintain. 

214. c. m. 

1 Thy mighty arm, God, was nigh 

When we our foes assailed ; 
'T was thou who raised our honors high, 
And o'er their hosts prevailed. 

2 The thundering horse, the {martial; band, 
.-,-• Without thine aid were vain; 

For victory flies at thy command 
To crown the bright campaign. 

3 How didst Thou break the spear and 

The battle and the bow ! 
How to thy glorious might did yield 
The vaunting, boastful foe ! 

208 Our Country — Praise 

4 There was the ruthless spoiler spoiled ; 
And in promiscuous heap — 
Their artful skill and prowess foiled— 
The proud in death did sleep ; 

6 Lord when thy rebuke is heard, 
Rider and horse expire ; 
Thou, God of Jacob, shalt be feared, 
Our foes have felt thine ire. 

215. 6s and 8.?. 

1 "Not unto us, O Lord, 

Not unto us," be praise ! 
But to Thy glorious name 

Our grateful songs we raise. 
The Lord Jehovah is our trust, 
For we His creatures are but dust. 

2 Our souls with grief were bowed, 

Our sins had brought us low ; 
No human help was nigh, 
No refuge did we know. 
To God we cried, in deep distress, 
And He hath kindly deigned to tie®. 

S Our foes against us rose, 

And compassed us around, 
They purposed to destroy, 
But we deliverance found. 
The Lord of hosts was on our side, 
And humbled all the sons of pride. 

and Thanksgiving. 20S 

4 Their marshalled hosts drew nigh 
In long and proud array, 
We had no might nor power 
To conquer in the fray : 
Our hope was in the Lord Most High, 
And now His grace we magnify. 

£ O nation blest of God ! 

His power and goodness own, 
Ascribe to Him the praise, 

Who hath the victory won. 
We give Thee thanks, Almighty King, 
Accept the homage which we bring. 


Oh praise God's Triune Name ! 
Extol His wondrous power ! 
With reverence and with awe, 
This mystery adore ! 
" His kingdom ruleth over all," 
Let all the nations prostrate fall ! 

216. c. m. 

1 The Lord appears our helper now ; 
Nor is our faith afraid 
What all the sons of earth can do, 
Since heaven affords its aid. 

210 Our Country — 

2 'T is safer, Lord, to hope in thee, 

And have our God our friend, 
Than trust in men of high degree, 
And on their power depend. 

3 Like bees our foes beset us round, 

A fierce and deadly swarm ; 
But all their rage we shall confound 
By Thine almighty arm. 

4 'T is through the Lord each heart is 

strong ; 
Through thee our souls rejoice : 
While thy salvation is our song 
How cheerful is our voice ! 

217. 6s and 4*. 

1 Our land, with mercies crowned, 
This wide, enchanted ground, 

O God, is thine : 
Our fathers knew thy name ; 
The trophies of their fame — 
Our heritage — proclaim 

A power divine. 

2 Still, Lord, defend the right, 
In freedom's fearful fight, 

From all its foes. 
A nation now create, 
And lead its marches great, 
And build its pillared state, 

And grant repose. 

'Confidence and Hope. 211 

3 Dear native land ! rejoice ; 
Raise tliou thy virgin voice 

To God on high;. 
From all thy hills and bays, 
From all thy homes and ways* 
Let symphonies and praise 

Ascend the sky. 

4 'And Thou r Almighty one, 
At whose eternal throne 

She bows the knee ; 
In all the covaWt time, 
Bless thou this^avored Clime, 
And may her deeds sublime 

Be hymns to thee ! 

218. L. C. M. 

Gustavue Adolphua' Battle Song, A. D., 1631. 

1 Fear not, little flock, the foe 
Who madly seeks your overthrow ; 

Dread not his rage and poWer : 
What though your courage sometimes 

His seeming triumph o'er God's saints 
Lasts but a little hour. 

212 Our Country — 

2 Be of good cheer ; your cause belongs 
To him who can avenge your wrongs, 

Leave it to him, our Lord ; 
Though hidden yet from all our eyes, 
He sees the Gideon who shall rise 

To save us, and his Word. 

3 As true as God's own Word is true 
Nor earth, nor hell, with all their crew, 

Against us shall prevail ; 
A jest and byword they are grown: 
God is with us, wSlfcire his own, 

Our victory cannot fail. 

4 Amen, Lord Jesus, grant our prayer ! 
Great Captain, now thine arm make bare. 

Fight for us once again. 
So shall thy saints and martyrs raise 
A mighty chorus to thy praise, 

World without end — Amen. 

219. 8s and 7s. 

1 Be not dismay'd, thou little flock, 
Although the foe's fierce battle shock 

Loud on all sides assail thee : 
Though o'er thy fall they laugh secure, 
Their triumph can not long endure; 
Let not thy courage fail thee. 

Confidence and Hope. 213 

2 Thy cause is God's — go at His call, 
And to His hand commit thy all ; 

Fear thou no ill impending : • 
His Gideon shall arise for thee, 
God's Word and people manfully 

In God's own time defending. 

3 Our hope is sure in Jesus' might ; 
Against themselves the godless fight, 

Themselves, not us, distressing ; 
Shame and contempt their lot shall be ; 
God is with us, with Him are we : .* 
'• To us belongs His blessing. 

220. c. m. 

1 'T is faith supports my feeble soul, 

In times of deep distress ; 
When storms arise and billows roll, 
Great God, I trust thy grace. 

2 Thy powerful arm still bears me up, 

Whatever griefs befall ; 
Thou art my life, my joy, my hope, 
And thou my all in all. 

S Bereft of friends, beset with foes, 

With dangers all around, 

To thee I all my fears disclose, 

In thee my help is found. 

214 Our Country — 

4 In every want, in every strait, 
To thee alone I fly ; 
When other comforters depart, 
. Thou art for ever nigh. 

221. L.M. 

1 Here at thy cross, incarnate God, 

I lay my soul beneath thy love : 

Beneath the droppings of thy blood, 

Jesus, nor shall it e'er remove. 

2 Not all that tyrants think or say, 

With rage and lightning in their eyes, 
Nor hell shall fright my heart away, 
Should hell with. all its legions-rise. 

3 Should worlds conspire to drive ' me 

Moveless- and firm this heart should lie; 
Resolved, for that 's my last defence,* 
If I must perish, there to die. 

4 Yes, I 'm secure beneath thy bloody 

And all my foes shall lose their aim ; 
Hosanna to my Saviour God, 
And my best honors to his name. 

Confidence and Hope. 215 

22. 7s and 65. 

1 To the hills I lift mine eyes, 

The everlasting hills ; 
Streaming thence in fresh supplies 

My soul the Spirit feels : 
Will" he not his help afford? _ 

Help, while yet I ask, is given : 
God comes down — the God and Lord 

That made both earth and fyeaven. 

2 Faithful sou?, pray always ; pray, 

And still in God confide ; 
He thy feeble steps shall stay, 

Nor suffer thee to slide ; 
" Lean on thy Redeemer's breast; 

He thy quiet spirit keeps ; 
Rest in him, securely rest ; 

Thy watchman never sleeps. 

,3 Neither siu, nor earth, nor hell, 
1 Thy keeper can surprise ; 
Careless slumbers cannot steal 

On his all-seeing eyes ; 
He is Israel's sure defence ; 

Israel all his care shall prove ; 
Kept by watchful Providence, 

And ever-waking love. 

210 Our Country — 

-1 See the Lord, thy keeper, stand 

Omnipotently near :, 
Lo ! he holds thee by thy hand, 

And banishes thy fear; 
Shadows with his wings thy head: 

Guards from all impending harms: 
Bound thee and beneath are spread 

The everlasting arms. 
;5 Christ shall bless thy going out, 

Shall bless thy coming in; 
Kindly compass thee about, 

Till thou art saved from sin ; 
Like thy spotless Master, thou, 

Filled with wisdom, love, and power; 
Holy, pure, and perfect, now, 

Henceforth, and evermore. 

223. L. M.— i 8-line. 

1 The Lord 's my banner ! forth I go, 
And dread no danger, fear no foe; 
Though death, though hell beset my path. 
I scorn their power, I brave their wrath ; 
Where'er I turn, whate'er betide, 

My Lord shall combat by my side ! 

2 The Lord 's my banner ! Grief may low'r, 
Or joy may gild the passing hour; 
Alike in sunshine or in rain 

My Captain shall his succor deign ; 
Alike I '11 servo and trust my Lord ; 
tt; c „,. a n,> m-.- c1,;m#i i,^ s W ord my sword ! 

Confidence and Hope. 217 

The Lord 's my banner ! forward still 
I press, obedient to his will ; 
The toils, the sufferings of my lot 
In Christ's dear presence all forgot ; 
My only wish to find him nigh, 
AVith him to live, in him to die ! 

The Lord 's my banner ! round my tomb 
No wreath may twine, no cypress bloom ; 
So friend, no child may linger near, 
To drop the tributary tear ; 
Yet there my gracious Lord shall wave 
His blood-red banner o'er my grave ! 

24. 8.s- and 6s. 

God is our refuge in distress — 
Our safeguard in the wilderness, 
Our shelter from the storm ; 
Though winds and waves a conflict make, 
Though earth's foundations reel and 
We need not feel alarm. 

A peaceful river softly flows 

In tranquil streams, to gladden those 

Who put their trust in God ; 
Within his holy place they feel 
The comfort of his presence still, 

While oceans roll abroad. 

218 Our Country — 

3 What though our foemen madly rage, 
And with us in fierce war engage ? 

When God sends forth his voice > 
He makes the glittering spear to bend^ 
Sends peace to earth's remotest end, 

And bids the world rejoice. 

4 Be still, and know that he is God ; 
He rules the world with iron rod, 

And sits enthroned above ; 
He dwells witli those who own His name, 
The God of Jacob still the same, 

The God of peace and love. 

225. s. m. 

1 Arise, ye saints, arise ! 

The Lord our leader is ; 
The foe before his banner flies, 
For victory is his. 

2 Lead on, almighty Lord, 

Lead on to victory ! , 

Encouraged by the bright reward, 
With joy we '11 follow thee. 

3 We '11 follow thee, our Guide, 

Our Saviour, and our King; 
We '\l follow thee, through grace supplied 
From heaven's eternal spring. 

Confidence and Hope. 219 

i We hope to see the day 

When all our toils shall cease ; 
When we shall cast our arms away, 
And dwell in endless peace. 

5 This hope supports us here, 

It makes our burdens light ; 
'T will serve our drooping hearts to cheer 
Till faith shall end in sight ; 

6 Till, of the prize possessed, 

We hear of war no more ; 
And, oh! sweet thought I for ever rest 
On yonder peaceful shore ! 

226. s. m. 

1 In Zion God is known 

A refuge in distress ; 
How bright has his salvation shone 
Through all her palaces ! 

2 When kings against her join'd, 

And saw the Lord was there, 
In wild confusion of the mind 
They fled with hasty fear. 

3 When navies, tall and proud, 

Attempt to spoil our peace, 
He sends his tempest roaring loud, 
And sinks them in the seas. 

i^O Our Country-^ 

4 Oft have our fathers told, 

Our eyes have often seen, 
How well our God secures the fold 
Where his own sheep have been. 

5 In ev'ry new distress 

We '11 to his house repair ; 
We '11 think upon his wondrous grace 
And seek deliv'rance there. 

227. c. m. 

1 God moves in a mysterious way 

His wonders to perform : 
He plants his footsteps in the sea, 
And rides upon the storm. 

2 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take 

The clouds ye so much dread 
Are big with mercy, and shall break 
In blessings on your head. 

3 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, 

But trust him for his grace ; 
Behind a frowning providence 
He hides a smiling face. 

4 His purposes will ripen fast, 

Unfolding every hour ; 
The bud may have a bitter taste, 
But sweet will be the flower. 

Confidence arid Hope. 221 

5 Blind unbelief is sureto err, 
And scan his work in vain ; 
God is his own interpreter, 
And he will make it plain. 

228. l.m. 

1 My spirit looks to God alone : 
My rock and refuge is his throne ; 
In all my fears, in all my straits, 
My soul on his salvation waits. 

2 Trust him, ye saints, in all your ways, 
Pour out your hearts before his face ; 
When helpers fail, and foes invade, 
God is our all-sufficient aid. 

3 Once has his awful voice declared, 
Once and again my ears have heard 

" All power is his eternal due ; 
He must be feared and trusted too." 

229. c. m. 

1 O God of Bethel, by whose hand 

Thy people still are fed ; 
Who through this weary pilgrimage 
Hast all our fathers led ; 

2 Our vows, our prayers, we now present 

Before thy throne of grace : 
God of our fathers, be the God 
Of their succeeding race. 

222 Our Country — - 

3 Through each perplexing path of life 

Our wandering footsteps guide; 
Give us each day our daily bread, 
And raiment fit provide. 

4 O spread thy covering wings around,. 

Till all our warfare cease, 
Apd at our Father's loved abode 
Our souls arrive in peace. 

230. c m. 

1 Whence do our mournful thoughts aris 

And where 's our courage fled? 
Have restless sin and raging hell 
Struck all our comforts dead ? 

2 Have we forgot the almighty name 

That formed the earth and sea ? 
And can an all-creating arm 
Grow weary or decay ? 

3 Treasures of everlasting might 

In our Jehovah dwell ;. 
He gives the conquest to the right, 
And treads their foes to hell. 

4 Mere mortal power shall fade and tEe, 

And youthful vigor cease ; 
But we that wait upon the Lord 
Shall feel our strength increase* 

Confidence and Hope. 223 

231. L. M. 

1 Now may the God of power and grace 

Attend his people's humble cry ! 
Jehovah hears when Israel prays, 

And brings deliverance from on high. 

2 The name of Jacob's God defends 

When bucklers fail and brazen walls : 
He from his sanctuary sends 

Succor and strength when Zion calls. 

3 Well he remembers all our sighs, 

His love exceeds our best deserts ; 
His love accepts the sacrifice 

Of humble groans and broken hearts. 

4 In his salvation is our hope, 

And in the name of Israel's God 
Our troops shall lift their banners up, 
Our navies spread their flags abroad. 

5 Some trust in horses trained for war, 

And some of chariots make their boasts : 
Our surest expectations are 
From thee, the Lord of heavenly hosts. 

232. l. m. 

1 Afflicted land, to Christ draw near, 
Thy Saviour's gracious promise hear ; 
His faithful word declares to thee 
That '* as thy day, thy strength shall be." 

224 Our Country—' 

2 Thy faith is weak, thy foes are strong 
But if the conflict should be long 
Thy Lord will make the foes all flee ; 
For " as thy day, thy strength shall bi 

3 While persecutions rage and flame, 
Still trust in thy Redeemer's name : 
In fiery trials thou shalt see 

That " as thy day, thy strength shall b 

4 While called by Him to bear the croa 
Defeat, disaster, pain, or loss, 

Or deep distress, and poverty, 

Still " as thy day, thy strength shall b 

233. Ps. 76— C. M. 

1 To God I cried with mournful vok 

I sought his gracious ear, 
In the sad day when troubles rose 
And filled my heart with fear. 

2 I called Thy mercies to my mind 

Which we enjoyed before ; 
And will the Lord no more be kin< 
His face appear no more ? 

3 Will he for ever cast us off? 

His promise ever fail ? 
Has he forgot his tender love? 
Shall anger still prevail ? 

wnjiaence ana nope. ^- ; j 

i Lord, I forbid this hopeless thought, 
This dark, despairing frame, 
Remembering what thy hand hath 
wrought ; 
Thy hand is still the same. 
5 When God, in his own sovereign ways, 
Comes down to save the oppressed, 
The wrath of man shall work his praise, 
And he '11 restrain the rest. 

5 The thunder of his sharp rebuke 
Our haughty foes shall feel ; 
For Jacob's God hath not forsook, 
But dwells in Zion still. 

234. Ps. 125— S. M. 

1 Fikm and unmoved are they 

That rest their souls on God ; 
Firm as the mount where Daviddv/elt, 
Or-'where the ark abode. 

2 As mountains stood to guard 

The city's sacred ground, 
So God and his almighty love 
■Embrace his saints around. 

3 What though the Father's rod 

Drop a chastising stroke, 
Yet, lest it wound their souls too deep, 
Its fury shall be broke. 

22G Our Country— 

4 Deal gently, Lord, with those 

Whose faith and pious fear, 
Whose hope, and love, and every grae 
Proclaim their hearts sincere. 

5 Nor shall the tyrant's rage 

Too long oppress the saint ; 
The God of Israel will support 
His children, lest they faint. 

235. c. m. 

1 Had not the God of truth and love, 

When hosts against us rose, 
Displayed his vengeance from above, 
And crushed the conquering foes, 

2 Their armies, like a raging flood, 

Had swept the guardless land ; 

Destroyed on earth our fair abode, 

And whelmed our feeble band. 

3 But safe beneath his spreading shield 

Our sons securely rest, 
Defy the dangers of the field! 
And bare the fearless breast. 

4 And now our souls shall bless the Lord, 

Who broke the deadly snare ; 
Who saved us from the murdering sword 
And made our lives his care. 

Confidence and Hope. 227 

Our help is in Jehovah's name, 
Who formed the heavens above ; 

He that supports their wondrous frame 
Will still his people love ! 

36. 8s and 7s. 

Call Jehovah thy Salvation, 
Rest beneath the Almighty's shade, 

In his secret habitation 
Dwell, and never be dismayed. 

There no tumult shall alarm thee, 

Thou shalt dread np hidden snare ; 
Guile nor violence can harm thee ; 
, An eternal safeguard there. 

From the sword at noonday wasting, 
From the noisome pestilence, 

In the depth of midnight blasting, 
God shall be thy sure defence. 

Pear thou not the deadly quiver, 
When a thousand feel the blow, 

Mercy shall thy soul deliver, 
Though ten thousand be laid low. 

Since, with pure and firm affection, 
Thou on God hast set thy love, 

With the wings of his protection 
He will shield thee from above. 

228 Our -Country — Prayer, 

237. l. M. 

The Officer's HymnP 

1 Mercy and judgment are my sohg ; 
And, since they both to thee belongs 
My gracious God, my righteous King', 
To thee my songs and vows I bring. 

2 When I am raised to bear the sword, 
I '11 take my counsel from thy word ; 
Thy justice and thy heavenly grace 
Shall be the pattern of my ways. 

S Let wisdom all my actions guide, 
And let my God with me reside : 
No wicked thing shall dwell with me,. 
Which may provoke thy jealousy. 

4 I '11 search the land, and raise the just 
To posts of honor, wealth, and trust : 
The men that work thy holy will 
Shall be my friends and favorites still. 

5 In vain shall sinners hope to rise - 
By flattering or malicious lies ; 
Nor, while the innocent I guard, 
Shall bold offenders e'er be spared. 

* When Washington took command he causedthis 
psalm to be sung during religious service, in thfl 
prewence of the army. 

Confession, and Humiliation. 22:) 

238. 8s and 7s. 

1 God shall charge his angel legions 

Watch and ward o'er thee to keep ; 
Though thou walk through hostile re- 
gions, _ 
Though in desert wilds thou sleep. 

2 On the lion vainly roaring, 

On his young thy foot shall tread ; 
And, the dragon's den exploring, 
Thou shalt bruise the serpent's head 

3 Since, with pure and firm affection, 

Thou on God hast set thy love, 

With the wings of his protection 

He will shield thee from above. 

4 Thou shalt call on him in trouble, 

He will hearken, he will save ; 
Here for grief reward thee double, 
Crown with life beyond the gravo. 

239. l. m. 

1 How long has God bestowed his care 
On this indulged, ungrateful land ! 
How oft, in times of danger near, 
Preserved us by his sovereign hand j 

230 Our Country — Prayer', 

2 Here peace and liberty have dwelt, 

The glorious gospel brightly shone ; 
And oft our mightiest foesjiave felt 
That God has made our cause his own 

3 But, ah ! both heaven and earth havi 

Our vile requital of his love ; 
We, whom like children he has reared, 
For all his care unthankful prove. 

4 See ; he uplifts his chastening rod ! 

O where are now the faithful- few 
Who tremble for the ark of God, 
And know what Israel ought to do ? 

5 Lord ! hear thy people everywhere, 

Who meet this day to weep and pray 
Our sinful land in mercy spare, 
In mercy turn thy wrath away '■ 

240. c. m. 

1 Lord, while for all mankind we pray, 

Of every clime and coast, 
O hear us for our native land — 
The land we love the most. 

O guard our shores from every foe, 
With peace our borders bless, 

2 With prosperous times our cities crowr 

Our fields with plenteousness. 

Confession, and Humiliation. 231 

3 Unite us in the sacred love 

Of knowledge, truth, and thee ; 
And let oiir hills and valleys shout 
The songs of libertv. 

4 Lord of the nations, thus to thee 

Our country we commend ; 
Be thou her refuge and her trust, 
Her everlasting friend. 

241. c. m. 

1 Sek, gracious God, before thy throne 

Thy mourning people bend ! 
'T is on thy sovereign grace alone 
Our humble hopes depend. 

2 Tremendous judgments from thy hand 

Thy dreadful power display : 
Yet mercy spares this guilty land, 
And still we live to pray. 

3 How changed, alas ! are truths divine. 

For error, guilt, and shame ! 
What impious numbers, bold in sin, 
Disgrace the Christian name ! 

4 turn us, turn us, mighty Lord, 

By thy resistless grace ; 
Then shall our hearts obey thy word. 
And humbly seek thy face. 

2.32 Our Country— Prayer, 

l Thus, though insulting foes invade, 
We- will not sink in fear ; 
Secure of never failing aid, 
If God, our God, is near. 

242- 6.v and 4s. 

1 God bless our native land ; 
Firm may she ever stand 

Through storm and night 
When the wild tempests rave, 
Ruler of winds and wave, 
Do thou our country save, 

By thy great might. 

2 For her our prayers shall rise 
To God above the skies ; 

On him we wait ; 
Thou who hast heard each sigh, 
Watching each weeping eye, 
Be thou for ever nigh ; 

God save our state. 

£r%0. Air — "God save the King." 

1 Our dearly cherished land, 
Home of a faithful band, 
For thee we live ; 
For our homes' purity, 
For thy sweet liberty, 
For freedom's victory, 
Our all we give 

Confession, and Humiliation. 23£ 

2 Our fathers, husbands dear, 
Our brothers, lovers near, 

We offer thee ; 
While our fond hearts are riven, 
Our prayers ascend to heaven, 
That strength to them be given, 

And victory. 

3 Our loved Confederacy, 
May God remember thee, 

And warfare stay. 
May he lift up his hand, 
And smite the oppressor's band, 
While our true patriots stand 

With bravery. 

4 To God let voices raise 

Their sweetest songs of praise — 

Proclaim him King. 
When peace o'erspreads our land, 
And we 're a happy band, 
O let each humble hand 

Some offering bring. 

244. l. m. 

1 Lord of Hosts, to thee we kneel, 
To thee amid this strife appeal ; 
Forgive our sins against thy la"ws, 
Against our foes defend our cause. 

-34 Our Country — Prayer, 

2 God of our fathers, let thy might 
Uphold the truth, support the right ; 
Be thou our leader, thou our shield, 
On each ensanguined battle-field. 

3 O thou,' most mighty, gird thy sword 
Upon thy thigh and give the word, 
Now let the (laming pillar guide 
Our armies through the battle's tide. 

4 Inspire our heroes for the fight, 
Spirit of justice, truth, and right ; 
Then, when the invading hosts shall flee, 
A country's thanks shall rise to thee. 

245. L. M. 

1 To thee our fathers, Lord, repaired 

In troublous times, and sought relief, 

They, mid revengeful foes, were spared, 

And found in thee, joy, ev'n in grief. 

2 May we, their children, now oppressed 

By deadly foes and anxious fears, 
In thee, our fathers' God, find rest, 
Until deliverance appears. 

3 Their faith from thee may we obtain, 

Sustained by hope and peace divine, 
While we those liberties maintain 
Which life and treasure far outshine. 

Confession, and Humiliation. 235 

Humbly we own unworthiness, 

Confess our sin and guilt with shame, 

Trust in the Lord, our righteousness, 
And plead His gracious, glorious name. 

Not4hrough our wisdom, nor our strength, 
Not through our leaders, nor our hosts, 

But through thy grace, we hope at length 
To echo triumph round our coasts. 

16, s. M. 

1 And will the God of grace 

Perpetual silence keep ? 
The God of Justice hold his peace, 
And let his vengeance sleep V 

2 Behold what cruel snares 

Our faithless foes have spread ; 
The men that hate thy word and thee, 
Lift up their threatening head. 

8' Against thy peaceful sons, 
"Their counsels they employ ; 
And malice, with her watchful eye, 
Pursues them to destroy. 

4 Awake, almighty God, 

And call thy power to mind. 
Make them to bow beneath thy will, 
While they thy pardon find. 

236 Our Country — Pratjer, 

5 Restrain their madness, Lord, 
Lead them to seek thy name; 
Or else their impious rage confound, 
And turn their pride to shame. 

fi Then shall the nations know 
The just and dreadful God ; 
Submissive to thy sceptre bow ; 
And own thee sovereign Lord. 

247. Is and 6s. 

1 My country ! O my country ! 

My soul with grief js stirred, 
As from thy border to thy coast 

The din of war is heard ! 
And though the victory oft is ours, 

When booming cannons roar ; 
The widow's moan, the orphan's wail, 

Rise when the strife is o'er ! 

2 My country ! O my country ! 

Tliy pride hath brought thee low, 
But, oh ! may righteousness exalt, 

And save thee from thy woe ! 
Thou wert of him unmindful, 

Whose arm was thy defence, 
Till justly he withdrew his aid, 

And showed thine impotence. 

Confession, and Humiliation. 2o" 

My country! O my country ! 

Kneel low before thy God, 
And humbly pray that he may now 

Remove his chastening rod ; 
Confess thy sins to Heaven ; 

With deep repentance mourn ; 
And when abased in dust we lie, 

His favor may return. 

My country I O my country ! 

May God remember thee ! 
And in his pardoning lore avert 

The ills we can not flee ; 
May he, our only helper, 

Become our future guide, 
And we the people of his choice, 

Who in his love abide. 

fc8. 8s and 7s. 

Drkad Jehovah 1 God of nations ! 

From thy temple in the skies, 
Hear thy people's supplications 

Now for their deliverance rise. 

Lo ! with deep contrition turning, 
Humbly at thy feet we bend ; 

Hear us, fasting, praying, mourning, 
Hoar us, spare us, and defend. 

233 Our Country— Prayer, 

3 Though our sins, our hearts confounding, 

Long and loud for vengeance call, 
Thou hast mercy more abounding ; 
Jesus' blood can cleanse them all. 

4 Let that love veil our transgression, 

Let that blood our guilt efface : 
Save thy people from oppression, 
Save from spoil thy chosen race. 

249. L. M. 

1 While, Lord, our souls thy grace adore 

May Jesus plead our humble claim ; 
And thy protection still secure 

Through his prevailing, glorious name 

2 With all the boasted pomp of war, 

In vain we dare the hostile field : 
In vain, unless the Lord be there ; 
Thine arm alone our country's shield. 

3 Let past experience of thy care 

Support our hope, our trust invite ! 
Again attend our humble prayer, 
Again be mercy thy delight ! 

4 Our arms succeed, our councils guide, 

Let thy right hand our cause maintain 
'Till war's destructive rage subside, 
And peace resume her gentle reign. 

Confession, and Humiliation. 23!) 

5 O when shall time the period bring 

When raging war shall waste no more ; 

When peace shall stretch her balmy wing 

From sea to sea, from shore to shore V " 

J50. Psalm. 6s. 

1 Pjraised be the Lord of might, 

Our rock in all alarms ; 
By whom we 're taught to fight, 

And trittmph through our arms. 
Thy heavenly help extend, 

In this our time of* woe ; 
Our lives thy power defend 

From our blood-thirsty foe. 

2 Lord, bend the arched skies, 

On wings of wind come down, 
And make fierce storms arise, 

And blast them with thy frown ; 
Bright flames from out the sky. 

Lord, let thy power command, 
And let thine arrows fly, 

And drive them from our land. 

S Then in glad songs to thee, 

Will we exalt our voice, 

And our blest land be free, 

And in our God rejoice. 

240 Our Country— Prayer, 

Thrice happy, Lord, are they 
On whom such blessings fall ! 

Thrice blessed, blessed they ! 
Whom thou thy people call. 

251. cm. 

1 Loud, thou hast scourged our bleedin 

land ; 
Behold thy people mourn ; 
Shall vengeance always rule thy hand? 
Shall mercy ne'er return ? 

2 Our country trembles at the stroke; 

Avert thy lifted hand ; 
Thy gracious presence we invoke, 
To save the stricken land. 

3 Exalt Thy banner in the field, 

For those that fear thy name ; 
From vengeful hosts our nation shield, 
And put our foes to shame. 

4 Attend our armies to the fight, 

And be their guardian God ; 
In vain shall numerous hosts unite 
Against thy lifted rod. 

5 Our troops beneath thy guiding hand, 

Shall gain a glad renown : 
'T is God who makes the feeble stand, 
And treads the mighty down. 

Confession, and Humiliation. 241 

552. c. m. 

1 Lord, look on all assembled here, 

Who in thy presence stand, 
To offer up united prayer 
For this our sinful land. 

2 O may we all, with one consent, 

Fall low before thy throne, 
With tears the nation's sins lament, 
The Church's, and our own. 

3 And should the dread decree be past, 

And we still feel the rod — 
Let faith and patience hold us fast 
To our correcting God. 

53. s. m. 

1 Jesus, who knows full well 

The heart of every saint, 

Invites us all our griefs to tell, 

To pray and never faint. 

2 He bows his gracious ear, 

We never plead in vain : 
Yet we must wait till he appear, 
And pray, and pray again. 

3 Jesus the Lord will hear 

His chosen when they cry, 
Yes, though he may a while forbear, 
He'll help them from on high. 

242 Our Country — Prayer, 

4 His nature, truth, ami love, 

Engage him on our side ; 
When we are grieved his bowels move, 
And can we be denied ? 

5 Then let us earnest be, 

And never faint in prayer ; 
He loves our importunity, 

And makes our cause his care. 

254. s. m. 

1 Moukn for the thousands slain, 

The youthful and the strong ; 
Mourn for the wine-cup's fatal reign, 
And the deluded throng. 

2 Mourn for the ruined soul — 

Eternal life and light — 
Lost by the fiery, maddening bowl, 
And turned to hopeless night. 

3 Mourn for the lost — but call — 

Call to the strong — the free ; 
Rouse them to shun that dreadful fall, 
And to the refuge flee. 

4 Mourn for the lost — but pray — 

Pray to our God above, 
To break the fell destroyer's sway, 
And show his saving love. 

Confession, and Humiliation. 243 

255. c. m. 

I When Abrah'm, full of sacred awe, 
Before Jehovah stood, 
And with a humble, fervent prayer, 
For guilty Sodom sued: 
! With what success, what wondrous grace, 
Was his petition crowned ! 
The Lord would spare, if in the place 
Ten righteous men were found. 

> And could a single pious soul 

So rich a boon obtain, 
Great God, and shall a nation cry, 

And plead with thee in vain ? 
[ Are not the righteous dear to thee 

Now, as in ancient times ? ( 

Or does this sinful land exceed 

Gomorrah in her crimes ? 

> Still we are thine : we bear thy name ; 

Here yet is thine abode ; 
Long has thy presence blessed our land ; 
Forsake us not, God. 

256. l.m„ 

1 On thee, Lord our God, we call, 
Before thy throne devoutly fall ; 
O whither should the helpless fly ? 
To whom but thee direct their cry '? 

24-i Our Country — Prayer. 

2 Lord, we repent, we weep, we mourn,' 1 
To our forsaken God we turn ; 

O spare our.bleeding country, spare — 
Is not her cause to thee most dear? 

3 We plead thy grace, indulgent God ; 
We plead thy Son's atoning blood ; 
We plead thy gracious promises ; 
And are these unavailing pleas? 

4 These pleas, presented at thy .throne,' 
Have brought ten thousand blessingsdowi 
On guilty lands in helpless woe ; 

Let them prevail to save us too. 

257. cm. 

1 Behold us, Lord, and let our cry 

Before thy throne ascend ; 

Cast thou on us a pitying eye,- 

And still our lives defend. 

2 For impious foes insult us round; 

Oppressive, pr6\id, and vain ; 
They cast thy temples to the ground, 
And all our rights profane. 

3 Yet thy forgiving grace we trust, 

And in thy power rejoice ; 
Thine arms shall bring our foes to dust, 
Thy praise inspire our voice. 

Our Country — Peace. 24"> 

58. L.M. 

Look down, Lord, with pitying eye, 
Though loud our crimes for vengeance crv ; 
Let mercy's louder voice prevail, 
Nor thy long suffering patience fail. 
O let thy sovereign grace impart 
Contrition to each rocky heart ; 
And I iid sincere repentance flow, 
In areneral, undissembled woe. 

Fair, smiling peace again restore : 
With plenty bless the pining poor; 
And may a happy, thankful land, 
Obedient own thy guardian hand. 

59. L.M. 

Great Ruler of the earth and skies, 

A word of thine almighty breath 
Can sink the world or bid it rise : 

Thy smile is life, thy frown is death. 
When angry nations rush to arms. 

And rage", and noise, and tumult reign, 
And war resounds its dire alarms, 

And slaughter dyes the hostile plain — 
Thy sov'reign eye looks calmly down, 

And marks their course, and bounds 
their power ; 
Thy law the angry nations own, 

And wrathfulpaseions rage no more. 

246 Our Country — Peace. 

4 Then the loud cannon cease to roar, j 

And warlike trumps no longer souncl 
The din of arms is heard no more, 
No human blood pollutes the ground. 

5 Let peace return with balmy wing ; 

And all thy blessings round her shed! 
Glad plenty laugh, the valleys sing, 
Reviving commerce lift her head. 

6 To thee we '11 pay our grateful songs ; 

Thy kind protection still implore : 
And all our hearts, and lives, and tongue! 
Confess thy goodness, and adore. 

260. L. M.—G-Line. 

1 Great God, inspire each heart anc 


Thy wondrous goodness to proclaim ; 
And bid the animating song ; 

Glow with devotion's lively flame. " 
To thee our favored land would raise 
Her sweetest notes of thankful praise. 

2 But where shall we begin to trace 

The wonders of thy hand divine ? 
In every season, every place, 

How numerous and how bright the} 
To God our favored land would raise 
Her sweetest notes of thankful praise. 

Our Country — Peace. 241 

Alas ! beneath the hostile sword 

Has many a worthy patriot bled, 
And many a mourning heart deplored 

A friend, a son, a brother dead ! 
The sword is sheath'd— let us raise 
To God our sweetest notes of praise. 
The horrors of th' ensanguined field, 

Which sadden'd victory's fairest plume 
To scenes of pleasure now shall yield. 

And peace her gentle reign resume. 
To God our favored land shall raise 
Her sweetest notes of thankful praise. 
Crown, gracious God, thy gift of peace 

With gifts yet nobler, more divine ! 
let thy all-prevailing grace 

On our dear land with glory shine ! 
Devotion then to thee shall raisg 
Sublimer notes of thankful praise. 


161. L.M. 

' Thine earthly Sabbath, L>rd, we love ; 

But there 's a, nobler rest above ; 

To that our lab'ring souls aspire. 

With ardent pangs of strong desire. 

No more fatigue, no more distress ; 

Nor sin, nor hell shall reach the place. ; 

No sighs shall mingle with the songs 

Which warble from immortal tongues. 

248 Our Country — Sailors. 

3 No rude alarms of raging foes, 
No cares to break the long repose', 
No midnight shade, no clouded sun, 
But sacred,, high, eternal noon. 

4 G long expected day, begin ; 

Dawn on these realms of woe and sin ; 
Fain would we leave this weary road, 
And sleep in death, to rest with God. 

262. l. m. 

1 The billows swell, the winds are high ; 
Clouds overcast my wintry sky : 

Out of the depths to thee I call ; 

My fears arc great, my strength is small. 

2 O Lord, the pilot's part perform, 

And guide arid guard me through th-e 

ftorm ; 
Defend me from each threatening ill : 
Control the waves; say " Peace ! be still." 

.3 Amid the roaring of the sea 

My soul still hangs her-Jiope on thee ; 
Thy constant love, thy faithful care, 
Are all that save me from despair. 

4 Though tempest-tossed, and half a wreck, 
My Saviour through the floods I seek : 
Let neither winds nor stormy main 
Force back mv shattered bark again. 

Our Country — Sailors. 24ft 

263. l. m. 

1 When marshalled on the nightly plain, 

The glittering hosts bestud the sky, 
One' star alone, of all the train, 
Can fix the sinner's wandering eye. 

2 Hark ! hark ! to God the chorus breaks 

From every host, from every gem ; 
But one alone, the Saviour speaks: 
It is the Star of Bethlehem. 

3 Qnee on the raging seas I rode, 

The storm was loud, the night was 
dark ; 
The ocean yawned, and rudely blowed 
The. wind that tossed my foundering 

4: ;I)eep horror then my vitals froze ; 
.- 'Death-struck, I ceased the tide to stem : 
When suddenly a star arose ! 
It was the Star of Bethlehem. 

5 It was my guide, my light, my all ; 
It bade my dark forebodings cease ; 
And, through the storm, and danger's 

It led me to the port of peace. 

250 Our Country — Sailors. 

6 Now safely moored, my perils o'er, 
I '11 sing, first in night's diadem, 
For ever and for evermore, 

The Star — the Star of Bethlehem! 

264. cm. 

1 How are thy servants blessed, Lord 

How sure is their defence ! 
Eternal wisdom is their guide, 
Their help Omnipotence. 

2 In foreign realms, and lands remote, 

Supported by thy care ; 
Thro' burning climes they pass unhifrt, 
And breathe in tainted air. 

3 When by the dreadful tempest borne 

High on the broken wave, 
They know thou art not slow to hear, 
Nor impotent to save. 

4 The storm is laid — the winds retire, 

Obedient to thy will ; 
The. sea that roars at thy command, 
At thy command is still. 

i> lu midst of dangers, fears, and deaths, 
Thy goodness we '11 adore ; 
We '11 praise thee for thy mercies past, 
And humbly hope for more. 

Our Country— Sailors. 251 

6 Our life, while thou preserv'st that life, 
Thy sacrifice shall be; 
And death, when death shall be our lot, 
Shall join our souls to, thee. 

38$. 8s antl 7s - 

I Tossed upon life's raging billow, 
Sweet it is, O Lord, to know 
Thou didst press a sailor's pillow, 
And canst feel a sailor's woe. 

! Never slumbering, never sleeping, 
Though the night be dark and drear, 
Thou the faithful watch art keeping : 
" All, all 's well," thy constant cheer. 

And, though loud the wind is howling, 
Fierce though flash the lightnings r> d, 

Darkly though the storm-cloud 's scowling 
O'er the sailor's anxious head — 

Thou canst calm the raging ocean, 
All its noise and tumult still ; 

Hush the tempest's wild commotion, 
At the bidding of thy will. 

Thus my heart the hope will cherish, 
While to thee I lift mine eye : 

Thou wilt save me ere I perish, 
Thou wilt hear the sailor's cry. 

252 Our Country— Sailors. 

And, though mast and sail be riven, 
Soon life's voyage will be o'er; 
Safely mooi'd in heaven's wide haven; 
Storm and tempest vex no more. 

266. 12 - s - 

1 When through the torn sail the wild 
tempest is streaming, 

When o'er the dark wave the red light- 
ning is gleaming, 

Nor hope lends a raytfie poor seaman to 

We fly to our Maker : help, Lord, or we 
perish ! 

2 O Jesus, once tossed on the breast of the 

billow, . 

Aroused by the shriek of despair irom 

thy pillow, . i-i 

Now seated in glory, the mariner cherish, 
Who cries in his "danger, " Help, Lord, 

or we perish !" 

3 And oh ! when the whirlwind of passion 

is racing, ,. 

When 'hell in our hearts its wild wartare 

is waging, 
Arise in tl'vy strength, thy redeemed to 

cherish ! 
Rebuke the destroyer— help, Lord, or we 

perish ! 

Our Country — Sailors. L'.Y] 

267 7* and 6*. 

1 Though hard the winds are blowing, 

And loud the billows roar ; 
Full swiftly we are going 
To our dear native shore. 

2 The billows breaking o'er us, 

The storms that round us swell, 
Are aiding to restore us 
To all we loved so well. 

3 So sorrow often presses 

Life's mariner along ; 
Afflictions and distresses 
Are gales and billows strong. 

4 The sharper and severer 

The storms of life we meet, 
The sooner and the nearer 
Is heaven's eternal seat. 

5 Come, then, afflictions dreary, 

Sharp sickness, pierce my breast ; 
You only bear the weary 
More quickly home to rest. 

268. 6.,. 

1 When many a tempest blew, 
And hope was almost past, 
The worn and weary crew 
Hail'd distant land at last. 

254 Our Country — Sailors. 

2 Far o'er the lee it lay, 

Its arms seem'd spreading wide, 
To form 'a quiet bay, 

Where ships might safely ride. 

3 That refuge from the storm, 

That distant bay so fair, 
Was but a cloudy form, 
And melted into air ! 

4 So earthly hope deceives 

The heart that trusts it most ; 
So all the beauty leaves ■ 
Some seeming happy coast. 

5 But. faith can look before, 

And see the land of light ; 
That is the only shore 

That never mocks the sight. 

269. cm. 

1 Blest be that voice now heard afar 

O'er the dark, rolling sea, 
That whispers to the hardy tar, 
" Sailor, there 's hope for thee ! '' 

2 Blest be that pure, that Christian love, 

That boundless charity, 
Which bears the olive, like the dove, 
Brave, generous tar, to thee. 

Our Country — Sailors. 255 

Blest be those lips, in accents mild, 

From sordid motives free, 
That first proclaimed to ocean's child, 
•' Sailor, there 's hope for thee." 
Long hadst thou rode the foamy wave, 

From sin nor danger free, 
Till mercy stretch'd her arm to save — 

To save, brave sailor, thee. 
God of the just ! O lend thine ear, 

And blessings rich decree 
On those who spread these tidings dear — 
" Sailor, there 's hope for thee .!" 

70. c. m. 

How sweet the songs of Zion sound 

When seamen tune their voice 
In praise to him who reigns on high, 

And bids the world rejoice. 
Those tongues, which once their God 

, blasphemed, 

Now sound his praises high 
For that sweet word of gospel grace 

Which brings a Saviour nigh. 
They sing, to tell how God has given 

Deliverance from the storm, 
And brought them to their port in peace 

By his most gracious arm. 

'25G Our Country — Sailors. 

4 They sing, to tell of all the love 

Of him who died to save ; 
Who now in glory reigns above. 
To rescue from the grave. 

5 Sing on, dear seamen, sing and tell 

Of all Emmanuel's love ! 
And may you rise and sit on high, 
And reign with him above. 

271. cm. 

1 W^jjKN o'er the mighty deep we rode, 

By winds and storms assail d; 
We call'd upon the ocean's God, . 
Whose mercy never fail'd. 

2 The raging tempest heard thy voice, 

The winds obey'd thy will ; 
The elements withheld their noise, 
And all the floods were still. 

3 With joy we hail'd the distant shore, 

And safe the vessel moor'd : 
With grateful hearts, that happy hour. 
We praiae^d the ocean's Lord. 

4 And when life's voyage too is past, 

And we are call'd to die, 
may we see thy face at last, 
4 In realms beyond the sk} r .